Expert Buying Advice for Paintball Guns Under 200 Dollars


If you have just started playing paintball, and have decided you like it enough to buy your own gun, then it is important to do your homework before you make you shell out your money. A first paintball gun can cost you over a hundred dollars to get one with sufficient quality to allow you to compete at a low to moderate level. Here are some of the factors to consider when looking for the best paintball gun under 200 dollars.

Best Paintball Gun Under 200 Dollars

What type of game do you typically play?

Speedball games are played in a small area while recreational games are done in woods and other large areas. While the inner workings of the guns used to play both games are the same, speedball guns are made to look colorful, while recreational guns are more realistic-looking and in camouflage color designs.


What type of gun do you need?

The three main types of paintball guns are pumps, mechanical and electronic. Which one you choose depends on your budget and skill level, as well as the type of game you play.


Does it come with accessories?

You can save a lot of money by choosing packages that come with other essentials such as harnesses, pods and tanks.


Most Reliable Paintball Guns under 200 Dollars


If you are on a budget but want to buy the best paintball gun, it can be difficult to choose the one that meets your needs among all the different options available. To help you make your buying decision, here are our recommendations for the best paintball gun under 200 dollars.


3Skull Tippmann Cronus


1.Tippmann-Cronus Paintball Marker GunIf you are just assembling your first paintball marker kit, this is a great place to start. This package features the Basic edition of the Tippmann-Cronus Paintball Marker, which combines comfort and high performance as well as being extremely easy to accessorize using the four integrated Picatinny Rails and the in-line bolt system.

The Tippmann-Cronus features an attractive tan and black color scheme and a milsim body that is constructed to be extremely tough while still being lightweight. To ensure the user’s comfort, the marker features molded grips as well as an internal gas line.

In addition you also get a pair of anti-fog goggles to protect your eyes which comes with a strap as well as a quick-release system for easy removal during games, a gravity-fed loader/hopper that can hold around 200 rounds, a 20oz CO2 aluminum tank with pin valve that is good for some 1,000 shots per fill and a harness for holding your pods that comes with six pods and can also hold a 68ci tank.

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3Skull Tippmann Gryphon


2.Tippmann Gryphon Paintball Marker SetIf you are just starting out as a paintball player, the Gryphon is a great gun to learn with and this set includes not just this premium marker but also an assortment of other necessities. The Gryphon features an ergonomically-designed front grip as well as a blade trigger that requires just two fingers to pull, which reduces user fatigue. If you are playing games in which stealth is a factor, the ported barrel shoots more quietly while providing improved accuracy. The internal air line allows you to attach the tank directly to the handle so it can serve as the stock.

The set comes with a pair of GSG XVSN anti-fog goggles, a 3Skull black hopper that can contain 200 rounds, a 3Skull 20oz CO2 aluminum tank and a deluxe 3Skull harness that can accommodate four paintball tubes as well as a refill tank. Also included are a 1oz can of Gold Cup oil and a 21-inch 3Skull Orange Jerk squeegee for cleaning and oiling your gun as well as a barrel condom.

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Tippmann US Army Alpha Elite


3.US Army Alpha Elite Paintball Marker by TippmannIf you already have everything else you need to play paintball but are looking for a great marker that you can upgrade as necessary, the Alpha Elite is one you should consider. This .68 caliber paintball marker is designed to look like a realistic M-16 while still providing the superior performance you expect from Tippmann paintball guns.

The twelve-inch barrel drives the paintballs out of the marker at high velocities, a magazine that also doubles as a storage area for your tools, a removable carry handle that you can replace with sights or stocks as desired, while the Tippmann in-line bolt system ensures the reliability of the marker.

You can also easily upgrade the Alpha Elite using the integrated Picatinny rail, which can accommodate accessories such as Tac-lights. And you can increase the marker’s capabilities by using add-ons such as the Response Trigger Kit, which allows you to fire up to 15bps, and the Cyclone Feed System that feeds paintballs into the marker at a rate of up to 15bps.