A Professional Buying Guide on Oscillating Edge Sander:


Those who enjoy making their own furniture or wooden crafts may find one of these tools incredibly useful in their workshops. These devices combines the power of a belt sander with oscillation that evenly distributes abrasive wear over a broader surface area to help reduce heat buildup. Because there are many sander manufacturers who bring something unique to the table, you may find it difficult choosing who makes the best oscillating edge sander. While we cannot tell you which is the best, we can offer you some important information that will help you choose the best oscillating edge sander of 2022 for your specific needs.



Budget is a big concern when choosing from one of the highest rated oscillating edge sanders because they can get quite expensive.As a professional woodworker, you may be tempted to go for the very best and that budget can easily be forgotten. Before you even look at the best oscillating edge sander reviews to get an idea of which one you want, you want to have a maximum price point. Then, you can look through the reviews and try to stay under that limit.



When you are choosing a new tool like the edge sander, power is paramount. The amount of power that your tool puts out determines how effectively it will work. Ideally you want a device that puts out at least 1/2 horsepower, but professional woodworkers may want a tool that uses 2 to 3 horsepower. Also, look for motors that are capable of running continuously rather than “max developed” or “peak” motor estimations. The continuous running motors allow you to complete a job without stopping without fear of overworking the tool and it overheating.


Sanding Belt Drive

The power that is produced from the motor is transferred to the sanding belt and this is where a good sander truly stands out. The more power your sander creates, the more SFPM (surface feet per minute) belt speed you will have. For example, if you have a 1.5hp motor, the sander will have a belt speed of 3900 SFPM. This speed can easily handle any type of wood and create a smooth finish with minimal effort.


An oscillating edge sander can be used to create smooth edges on any piece of furniture or wood project. The oscillating action on these devices prevent overloading and burning of the wood because it uses a larger area of the belt rather than straight-line belt sanders. These tools are necessary for anyone who works with wood on a regular basis, as they can make any sanding job so much easier.


Things to consider:

  • Before looking at sanders, come up with a budget and stick to it!
  • Look for a sander with enough power that can handle your workload.
  • Choose a sander with the highest SFPM speed to HP ratio.


Top rated Oscillating Edge Sanders in 2022


Oscillating edge sanders can make easy work of sanding the edges of your wood projects. When you use the tool, you have the ability to edge, face, bevel, and contour sand your projects with complete control. The device combines the power of a belt sander with oscillation to distribute abrasive wear over a broader surface area to help reduce heat buildup. These are some of the most popular oscillating edge sanders on the market.


Jet OES-80CS Oscillating Edge Sander


This powerful oscillating edge sander created by Jet has the durability and accuracy you come to expect from an exceptional machine. The sander uses a 1.5hp motor, prewired 115v with a port size of 4 inches. The machine is made of cast iron and metal, thus providing you with optimal durability and stability. The oscillating feature greatly reduces heat build-up on the belt, which decreases the chance of loading and burning. This will extend the life of the belt and when it does need to be replaced, the sander has a quick release lever and tracking control dial for easy access.

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Grizzly G0563 Oscillating Edge Sander


Grizzly is one of the largest machine manufacturers in the United States and is well known for creating quality products. The oscillating edge sander offers a large 26-7/8 x 12-inch cast iron sanding table and a 6 x 89 inch belt size. The sander also features three interchangeable spindle drums that you can use for detailed contour sanding. The edge-sanding table is controlled by a hand wheel. This allows for precise angle and vertical adjustments—this is easier to manage because the belt moves instead of the table.

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Shop Fox W1730 Oscillating Edge Sander


The Shop Fox sander features a 6 x 89-inch belt that has a vertical oscillation of 3/4-inch at 52 times per minute. The quick release, belt tension lever makes it easy to remove the belt when the time comes replace the sanding belt. The sander features a 2hp 240v motor, which produces a 3150 SFPM belt speed. The sanding angle of the sander can be adjusted between 0 and 90-degrees. This gives you the ability to sand items horizontally, vertically, or at any angle in between. The table also moves vertically and horizontally to be able to accommodate various sizes and thicknesses of wood.

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General International Oscillating Vertical Edge Belt Sander

The 15-010 M1 oscillating belt sander offered by General International features a 6 x 108 inch oscillating vertical edge. It features a powerful 220 volt, 2hp motor. The continuous duty motor is completely enclosed and cooled by a fan. The sander is ideal for professional woodworkers because it features a polished, graphite coated steel platen that reduces friction and excess heat from building up. These benefits prolong the life of the sander’s belt. The single knob belt tracking control and easy access tension adjustment knob is perfect for quick and easy adjustment, tracking, and tension control.

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Ridgid EB4424 Oscillating Edge Belt Sander


Get more bang for your buck with this belt sander offered by Ridgid. This sander combines edge belt and spindle sanding in one unit. The tool uses ball bearing construction to bring you smoother operation and durability. The rotary and oscillation movement produces fast, burn-free finishes on a variety of surfaces. The conversion from belt to spindle does not require the use of tools, thus making the transition quick and easy. The table can tilt up to 48 degrees with detents at the most common angles (0, 15, 22.5, 30, and 45 degrees) to create beveled edges on your projects.

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