Expert Buying Advice for Paintball Guns under 1000


If you play paintball very often, it is better for you to have your own gun rather than renting one. Having your own kit allows you to not only practice at home but also personalize it to improve your game. Since a paintball gun can be an expensive purchase, here are some of the aspects of the best paintball gun under 1000.

Suitable for your skill level and the type of game you want to play. For example, a paintball gun for beginners should be smaller and lighter since you are still learning and maneuverability is more important. More experienced players, however, may choose a gun that weighs more but has a wider range of features that provides them with increased tactical options.

Best Paintball Gun Under 1000

Mechanical vs electronic

Mechanical paintball guns are seen as more reliable as well as being easier to maintain. Electronic guns, on the other hand, provide more consistent and faster shots, and are more accurate.


CO2 vs HPA

This feature refers to the gas that pushes the paintball out of the gun. CO2 is used with mechanical guns and is more affordable, but has mild stability problems depending on the outside temperature. HPA is used with electronic guns and is expensive but not affected by ambient temperature.


Most Popular Paintball Guns under 1000


Now that you know some of the considerations when choosing the best paintball guns, it is time for you to start making your choice. To help you, here are our recommendations for the best paintball gun under 1000. We hope that you will find a paintball gun that suits your needs.


Empire Defender BT Dfender


1.Empire Defender BT Dfender MarkerThis paintball gun is ideal for those who are serious about their game as it features five firing modes, including Semi, Full Auto, Ramping, Select Fire and Burst. The D*Fender also prevents ball chops from happening by including Break Beam Eyes in the breach of the gun.

The D*Fender uses a gun engine that is inline pressure-controlled and has poppet valves to ensure smooth shooting and accurate firing. It fires light-weight but strong magnesium shells. The integrated loader activates when the trigger is pulled, ensuring constant feeding of paintballs and has an auto anti-jam feature. The D*Fender can fire up to 20 bps. The hopper holds some 230 paintballs, and the gun can accommodate overall some 250 paintballs.

The electronics run on six AA batteries, and the battery level indicator tells you when they need to be changed. Basic maintenance work and changing the batteries can be done easily without tools. The kit also includes a multi-position sling adapter, an extra Super Freak Apex 2 barrel as well as standard magnetic and speed feed lids.

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Dye DM14


2.Dye DM14 2014 DM Paintball MarkerHighly-competitive players will want to consider the Dye DM14. The DM 14 has been redesigned to be more streamlined and air-efficient than the DM13 by making it a half-inch shorter. The Reach Trigger allows you to adjust the reach and angle of your trigger to personalize the fit and maximize your shooting capabilities. The Ultralite 45 Frame has an hourglass-shaped ergonomic design that provides players complete control of the gun while allowing them to pull the trigger easily and quickly.

The DM14 also features a Low Pressure Regulator that allows the marker to function quietly and smoothly as well as giving you precise control over its low 60 psi-70 psi force and cycle speed so that you can confidently shoot brittle paint without concern that it will break in your marker.

Maintenance of the DM14 is also extremely easy since critical components can easily be removed. The magnetic bolt assembly can be released with a single touch while the Sticky Grip provides access to the circuit board for programming and the battery for replacement without tools.

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Empire Paintball Axe Pro


3.2016 Empire Paintball Axe Pro GunExperienced players who play to win will want to get their hands on the Axe, which has been battle-tested by pros on the PSP tour. Greater accuracy is provided by the lightweight aluminum barrel while the magnet-returned bearing trigger makes firing effortless. The new grip features an extended frame making it more comfortable when firing. The increased air volume means there is no recoil when firing, so that your shot stays on-target. The velocity remains consistent to ensure reliable performance. And the Axe has multiple firing modes including PSP Ramping, Millennium Ramping and NXL.

To prevent chopped balls during games, which can seriously damage your gun, the breach features the Break Beam Anti-Chop feature, while the low-pressure operation is gentler on fragile paint. Maintenance is simple since you can remove the tank and the bolt using specially-designed easy-removal systems. And since air transfer is accomplished through the grip, there are no hoses which can crimp or break. The loader also attaches using a clamping feedneck, meaning no tools are needed.

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