How to pick one of the best Outdoor Light Fixtures:



One of the easiest ways to update the look of your home is by upgrading your boring outdoor light fixtures to one of the best outdoor light fixtures of 2018. With a new fixture you can give your home a warm and inviting feeling.

It can be a challenge deciding on a light that will complement your home. You may try and get ideas from the best outdoor light fixture reviews, and still be drawn to multiple fixtures. We have created this guide to help you choose which is the best outdoor lighting fixture for your home.

One of the first things people take into consideration when choosing a different fixture is the style of the fixture and how it will look with the overall design of the house. There are many different styles of houses and an equal (if not more) styles of fixtures in that are in the best outdoor light fixtures of 2018 list.

While styles do not necessarily change from year to year, the quality can be greatly improved. The glass can be thicker, feature thick bevelled edges, hand-rubbed finish, and even utilize natural materials. Along with the style, some homeowners feel that the way the light is hung, or the “bracketry” is a big factor as well. Some lights that are featured in the best outdoor light fixture reviews, look they are hung from a hook, when in fact it is part of the fixture itself.

In order to choose what is the best outdoor light fixture for your home, you will want to take into consideration the size of your fixture in comparison to the size of your house. Sure, you could buy a small and cheap fixture, but if you have a large house, it would look very out of place. Instead, if you have a large home, you will want to get a fixture that complement the rest of the home. For example, some of the highest rated lights for a two story home should measure between 18 to 24 inches tall.

To go along with the style and scale, you want to look at the finish. The best outdoor light fixture reviews state that bronze is fairly popular, as it matches many different housing styles and it also looks better than plain old brass fixtures. Though while bronze is a popular choice, black and titanium finishes are still among the most popular outdoor light fixtures as well.

We hope that when you begin looking to upgrade the exterior of your home, you will keep the information you learned in this guide in mind. Just remember these key items and you will be on your way to a beautifully illuminated home in no time.


Things to consider:

  • When replacing your outdoor lights, you want to keep in mind the style of your home. You may have a contemporary home, but love the look of traditional lighting. If you want to maintain a cohesive look, stick to the contemporary lights.
  • In the world of light fixtures, size does matter. Larger homes require larger light fixtures. Your fixtures are more than just fixtures, they can be lovely accents.
  • To round out your home, you will want to keep in mind the finish. Bronze, black, and titanium are popular choices, whereas white and brass are not.


Top Outdoor Light Fixtures in 2018


Hardware House H10-3459 Madison Outdoor Fixture Down Light


This cute little light stands 7 x 9 1/4 inches and the light shines out about eight inches from the fixture. It requires an 120 volt outlet and uses a 100-watt light bulb. This fixture is available in a gorgeous bronze finish that welcomes guests into the home. The leaf pattern on the frosted glass is a lovely touch for any porch or next to any entry way.

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Hardware House 544114 Downward-Facing Aluminium Outdoor Light


This light is available in two different finishes: Artesian Bronze or Oil Rubbed Bronze. Both finishes accompany textured glass to protect a 100-watt incandescent bulb. The downward-facing fixture points the light downward and out, which is an ideal choice for illuminating your front door. The fixture measures 6 x 14-inches and with its easy installation, it is a cinch to replace an existing fixture.

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Designers Fountain 2961-BK Devonshire Wall Lanterns


This cast aluminium light fixture is available in a matte black finish, which is perfect for adding elegance to a single story home, as it only stands 7.5-inches high and is 14.25-inches wide. The modern fixture must be hooked up to a 120 volt power source and requires a bulb that is a maximum of 60 watts. A unique feature of this outdoor light is that it is dimmable, so that you can save electricity, while still illuminating your door.

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Designers Edge L1707 Outdoor Weatherproof Industrial Wall Mount Fixture


For an industrial style home, or a home with a unique contemporary vibe, homeowners may like this industrial style fixture. The wall mounted light is a great choice for outdoor use because it is made of durable metal and tempered glass, plus it is weather-tight due to the rubber seals, which prevents the light from shorting due to bad weather. The fixture allows for a maximum 150-watt bulb, which will shine brightly, illuminating the area with a wash of light.

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Sunlite VTA100 Outdoor Fixture


Buying this outdoor fixture will bring a stylish side to your yard or driveway. The thick metal caging around the clear glass prevents vandals from breaking the 120-watt bulb. This fixture is features a metallic finish which can accent an industrial home, or simply be used to light dark walkways to a garage or storage unit. The product stands at 10.7 x 6.3 x 4.3 inches and can withstand all types of weather. When the rubber gaskets are securely in place, the fixture becomes vapour proof, thus extending the lifetime of the light bulb.

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