Top rated oscilloscopes in 2019


In the electronic industry oscilloscopes are efficient test instruments that permit people to accurately determine varying signal voltages. During a determined period of time electrical signals begin to change. This is why electricians need to know the voltage variations and record them on special scales. Each of the observed waveform (signal) usually is analysed by the oscilloscope for properties like frequency, amplitude and many more. There are many models available on the market which can be used during electrical tasks. We went with attention through the best oscilloscope reviews and user testimonials and found 5 models that any professional can use without reservations.


Rigol DS1102E Digital Oscilloscope


Best oscilloscope reviewsDuring our research we noticed that an impressive number of electricians speak highly of Rigol oscilloscopes. As a result, we recommend the DS1102E digital oscilloscope, a model designed with 1 external trigger channel and 2 dual ones. This professional device automatically identifies 10 voltages and 10 time wave parameters. It offers 3 cursor measurement options (auto, track and manual) for a comprehensive analysis on different types of electrical projects. The oscilloscope comes with a user-friendly software application (UltraScope) which permits users to measure and capture wave parameters. Furthermore electricians can easily save data in .xls and .txt formats for later viewing!

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Owon SDS7102 Deep Memory Digital Storage Oscilloscope


Most of the best oscilloscope reviews that we consulted underlined the smooth functionality of the SDS7102 Deep Memory from Owon. Due to its lightweight design and durable large screen this oscilloscope is great to use around different worksites. Very easy to read with minimal glare this model offers LAN interface for a smooth and stable computer connection. It offers 100 MHz deep memory which automatically identifies different types of waveform parameters. Users appreciate the 8 inch 65k color display which comes in handy during long and complex electrical projects. Taking into account the low price this oscilloscope represents a great addition to anyone that works in the electric industry.

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Owon PDS5022T Portable Digital Storage Oscilloscope


Searching for the best oscilloscope in 2019 led us to a great model from Owon, the PDS5022T! Thelightweight digital device is easyto manoeuvre during various testing operations. This 25 MHz 2 channel oscilloscope offers a sample rate of 100 MS/s which improves data quality and reception. With an impressive 20 automatic measurement parameters the PDS5022T is great for electricians that perform a lot of their work on complex electrical devices. Furthermore due to the USB ports people can use it for more demanding applications like circuit testing or electrical engineering. It also includes an easy to read 8” color TFT LCD display for easy monitoring.

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Siglent SDS1052DL TFT-LCD Display


Out of the best oscilloscopes in 2019 we noticed that more and more users prefer the SDS1052DL model from Siglent. This digital device has a thin design which makes it easy for people to manoeuvre during tests. Electricians appreciate the oscilloscope’s digital filtering function and capacity to respond fast to changing signal processing needs. This professional test instrument features 3 cursor modes with 32 automatic measurement settings for accurate data collection. In addition to the solid construction the oscilloscope offers 5 trigger modes which include the following: pulse, edge, slope, video and also alternating. It is also pretty affordable!

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Sinometer 10 MHZ Single Channel Oscilloscope


It is important for serious electricians or IT engineers to find and use the best oscilloscope in 2019. During our research we noticed that a professional but affordable device can be used without reservations during any electrical job: the CQ5010C single channel from Sinometer. Designed to accurately track wave parameters like frequency and voltage this device offers accurate readings on different types of electrical components. This high performing oscilloscope has a lightweight design which makes it perfect to use on circuit boards. It can be synchronized with monitors and computers through specific outputs. Furthermore the device renders readings in X channel and also XY mode for more complex testing!

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