What To Consider When Buying a Top Paintball Gun under 400


Paintball guns are fun for kids and adults, and a great way to get everyone to spend some time together as a family. While some paintball guns can be priced ridiculously high, there are affordable models that are durable, safe, and fun. In this buying guide you will find informative tips that will help you find the best paintball gun under 400.

best paintball gun under 400


How you are going to use the paintball gun will help you determine which model is right for you. Paintball guns that are designed to be carried like a rifle are great for Woodsball and scenario games, while smaller models are ideal for fast paced speedball. Some smaller size paintball guns will also let you attach a stock so it can be used in speed and woodsball.


Mechanical or Electric

Electric paintball guns are generally able to fire faster and are often quieter than mechanical models. While you do have the advantage of the consistent firing power, these paintball guns are also more expensive to repair. Mechanical paintball guns may be slightly louder and not able to fire as quickly, but it is often more reliable than electric markers.



The best paintball guns will feature a durable construction and include the necessary safety features. You might also want to consider purchasing a paintball gun that can be upgraded so you can easily add new features as your skill level grows, and the color of the gun should also be considered. Shiny, metallic guns are probably not ideal for Woodsball, but are perfectly suited for using during Speedball.


What Are the Best Paintball Guns under 400


While we can’t choose the right marker for you, we can show you some of the best paintball guns under 400. Affordably priced and designed to be safe and reliable, maybe one of these paintball markers is exactly what you need to win the next friendly competition.


Tippmann X7 Phenom


1.Tippmann X7 Paintball GunYou will love being able to easily change the look of this marker, and its sleek design is perfect for Woodsball and other military style games. The paintball gun can also be easily switched between mechanical and electric, which gives you a slight advantage over your opponents. The firing trigger is easy to press and features 5 settings including full and semi auto, along with the important safety position, and you will also appreciate how easy the magazine is to release. The picatinny rails give you the option of mounting scopes and sights, and the lightweight aluminum body is easy to carry even when you are on the move. Designed to look professional and deliver a reliable and consistent performance, this .68 caliber paintball gun also includes a two year warranty.

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Dangerous Power G5


2.Dangerous Power G5 Paintball GunThis paintball marker features a low profile design that is perfect for military style games. The 13 inch barrel makes it easy to hit long distance targets without giving up your position until it is too late for your opponents, and you will appreciate the lightweight aluminum construction that is perfect for carrying through the woods. The two ball bearings will give you smooth and consistent firing action, and the included sights make it easy to line up your next target. The pistol grip handle is designed to be comfortable to grasp, and the trigger is conveniently placed for quick and easy access. With its sleek aluminum stinger frame and smooth firing action, it’s not hard to see why this paintball marker is a favorite for playing Woodsball and other military style scenarios.

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Dye Proto Rail MaXXed


3.Dye Proto Rail Paintball GunThere is very little not to like about this mechanical style paintball gun, including its affordable price and included features. The 14 inch barrel is perfect for making shots at a distance, and the sleek and lightweight is easy to carry through the woods. This paintball marker also features a bright, shiny design that makes it perfect for fun games of speedball. You will also appreciate how easy this marker is to use, along with the fact that you do not need extra tools to keep the battery charged and circuit board correctly programmed. It also features an automatic cleaning function that will remove any leftover paint chips and dirt. This helps to ensure a smooth and reliable firing action, along with consistent accuracy. You also have the advantage of the minimal recoil so your shots land directly on target. Designed to be easy and fun to use and affordably price, this paintball marker might be just what you need for your next speedball match.

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