What to Consider When Buying a Top Paintball Gun under 300 Dollars


If you have gained some experience as a paintball player, you may want to upgrade to a mid-range marker. These paintball guns typically have more features than those designed for beginners and usually sell for below $300. Since they are more complicated, they require a little more maintenance compared with starter paintball markers. If you are interested in buying the best paintball gun under 300 dollars, here are some of the features they usually possess.

Best paintball gun under 300 dollars


Once you have learned the basics of the game, you will want an electronic paintball gun rather than the mechanical ones beginners typically use. These guns are battery-powered and when you pull the trigger, it fires the gun by tripping a laser beam or clicking a microswitch. Thus, not only is it very easy to get very high firing rates, there are multiple firing modes, including ramping, burst and full auto.



Most low-end and mid-range paintball guns use CO2 since it is more affordable and easy to find. You can easily refill your tanks at most paintball fields.


Greater performance

Mid-range guns are quieter and more accurate than lower-end markers, due to their improved design features, allowing players to do better in games that require stealth.


What Are the Best Rated Paintball Guns under 300 Dollars?


If you want to upgrade and are looking for the best paintball gun in the mid-price range, it can be difficult to decide among all the available choices. Here are our recommendations for the best paintball gun under 300 dollars. We hope you’ll find one that best meets your needs.


Dye Proto Rail


1.Dye Proto Rail Paintball GunThe Proto Rail is a great paintball marker for players of intermediate skill levels since it offers some of the best performance in this price range. It is a sleek and attractive gun whose body is made of solid aluminum, making it very strong and lightweight. It is thus easier to handle during long games while helping to avoid hand fatigue. And the gun is made even more comfortable to use with the ergonomic design and non-slip grip.

It features a Hyper3 regulator, providing up to 1,200 shots from a single 4500 psi compressed air tank and operates at 155 psi. The Proto Rail offers a range of shooting options since it has an auto fire feature and tournament mode switches.

Maintaining the Proto Rail is made simpler by color-coded o-rings, which means that with care you’ll be using the marker for years. The kit comes with spare parts, a tube of Dye Slick Lube, a barrel sock to keep the gun free of dirt when not in use and a nine-volt battery.

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Tippmann TiPX


2.Tippmann TiPX Paintball Pistol Starter KitThe TiPX pistol is a great choice for experienced players who want to add more tactical options to their game. It is compact and lightweight and easily carried around using the included holster, which has easy-to-access pockets for keeping essentials. It is powered by easy-to-load 12g CO2 caps using a CO2 air system located under the barrel. Each cap provides around twenty-five shots. The TiPX uses a spool valve system that minimizes recoil when you fire while maximizing air efficiency to ensure greater accuracy.

The TiPX uses Tru-Feed magazines which have a low-tension, straight feed spring system that allows you to use a wider variety of paintballs and is not affected by humid or hot temperatures. Each magazine can accommodate seven balls and the kit comes with three magazines. Clear ammo windows allow you to see if the gun is loaded while the under-barrel Picatinny rail lets you easily accessorize.

The pistol comes with a maintenance kit that includes O-rings, a rubber squeegee, Allen keys and a rubber stopper as well as an exclusive carrying case.

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RAM X50 Sig Sauer


3.RAM X50 Sig Sauer Paintball PistolThe X50 not only adds more tactical options to your game but also greater excitement, since it is a replica of the Sig Sauer P226, the firearm commonly used by law enforcers and security agencies across the US. The blowback slide adds to the air of realism by offering a kick similar to that of a real gun. It can handle 0.43 caliber paintballs or rubberballs with a fifty to seventy foot range. The trigger pulls smoothly when in single-action mode, since the slide’s cycling pre-cocks the hammer as well as chambering a round. With practice, it is a very accurate gun as it allows you to hit most human-sized targets that you aim at during tense battle situations.

The lightweight pistol weighs just 2.2 pounds and has a polymer frame that uses a lot of metal components. It is powered by a 12g CO2 tank stored in the grip. It features a drop-out magazine that can accommodate nine shots as well as an integrated accessory rail that allows you to easily customize the pistol.

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