Best Palm PDAs reviews


Top rated PDAs from Palm


PDAs are the best day planners. Formerly, they were restricted only to day planning but now they have many other functions that make the planning fun along with doing other things. Palm creates the best PDAs. It is good if you read the reviews before buying any product. For your convenience, some best PDA reviews are given in this article.


Palm Tungsten E2 Handheld


Best Palm PDAs reviews

This PDA has everything you need of. From calendar to reading PDF files, it can do many things. It has the touch screen which supports about 65,000 colors. It has the built in Bluetooth that allow easy connectivity with all the compatible wireless devices. Mobile phones, Printers, laptops, it can connect with all the devices wirelessly that has Bluetooth. It has the capacity to store the data up to 26 MB. It can read, edit and create word, PowerPoint, excel and adobe PDF files.

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“ I have the ease in making files and documents in my Palm Tungsten E2 Handheld. This product has a Bluetooth connectivity which can share files to other devices. It also has large memories in which I can store all my files with greater ease and confidence.”  Rod Wiggins


Palm TX Handheld


This stylish and handy PDA has big screen and memory of 128 MB. For making connectivity easy, it has Bluetooth along with the Wi-Fi. It has the email management programs. Its files can also be access through desktop PC. Its memory can be extended with the use of extra memory cards. This PDA supports SD, MMC, and SDIO cards. It has software for Mac and Windows. It is compatible with these two operating systems. Its features place it in many best Palm PDAs reviews.

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“ I consider the Palm TX handheld as a nice device which I helps me to store and make the things I want to. This device is compatible with all operating systems and has also a built-in wife that allows me to search the web and visit my favorite sites.”  Chuck Gallagher


Palm Z22 Handheld


This PDA is one of the best PDAs in the market. It has 32 MB flash memory that is enough for your daily working. This PDA is the perfect organizer that has everything to schedule your day. It weighs only 3 ounces and of the size of a card deck. This bright colored screen PDA get connected to your PC, laptop etc easily. It can also synchronize to view digital photos. It is compatible with the PCs having Mac or Windows. It is affordable and best in functioning.

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“ I can schedule all my day to day work with the help of this new Palm Z22 handheld. This device is compatible with me because it is just small and handy. The screen is large enough to see what I write in my schedule. The memory space is also big that allows me to store more files in it. “ Ramiro Reese


PalmOne m500 Handheld


This PDA is compatible with windows and Mac PCs. It has the monochrome LCD screen that makes its contents easily visible in dim and bright lights. It is affordable and has 8 MB built in memory that saves thousands of important things. If this memory is not enough for you, you can add digital/multimedia card to increase its memory. Adding memory card also increases its functionality like games, dictionary etc can also be added. It is very light weighted and can be bought at very good rates.

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“ I bought the PalmOne m500 handheld device in just a very affordable price. Aside from the price, the device is user- friendly and has an interface that is clear and manageable. The monochrome color of the screen allows me to see it clearly during the night.”  Bob Fuller


PalmOne Tungsten E Handheld


This is the professional and amazing PDA that gives you beyond just organizing. Along with organizing your daily schedule, you can enjoy music on it, it play songs of MP3 format. It can edit and create Excel, Word and PowerPoint files. Video clips and photos can also run on it. It has 32 MB memory and the memory can also be increase through expansion slot. It is compatible Windows 7 and Vista. It is the modern world PDA that has many new functions. Palm creates it well and it can be found in many best Palm PDAs reviews.

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“ I can manage my daily activities with the help of the PalmOne Tungsten E Handheld. I can organize my files and have access to them with greater ease. The product is highly impressive in its features and performance. It is also lightweight and small that I can bring it anywhere.”  Kelli Mathis