Top rated Paintball markers in 2019


Thousands of Americans love playing and in the process shooting some paint balls whenever they have the chance. Paintball is a beloved sport in the U.S. growing in popularity with each passing month. In order to play the game in complete freedom and control during every game people need to use a reliable paintball marker gun. We tested 20 of the most popular paintball markers available on the market for three days straight. Each test was pretty fun and we noticed that five models responded amazingly to each command. This is why we drafted the best Paintball marker reviews on each of them which people can consult before any purchase.


US Army Project Salvo Paintball Marker gun 3Skull Mega Set


Best Paintball marker reviewsIt is important for paintball players to own a reliable marker gun capable of taking the game a whole new level of fun. For amazing shooting precision we recommend the US Army Project Salvo marker gun. This powerful gun includes a red laser sight and a solid vertical foregrip which offers heightened stability during the game. In addition to the solid built, this marker gun is an official US Army All aluminum die cast receiver with 11” thread barrel. The power of this model resides in the advanced stainless steel gas line system. Called by many awesome and revolutionary, this gun gives users a visible advantage over other players.

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Tippmann U.S. Army Project Salvo Paintball Marker


There are thousands of people that want to perform well whenever they are on a paintball field. Most of the current best Paintball marker reviews underline the shooting efficiency of the Project Salvo from Tippmann U.S. Army. This model looks brilliant, just like the real deal. It combines high end features that offer players the chance to perform better than others during short or long games. The paintball marker comes equipped with a highly resistant 11” ported barrel and special side Picatinny rails that accommodate various accessories. This marker from Tippmann U.S. Army includes a high quality aluminum receiver.

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Spyder MR100 Pro Paintball Gun Marker Mega Set


One of the best Paintball marker in2016 was released by Spyder, the MR100 Pro! What makes this amazing gun marker so popular among paintball players? Well, it incorporates a professional Eko Valve system which permits people to shoot up to 1600 shots direct from the powerful CO2 tank. This marker gun features an impressive high impact polymer clamping feed neck and unique side Picatinny rail mounting system. Users can add various accessories on the mounting system thus enhancing the pleasure during each game. The gun also includes a customizable car shoulder strap which makes transportation easy as pie!

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Spyder Fenix Electronic Paintball Marker


There are a lot of highly skilled players that want to win every paintball game they’re in! For them we recommend a top rated Paintball marker in 2019 from Spyder, the Fenix Electronic marker. This special gun features an air efficient EKO Valve system which offers around 1600 shots from the solid 20oz CO2 tank! Furthermore due to the incorporated “Synergy Engineering” low pressure air source system players will enjoy high accuracy during each shot made! The model includes LEAP II Circuit Board with the exclusive Anti-Chop system which significantly improves user’s ability to manoeuvre around obstacles during games.

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Academy JT Sports Tactical RTP Paintball Marker Kit


With the best Paintball marker in 2019 players can reach their full potential during games and enjoy complete freedom. This is why we recommend the JT Sports Tactical paintball marker gun from Academy. This powerful semi-automatic marker has a solid aluminum construction and also a reliable multi-position customizable stock. The model works on Co2 and also compressed air which means more flexibility during games. Users love this marker gun for its smooth functionality and capacity to accurately shoot when needed. Furthermore in the package there is a cool JT Raptor googles and a detailed owner’s manual! With this paintball marker gun success is guaranteed!

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