If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best over the range microwave ovens money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best over the range microwave ovens on the market by reading customers’ reviews, experts’ opinions, and by examining overall brand quality and pricing.

Out of the products we have looked at, the Sharp R-1405 came out on top of all the rest. This compact oven will help you save space in your kitchen, so you will feel hard pressed to find a reason to skip this one. The over the range microwave ovens dimensions make this model a real space saver. The simple programming aided by the 2 color lit display makes things really easy, and you will be able to prepare many different foods for your family with very little effort. One of the most important features is represented by the multiple venting options, which make installing this oven in your home a breeze.

If you cannot find the Sharp R-1405 on sale, or you missed the latest clearance, the GE JVM7195SFSS is a second great choice.



Over the range microwave ovens – What to look for:


Serving as an excellent blend of aesthetics, space-saving design and functionality, the most popular over the range microwave ovens enable you to enjoy the best of microwave technology while making your kitchen look streamlined. Such appliances are highly useful for cooking or warming up food, with many brands dispersing cooking odors with their range exhaust fan. Which over the range microwave oven is the best? Find out by reading the rest of this article.



Knowing who makes the best over the range microwave ovens is not enough to help you make a decision. It is more important to first establish the uses you will have for such a piece of appliance. The unit you purchase should easily fill the cooking needs and kitchen uses you commonly have for such a unit. Why get an oven with functionality for melting butter when you prefer to do the job on a stove top? Choose a product that you can maximize the features of, not just serving as something to talk about in your kitchen. Check out products that have auto-defrost features or that melt butter if you prefer to do that using the appliance. Multifunction cooking options are available in plenty of models and brands.

You’re getting an over the range microwave oven under which you will have your current stove cooktop or range. This means you have to take measurements as installing the unit also requires a certain level of investment in time and expenses. Match size of one appliance to the other. Stove cooktops and ranges have varying widths of 30 to 36 inches, so peg your choice along that range. If you do much stovetop cooking, an over-the-range microwave oven with exhaust features can simplify cooking chores. A lot of models operate as an exhaust hood and employ a charcoal filter to vent cooking fumes. Some premium-quality ones offer dual options, with both interior and external fan exhaust capabilities.



What are the best over the range microwave ovens? That depends on what features you would like to see in your potential purchase. Not all over the range microwave ovens are built equal. There are models that offer convection heating as well as microwave heating. It is always great advice to prepare a checklist of what features you find most interesting. Place this alongside a list you’ve made for different models with their features and make a comparison. Check out touch pad features, remote control, power usage, oven cooking power and capabilities. You may even compare turntable sizes, delay start features and heating cycles to narrow down your choices to only a few models. Safety features may include child-lockout and automatic shut-off.

why to buy from amazon

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Watts Price Capacity Weight Our Rating Where to buy

Whirlpool WMH31017AW

1000 $$ 1.7 cu. ft. 65 lbs A+ AMAZON

Sharp R-1871

850 $$$$ 1.1 cu. ft. 72 lbs B AMAZON

Frigidaire MWV150KB

900 $$ 1.5 cu. ft. 36 lbs A AMAZON

Sharp R-1405

950 $$$ 1.4 cu. ft. 56 lbs B+ AMAZON

GE Spacemaker JVM1540DMWW

950 $$$ 1.5 cu. ft. 67 lbs C+ AMAZON


It is possible to bag a great deal on cheap over the range microwave ovens if you just have the patience to look. You are making an investment, and it always pays to do your homework prior to carrying out the purchasing part to obtain that end. Oh, and when you’ve made your purchase, remember what elements made you decide on it in the first place. This way, you won’t be feeling sorry about making the investment.


How to choose the best over the range microwave oven  – Expert Advice


overmicToday, more and more people are searching for new ways to prepare easier food and enjoy delicious dishes with utter delight. According to recent statistics it seems that there is a growing interest for over the range microwave ovens, designed to makes every day culinary projects easier than ever. Choosing the ideal microwave can be pretty difficult given the multitude of products available on the market. Still, once you manage to go through the best over the range microwave oven reviews, you will be able to understand better the segment and ultimately invest in a high quality device that won’t let you down. Your kitchen needs to house a microwave oven that combines style with beautiful aesthetics, bringing people closer to their culinary expectations.

Choosing the best over the range microwave oven in 2018 will significantly improve your performance around the kitchen, resulting in delicious dishes worth sharing with friends and family on different occasions. Furthermore, the kitchen needs to have a product that respects the general vibe, which brings delight to everything you do. So, are you ready to choose the right over the range oven, capable of making every culinary project easy?  Well, you need a product that includes a “green” rating. A powerful microwave oven can warm and cook different dishes which can delight every member of the family. It also features an exhaust fan which safely disperses cooking odors without problems.

In the following rows are going to tackle more on a microwave oven functions and capacity to respond well to user’s culinary desires.


Best over the range microwave oven for the money


Whirlpool WMH31017AW White Over-the-Range Microwave


If you want the best over the range microwave oven for the money, the Whirlpool WMH31017AW 1.7-Cu.-Ft. White Over-the-Range Microwave is your perfect buy. It is built with a two-speed fan that easily matches the amount of ventilation you require to the dish you are preparing, ensuring awesome flexibility for preparing a large variety of food. The WMH31017AW delivers 1000 watts of cooking power, enabling you to handle various food preparation chores with ease. There’s always the right amount of microwave power available at your fingertips with this product. It boasts of a 220 Cubic foot per minute (CFM)vent system that dissipates fumes and heat in the kitchen. It also has a hidden vent that gives the appliance a streamlined appearance and simplifies cleaning after use.
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Usually you need to measure the microwave’s dimensions before purchase, in order to place it with ease in the kitchen. Most products vary from 30 to 36 inches. Furthermore you need to use a high quality oven which includes an exhaust fan that can handle better smoke and food odors. The majority of present microwave ovens include exhaust hood and safely use charcoal filter which vents cooking fumes without problems. Top rated products include dual options: external and internal fan exhaust capabilities, for better food management. The standard cubic feet per minute rating of a fan implemented in over the range microwave oven is of 300 CFM. Find the best over the range microwave oven in 2018 and improve the way you handle business around the kitchen. It can be easier than ever to work your magic and prepare delicious dishes whenever you want.


Best over the range microwave oven for dorm



Frigidaire MWV150KB Over-The-Range Microwave


With its auto-reheat options, the Frigidaire MWV150KB 1.5-Cu.-Ft. Over-The-Range Microwave is the best over the range microwave oven for dorm residents. It has just the right capacity at 1.5 cubic feet. But its extra-large 14-inch diameter glass turntable enables placing of microwave-safe containers and take-out vessels for reheating and heating food. The unit’s one-touch options allow simplified cooking in the quickest and most convenient manner. The appliance also offers Ready-Select controls and Multi-stage cooking that take the guesswork out of cooking, so you can prepare popcorn, baked potatoes or even let the food stay another 30 seconds inside at the touch of a button.
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There are a couple of things to consider while you browse from product to product: wattage usage, user friendly design (touch pad functions), turntable size, delay start features, cooking features and various heating cycles. You might also want to use a microwave oven that comes with a child-lockout system, especially if in your family children often use different electronic devices. You might also consider reading some of the latest user testimonials in order to see how your microwave was designed in order to respond well to various commands, day and night.


Best over the range microwave oven for home use


GE PVM9179SFSS Profile Over-the-Range Microwave


Providing revolutionary three-in-one oven functionality, the GE PVM9179SFSS Profile 1.7-Cu.-Ft. Over-the-Range Microwave makes the best over the range microwave oven for home use. This appliance is three ovens in one: it’s a convection oven, microwave oven and warming oven. With convection cooking, you can enjoy even baking without need for turning the pan. Heat is always uniformly distributed from every side so your masterpiece comes out exactly as you want it: succulent, evenly browned, not over- or undercooked. It delivers 1000 watts of cooking power even on fast bake, which employs heat from the convection heating element and the microwave to produce perfect results that are up to 25% faster than conventional cooking.
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Things to consider:

–  Over the range microwave oven come with various cooking functions and capabilities which improve the way you handle business in the kitchen.

–  Top microwave ovens should have Energy Star and “Green” light certifications.

–  Over the range ovens include exhaust fans which manage better phase of the food preparation process.


Top rated over the range microwave ovens in 2018


The different products that will be mentioned in the rest of this article may have not been listed in the best microwaves under $100. The main reason for such is that because these products are more expensive. Nonetheless, as it will be shown below, this happens for a reason. They are expensive basically because they are higher in quality, as against the cheaper models that you may currently find in the market.



Whirlpool WMH31017AW Over-the-Range Microwave


This microwave will be able to put its 1000 W of power to good use. It will cook for you and warm up foods or drinks. In order to cook everything evenly, it is equipped with a fan that can operate at 2 different speeds. The price it comes at has impressed top reviewers and they have named it one of the best over the range microwaves in 2018.



Exclusively designed hidden vent simplifies exterior appearance of the microwave while making clean-up a breeze

1.7-cubic-foot microwave allows effortless heating of leftovers while giving sufficient room to fit in microwave-safe bowls and dinner plates

1000 watts of peak cooking power for flexibility and ease in heating various kinds of food

Two variable fan speed settings to customize dish preparation



Economy microwave oven with basic functions and manual controls

No protective grid to keep small objects from getting into microwave body


 “It works perfectly for my needs, making me recommend it based on my positive experience with it. All the preset options have been tested by me and they results haven’t disappointed me.” – Steve Walker


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The GE JVM7195SFSS is a great add-on to any kitchen, for anyone who wants to prepare food fast and with zero headaches. An energy saver, this over the range microwave oven is recommended by its great standing with buyers.




The electronic touch controls make programming this model a real breeze, so you will find it easy to figure out what settings to use for each type of food you want prepared with the help of your new microwave oven.

The three speed exhaust fan is a great bonus, because it allows you to maximize the efficiency of your unit, by picking the right speed each and every time.

Many appreciate the interior halogen light that allows you to sneak a peek at what happens inside during cooking.

Pre-programmed options and the steam cook button will help you make healthier food for you and your family.



One of the complaints heard from owners is related to the fact that the instructions manual is not clear on installation and has some errors.

Another issue mentioned by buyers is that the oven is quite noisy.


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Frigidaire MWV150KB Over-the-Range Microwave Oven


Many of the best over the range microwave ovens reviews published in the past have also revealed that this model is another choice that can be taken into account. It has various one-touch buttons that can be used for different purposes, making it easy to use. For instance, there is a dedicated button for baking potatoes and for making popcorn. It also has an intelligent sensor that automatically adjusts the functionality of the oven to ensure the best results.



With easy-to-use one-touch buttons that allow various cooking and heating methods including cooking baked potatoes, popcorn or adding extra 30 seconds as needed at the touch of a button

Doubles as a hood with the provision of two-speed ventilation

With sensor cooking options, auto-reheat options, and 10 cooking power levels

Unit with electronic timer and clock for multistage, precise cooking and perfect results every time



Gives off loud beep after end of cooking cycle

Interior lighting may need upgrade


“I cook or heat properly different dishes with this over-the-range over and to this point it hasn’t created any problems for me. It doesn’t consume much energy either and the black finish to its design is pleasant. For a mid priced microwave, this model is a top choice in my opinion.” – Nathan K. Holmes


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Sharp R-1871 Over-the-Range Convection Microwave

The Sharp R-1871 is a high-tech microwave with a spacious inside that has a maximum capacity of 1.1 cu.ft. This microwave is so reliable that it even can bake or roast without consuming a huge amount of energy, thus not making you pay huge bills. You will even be able to cook more things at once thanks to its 2 interior racks. The interactive display, plus the simple one touch buttons will let you easily take advantage of its every feature.



Bake, brown , roast and broil in versatile 850-watt over-the-range convection microwave considered one of the best over the range microwave ovens 12 inch height

Interactive display comes with 2 colors and 7 digits that are easy to read

Oven has 1.1-cubic-foot capacity, a 13-inch turntable and interior light, all contributing to even heating every time

Unit engineered with powerful fan, hood light, low and high racks plus built-in exhaust system



White turntable can be difficult to keep spotlessly clean

Range light is incandescent type


 “I checked out a lot of different models before I invested in this one, but they all seemed inferior to it. I baked with it and the bread or cookies have turned out perfectly, evenly done on all sides. It’s not one of the best rated over the range microwave ovens for nothing and it can be a great Xmas gift.” – Jane Wilson

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Sharp R-1405 Over-the-Range Microwave Oven


Best Over the Range Microwave Ovens ReviewsAmong other things, the space-saving design of this model is one of the things that make it a popular option for those who are on the lookout for the best in the product category. This makes it ideal for smaller places as it does not consume too much space. It is also a good thing that this microwave has the Minute Plus feature. This allows users to have one minute of high cooking that can be activated with just a simple touch of the dedicated button.



Uses kitchen space efficiently with over-the-range design, work light and convenient exhaust fan for range-top cooking

Minute Plus feature enables high cooking in one minute with just one touch

Up to 6 frequently microwaved food items heated up or prepared using Cook Center and Reheat Center

Auto-touch controls meant for precision cooking and dependable programming with two-color five-digit illuminated display



Loud exhaust fan with single setting can present problem

No filter for exhaust fan to enable ventless usage


“Sharp R-1405 is for me the best over-the-range microwave oven 2018 because it doesn’t lack any feature. It defreezes, heats or cooks and frankly I can’t ask for anything more from such an oven. And I didn’t even have to pay too much when I bought it because I got it for a special Black Friday deal. I got the best product for the money I had.” – Margaret A. Davies


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GE Profile PVM1790 Over-the-Range Microwave Oven


This oven has 1.7 cubic feet capacity and is a popular choice for many customers because of having 1,000 cooking watts. This is definitely not the most powerful within the product category, but definitely something that can provide the best bang for the buck. For those who are into baking, it has Fast bake feature that will make it ideal for your baking needs a well. Because there are many features in this microwave, it is advised that you carefully read the provided manual to know how it can be properly used.



With huge 1.7 cubic feet capacity and peak cooking wattage rating of 1000 watts

Stainless steel finish and stainless steel interior assure  durability and great long term usage

Sensor cooking controls to activate convection cooking as well as warming oven, with 10 power levels and 3-speed exhaust fan

Comes with auto recipe conversion, defrost, Micro Express and Fast Bake



Installation is not tool-free and requires a bit of expertise

Buttons not illuminated, which can be a problem in a semi-dark kitchen


“I did a bit of research before buying GE Profile PVM1790 and the most helpful info was presented to me by the best over-the-range microwave oven reviews. I haven’t found any flaws to this model and I very much like its modern design. I am positive I’ve made an excellent choice through the PVM1790 which is surely one of the top 10 microwaves in 2018.” – S. Clark


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GE Spacemaker JVM1540DMWW Microwave Oven – Not Available


When looking for the right model of microwave oven, one thing that you should make sure is that it is easy to use. This is basically one of the best reasons on why this model is worth being taken into account. It has soft-touch buttons that can be easily pressed, depending on the function that is being preferred. It also has an automatic defrost setting, making it easy when used to thaw. Lastly, many have also expressed their satisfaction with regards to its venting system, which allows smoke and steam to be quickly removed.

“I found this microwave at an affordable price and so far, it has proven to be very reliable. It has all the preset programs I need and has not disappointed me to this point. Its compact size makes it perfect for my apartment, not taking up too much space. It may well be one of the highest rated over the range microwave oven.” – Glen C. Macias




Samsung SMH1816S Over-the-Range Microwave Oven – Not Available


This is another product that is often given positive feedback in many best over the range microwave ovens reviews. It has the sensor cook technology, which will provide you with the assurance that the best outputs will result all the time. With such innovation, the microwave is able to monitor and modify the temperature throughout the process of cooking. It also has one-touch settings, giving you easily-accessible buttons to change the functions of the oven.



Capacious 1.8-cubic-foot interior to accommodate a wide variety of food items

Efficient temperature monitoring with sensor cook technology  so foods come out perfectly, with 12 different cooking options that include reheat

Simple and quick operations with one-touch setting controls plus 1100 watts of peak cooking power

4-speed fan works superbly with 400 CFM ventilation system, making this the best over the range microwave ovens 12 inch height



START button not located at standard position on bottom right of keypad

May be prone to design flaw caused by accumulated kitchen heat and steam


“The latest acquisition for my kitchen was this new microwave oven from Samsung and I’m quite impressed by how well it functions. I was drawn to it also by the modern design which matches perfectly with my other kitchen appliances. Based on what I saw it do, I give it a five star rating.” – Joseph Bowers