Paper Shredders – What to Look For:


With identity theft being a problem, many people are choosing a paper shredder from the top ten list in order to safely dispose of sensitive mail. There are so many different shredders available on the market, you may not know where to begin!

We have created this guide to help you decide what is the best paper shredder for your needs. We cannot tell you which is the best, of course, but we do hope that the information we provide you with will be able to help you make a well informed decision.


How will the Shredder be Used?

When you are considering one of the best rated cut paper shredders, you will want to think of how the shredder will be used. Will it be in your home office where you will be shredding simple documents like bank statements, bills, and other loose-leaf documents? Are you purchasing a shredder for a busy office that regularly disposes of sensitive information? For home use, you can get away with simple shredders that can shred up to 8 pages per minute; however, for higher volumes, you may want a heavy duty shredder that can handle more paper and shred them at faster speeds.
What Kind of Security is Needed?

While you think your information will be safely disposed of once the papers are shredded, there are some determined thieves out there and the could be ready to glue together the ultimate jigsaw puzzle. For home use, you can get away with a shredder that has a DIN level between 1 and 2. This will shred your paper into 36 strips. A DIN level 3 shredder is typically a cross cut shredder which will give you a smaller cut. For top secret information, DIN levels 4 through 6 (which is the highest) shreds the paper into miniscule pieces.


Extra Features

When you are looking at one of the highest rated cut paper shredders, you may want to take into consideration some other useful features that can make shredding your documents easier. These features include jam proof shredding, safety features, energy savings, as well as auto-oiling and a silent shred feature.

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Cut Type Price Bin Capacity Sheet Capacity Customer Rating Where to buy

Fellowes 3227901 shredder

Cross Cut $$$$ 6 gallons 14 A+ AMAZON

Fellowes W-11c shredder

Cross Cut $$$ 5.5 gallons 11 B+ AMAZON

AmazonBasics AU1225XB

Cross Cut $$ 4.8 gallons 12 B+ AMAZON

Aurora AS420C shredder

Cross Cut $$ 1.32 gallons 4 folded B+ AMAZON

Aurora AS810SD shredder

Strip Cut $$ 4.5 gallons 8 B AMAZON


By keeping a shredder in your home office or business, you are keeping your personal (and business) information safe from identity thieves or other unsavory folks. No office should be without a shredder!


How to find the best cut paper shredders – Expert Buying guide


cutpappEvery office should have a professional paper shredder, designed to help people get rid of extra papers, such as files and documents. Now, the market offers a wide range of shredders which can become an integrant part of any office. Still, how can you find the most efficient device since there are so many products available on the market? Well, as so many office managers pointed out, only through quality information will you be able to find the most efficient device, capable of handling sensitive documents and making them go away. To this particular extent you might want to consult some of the best cut paper shredders reviews, drafted by office workers and managers that used such devices on a daily basis.

If you decide to learn more things about some of the best cut paper shredders in 2022, you will be able to find a powerful model which won’t let you down. There are many people that steal other identities, business competitors and nosy neighbours which are attracted by sensitive documents. So, if you are protective of your files then you should invest with confidence in a high quality paper shredder, designed to respond well to your commands. In order to prevent other people from getting their hands on your most sensitive documents, you need to have around a paper shredder. Still, first of all, you have to learn what the shredder is and how it works. A high quality cut paper shredder usually consists out of rotating cutting blades, a strong paper comber and also a high performing motor which drives to shreds different files without problems.


Best Cross Cut Paper Shredder for Home Use


Aurora 8 Sheet Cross Cut


 Instead of using scissors to cut up your sensitive paperwork, think about getting the best cross cut paper shredder for home use, the Aurora 8 sheet cross cut paper shredder. Those pesky pre-approved credit card statements can easily be turned into confetti thanks to the stainless steel blades that can shred through 8.36 pages per second. The blades are so strong, they can cut through credit cards, staples, and even paper clips. The shredder comes with a wastebasket, so you never have to worry about the confetti making a mess. The cross cutting action of this shredder leaves the paper 1/5 of an inch wide, so you can rest assured that your personal information remains personal.

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You might want to consult some of the latest best cut paper shredders reviews, in order to find the most efficient product, designed to help you get rid of different types of documents with ease. Such devices can be also used in order to take care of discs, due to 2 intermeshing blades which splits them into tiny, tiny pieces. You will find in workplaces advanced shredders that transform documents into distant memories. There are a couple of things that need to be present in your next shredder, worth installing in the respective office. Most of the present top shredders can be placed in 3 categories: strip-cut, cross-cut and also micro-cut (in direct link with their shredding functionality style). Such devices perform different number of cuts while also protecting the user from unwanted accidents.


Best Paper Shredder with Pull Out Bin


AmazonBasics 8-Sheet Micro-cut


With a paper shredder, sometimes you have to contend with the mess that may happen after you shred a lot of documents. The shredder from AmazonBasics is considered one of the best paper shredders with a pull out bin because the tiny pieces of shredded paper remains in the bin, no matter how full it is. The shredder can shred a single sheet of paper into 2,235 tiny pieces of paper, so if someone wanted to steal your information, they would have a very difficult puzzle on their hands! This particular shredder also has a dedicated slot to destroy credit cards, CDs and DVDs one at a time. So all that important digital information you may have stored on a DVD can easily be destroyed.

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How can you find the best cut paper shredders in 2022? Well, with attention you will be able to find a powerful shredder suited to become your office “assistant”. Strip-cut shredders represent the primary option for thousands of business offices. These devices can cut paper into ribbon-like stripes with a width from 1/12 inch to 1 inch. Cross-cut shredders offer enhanced security, cutting a page into 500 to 800 pieces. The last type of shredders, micro-cut models offer the highest level of security to different papers. It can cut paper into 6000 pieces and the second cuts in 12.000 pieces.


Best Paper Shredder with Pencil Sharpener


Michael Graves Design Cross-Cut


Every home office should have a paper shredder so that your personal information, like credit card statements, bills, and other sensitive information remains personal. If you are looking for a multi-functional shredder, this shredder by Michael Graves is considered one of the best paper shredders with a pencil sharpener. While you are shredding a letter from the credit card company, you can use the shredder to sharpen a pencil, and everything will be neatly stored in the clear bin underneath the shredder. Because the bin is clear, you can easily see when the waste bin is full, so you never have to make a mess when removing the waste.

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Things to consider:

–          There are three types of shredders: strip-cut shredders, cross-cut shredders and micro-cut shredders

–          High level of security depending on paper cuts length: 1/12 inch to 1 inch, 500 to 800 pieces and 6000 to 12.000 pieces

–          Size and design for general office background


Top rated paper shredders in 2022


Latest stats have got demonstrated that more folks are trying to find specialist and also without fault successful paper shredders. These kinds of tools are expected in two ways at home including work if you need several types of paper quickly and also without the difficulties. These days, the marketplace provides large scale versions and it is quite hard to determine the best one. Experts recommend studying many of the best paper shredder reviews which could suggest advantages and disadvantages of the product you should employ.


Fellowes 3227901


This current best cut paper shredder evaluation underlines the particular performance and reliably developed in the Fellowes 3227901 design, praised for its capacity to help the customer eliminate unwanted papers. Having a revolutionary style this product includes patent-pending SafeSense technologies such as the sensor which prevents shredding the papers when the access is actually handled. This is used mostly in houses and medium office usage. In addition Fellowes 3227901 decreases the files as 5/32” x1 ½”confetti contaminants as well as shreds through as much as 14 sheets for each move, 25-50 occasions each day meaning a complete capability associated with six hundred sheets.



Provides security against Identity Theft with its ability to cut up a letter-size page to 399 particles, making this the best cross cut paper shredder 2022 for many satisfied users

Has patented revolutionary Jam Prevention system that prevents overfeeding, goes even through folded or wrinkled paper and provides instant feedback so user knows sheet capacity is never overlooked while shredding

Electronic safety sensor envelops the paper entry and disables shredder when human hands are detected on the paper opening

Has SilentShred system that eliminates noise as the machine does its job efficiently



With advanced shredding technology, this unit can be one of the most expensive in this product category

Has 120 volt AC rating and will need a transformer to work well in places with different AC ratings


I am happy that I have the Fellowes 3227901 shredder. I have lots of important documents at home that need privacy. Good thing that I have the shredder to help me secured the things without the worry that it will be read and seen by others.”  Jasmine Fitzgibbon


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Fellowes W-11c


Best cut paper shredder reviews

Fellowes W-11c 11 model is included on the best cut paper shredder reviews and this model is praised for its reliable, developed, and expanded capabilities. The particular design is superior for your home or perhaps business office use just where people work on a regular basis regarding very sensitive details. Fellowes Powershred W-11c could cross-cut by approximately 11 sheets involving report a single go straight into 5/32 inches wide by simply 1-3/8 inches wide unreadable bits without difficulty. Also in this shredder safety lock is one of the features that help to prevent unintended shredding.



Reduce documents to high-security confetti particles using a desk-side appliance that’s been touted in many best cross cut paper shredder reviews due to its ability to create 5/32-inch x 1 3/8-inch useless particles out of documents

Accepts up to 11 sheets per feeding, and even takes in staples and credit cards and reduce them to unrecognizable shreds, ripping away at up to 880 sheets in just 5 minutes

Has exclusive safety interlock switch that deactivates shredding action when the shredder is lifted off the wastebasket

Is a medium-duty shredder that is ideal for small offices or home use



Operates only on 120 volt AC ratings, requiring a transformer for different AC rating

Requires lubrication after each use, no overfeeding


In order to get out of wastes or bulk of papers in your office or home, you can have the Fellowes Powershred W-11c 11 Sheet Cross-Cut Shredders which can be bought from Amazon. I am confident with the reliability of the product because it really takes care of paper or plastic cards I want to dispose of.”  Roger French


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AmazonBasics AU1225XB


This model is one of those best cut paper shredder reviews top five. Beautifully made with care about specifics, AmazonBasics could eradicate without difficulty CDs, DVDs, papers, and bank cards without having to worry with regards to just about any trouble by any means. It can shred up to 12 page documents at a time, gets rid of credit cards one by one and from the change alternative that very clear achievable paper jams. It can break a CD/DVD into 4 pieces and can pass up to 600 sheets daily.  Among the very best paper shredders in 2022, AmazonBasics is great for individuals who are usually comfortable together with top quality inside their lifestyles.



Quick operation and hassle-free running that lets the user feed up to 12 sheets of paper even without removing staples so multi-page documents get reduced to paper shreds

Credit cards can be churned up as unusable strips of plastic to protect from fraud and identity theft

Has a reverse feature so paper jams get cleared easily, and a special CD/DVD slot right underneath the safety cover, for feeding into one slot at a time

Easy to use, with the shredder component easily detachable from the 4.8-gallon bottom wastebasket and an integrated handle for easy emptying



Tends to perform shredding jobs with some noise generated

Waste bin has limited capacity


AmazonBasics 12-sheet Cross-cut paper/CD/credit card shredder with basket can easily destroy unused papers, documents and CD’s in the fastest phase. I see it do this day in and day out, so I’m convinced it’s one of the highest rated models in 2022. I got this as a Xmas present from a work colleague and it has proven most valuable.”  Mary Cox


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Aurora AS420C


Simply regarded by 1000 of happy consumers and customized professionals among the very best cut paper shredder 2022, Aurora AS420C Desktop-style design permits the person to reduce very sensitive details easily. The particular 40-sheet holder potential as well as the 4.5-inch neck size allows a higher amount of paper to get damaged. Aurora AS420C is amongst the ideal cross-cut report shredder in which finish the same job in a less time period without triggering just about any hard to follow troubles along the way.



Three mode power switch gives user the option to go Reverse, Auto/On or Off so the shredder is always able to work as designed

Offers Auto start and Manual reverse so shredder can begin shredding work with ease or to remove paper that inadvertently gets caught in the paper entry

Unit provided with thermal protection so machine gets regulated against overheating

Shredder comes with convenient single-hand lift handle so emptying of collected shreds is always easy



Ideal for light duty shredding and can’t handle heavier shredding jobs

Large size paper needs to be pre-cut into smaller pieces before feeding


Amazon provided me with the best price for the Aurora AS420C , which was under $30 and it had no Black Friday discounts or any other promotions for that matter. My experience with it has led me to believe it’s one of the most reliable paper shredders in 2022. I don’t know who makes the best paper shredders, but I know this model is worth the money I invested in it.”  Alphonso Ellison


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Aurora AS810SD


Regarded simply by experts inside the industry as among the top rated paper shredders in 2016, Aurora AS810SD 8-sheet Tape cut paper, bank card and in addition CD together with holder is the ideal unit to help keep close to your house. Aurora AS810SD shredder is usually useful along with supplying an individual the opportunity to safely remove several documents, CD’s and in many bank or credit cards. This model welcomes simply by around 8 sheets with certain as well as shreds these into a very clear ¼-inch tape. Aurora carries a rapid shredded style with the remarkable 9.7 feet in every minute.



Protects business owners and home users against identity theft and fraud , as a paper shredding machine that can shred up to 8 sheets simultaneously at 9.7 feet per minute

Can even shred credit cards and CDs so stored data and personal identity are always kept safe and free from the dangers posed by unscrupulous individuals who can commit fraud and theft

Wastebasket can hold up to 4.5 gallons of shredded particles so users do not have to be at risk of getting their shredded documents stolen from regular wastebaskets or garbage bins

Shredder auto starts when paper is fed through the entry, through the use of a three-mode safety switch that keeps the fingers from getting caught into the shredder



Intended for extra light shredding jobs, not for heavy-duty ones

CD/DVD/Credit cards only get broken up into two pieces, requiring further shredding


My unused credit cards and papers at home can be easily shred with the Aurora AS810SD 8-Sheet Strip-cut paper, CD and Credit card shredder basket. I bought this new model for a very affordable price from Amazon and it hasn’t created any problems thus far. ”  Russell Okeefe


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