Top rated Paintball Goggles in 2019


If you have ever been shot in the head during a paintball fight, you will definitely see the value of going through the many best paintball goggles reviews on the web. A good paintball mask can spell the difference between getting a strong shock and having a good pair of goggles absorb the impact and shock within its full breadth. Good quality goggles incorporate hard plastic, foam or rubber in their construction. From the many interviews I have done with dozens of paintball enthusiasts, I have come up with the most trusted models that incorporate safety and comfort.


Dye Precision I4 Thermal Paintball Goggle


Best Paintball Goggles ReviewsProtection against fogging and condensation is well provided by this pair of the best paintball goggles in 2019. The thermal lens prevents condensation from collecting on the lens. It even has a quick-change lens system that lets you change the lens in as little as ten seconds. It gives you greater range of horizontal and vertical vision all around. It doesn’t play much on styling but more on ergonomic design, comfort and simplicity. It won’t weigh your head down, which is great for the rapid moving about you will have to do during a paintball challenge.

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Sly Profit Full Camo Goggles


Enjoy the exhilaration of a good paintball game with this pair of top rated paintball goggles in 2019. The pair of straps on this mask allows easy adjustment that fits the contours of your face. It is able to absorb shock with its SBR foam material that combines with the frame foam constructed from velvet-lined soft cell.  It is resistant to infrared and UV rays as well as splash, as the inner lens gasket efficiently secures the inside part against dirt and moisture. The co-molded nylon frame has been engineered for resilience with soft TPR lower that won’t break a ball, so no point for your opponent.

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Save Phace Diss Series Diablo Mask


You will look pretty intimidating yet highly tactical in these best paintball goggles in 2019. The Red Skull graphics on this full-face mask add to its menacing charm. It has high level of gloss because of the clear coat finish it gets treated with at the factory to protect all the artwork it comes with. It has military-grade anti-scratch and anti-fog so you don’t have to worry about unwanted condensation and wear-and-tear creeping in. That’s thanks to the thermal lens on this US-made head gear. The strap can be comfortably adjusted to the level you want, and then it remains securely on your head.

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Empire Event Thermal Goggle from Paintball


The advanced lens adjusts in thickness so you can get an optically correct image that can lead to more accurate shooting from your end. That factor alone has given this mask five stars consistently in the best paintball goggles reviews. It has a low profile faceplate so it rides pretty neatly on your face. The thermally cured anti-fog lens has dual panes for greater stability. The lens system can be quickly released so getting the goggles off is hassle-free. It has removable and soft ear covers for added protection, plus the dual-molded mask has a premium quality strap outfitted with silicone beading to keep it firmly on your face during the game.

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Extreme Rage PROtector Paintball Goggle


For those who anticipate medium to small scale paintball games, this mask can serve its purpose adequately. It has a single lens, so you can indulge in a not-so-rabid paintball game with your buddies. It can offer top-of-head and back -of-head protection quite sufficiently. It is a stealthy black goggle that you can wear as you are hidden and waiting for a good chance to shoot a paintball at your game buddies. The easy-to-use system is adjustable and comes in 3-piece assembly. Get enough ventilation in any condition. It provides good visibility and the fact that some of its components can be easily removed without exposing the face and ears is great.

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