Top rated paintball vests in 2019


There are many fun activities that people undergo in order to relax. According to recent statistics it seems that more and more men and women love to play paintball. It is understandable; who doesn’t want to shoot someone else with a colourful paint ball? With the proper gear, you will be able to have fun just like the pros. The growing interest for high quality paintball vests is not surprising. Well, we decided to help you find the most efficient vest and thus get in the arena well-prepared for fun moments. So, after analysing over 35 vest models and 2 weeks of study, we managed to draft the best paintball vest reviews for you to consult.


UTG Tactical Vest


Finding a top paintball vest in 2019 requires patience and attention to details. If you want to use a special vest that can keep you connected to the game, choose without reservations UTG Tactical Vest. This vest has a military style with 4 deluxe adjustable rifle mag pouches which can be accessed fast. In addition to the solid construction, the vest comes with 2 large internal zippered map and document pouches. These areas come in handy when you’re looking for a new route or trajectory. Now, it also has a heavy duty back loop system which can be used to carry additional tools.

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BT Paintball Tactical Battle Vest


More and more people want to get their hands on a high quality paintball vest. Why? Well, such vests are practical and useful in the arena. You can opt for the best paintball vest in 2019 from BT Paintball, Tactical Battle Vest. This unique vest was designed out of breathable mesh material that resists well to long sessions. It includes 8 strategically placed 140 ct. Pod holders and also a rugged zipper. You will absolutely adore the way this battle vest can improve your play time. It features a built-in hydration pouch and special tank storage pouch which you can use to store water or juice bottles.

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GxG Army Swat Paintball Airsoft Tactical Vest Camo


Pro paintball players know just how important it is to own a great vest. Most of the best paintball vest reviews underline the beautiful design of GxG Army Swat Paintball Vest. It has a zippered sleeve where you can place a hydration pack. Furthermore the vest includes removable contouring foam which can be replaced if you want. The vest camo has a special army design with solid shoulder straps made of nylon. In addition, this vest features a large tank holder attachment. You will love the fact that the vest features many pockets and pouches which you can use to store keys, money and tools.

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UTG Law Enforcement SWAT Vest


Gear up and start playing without restrictions! You can use the best paintball vest in 2019 from UTG, the Law Enforcement SWAT vest. Made out of durable material this vest was especially designed for law enforcement teams and also firearm enthusiasts. In any field situation, the vest can be more than practical. It has a special quilted interior for enhanced comfort and a heavy-duty nylon for the exterior. The vest combines comfort with high protection features in order to help users move lightly from one spot to the next. It is 23 inches long and weighs around 3.5 pounds.

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GxG Deluxe tactical Paintball vests


Thousands of people want to be properly equipped during long or short paintball games. If you are trying to locate the best paintball vest choose without reservations GxG Deluxe tactical. It is a great tool to any play scenario, combining utility with playing fun features. You can use the vest in order to store wallets, cell phones and car keys. Designed to offer proper protection every time decide to spend hours and hours on in the paintball arena. Some people call it awesome and others amazing! It can also play the role of a great gift for children during holidays.

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