In a rush? Don’t have the time to read detailed information about the best organic infant formula powders? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for your to make a smart choice. We know it’s hard choosing organic vs non organic infant formula, which is why we’ve taken the time to prospect the market and analyze the owner feedback, the sales figures, the benefits, as well as the overall brand and product quality of thousands of options we’ve found on the market. Eventually, we’ve settled on the best ready to feed alternative, and it’s the Similac Expert Care. This is the right option for babies suffering from protein allergies as it has been formulated specifically to deliver extra protein content that can help with building muscles and supporting various other body processes. What’s more, some of the people who have bought the Similac Expert Care claim they’ve seen tremendous results in terms of reducing colic symptoms even at 24 hours after they’ve fed the product to the baby. The second best product is The Honest Co. Organic Non-GMO which is a milk based infant formula that you might want to consider if your child does not suffer from any allergies to protein.



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Many parents want to give their children the very best chance at a healthy life, and many start with giving them organic formulas. It can be difficult to figure out what is the best organic infant formula powder on the market, but fear not! Some of the top ten baby formulas on the market are excellent choices.

We have created this guide to help you recognize ingredients that should not be present in your baby’s formula in order to be truly “organic”. We are certain that with this information, you will be able to purchase the organic infant formula powder that you feel is the best option.

Similac Expert Care Alimentum

Sweeteners like corn syrup, sugar, or brown rice syrup

The makers of baby formulas strive to create a product that mimics the nutritional values that are available in breast milk—as breast milk has more lactose (a carbohydrate) than cow’s milk. In order to do this, these manufacturers often supplement lactose that is missing in the cow’s milk with a sweetener. Unfortunately, this sweetener tends to be the very thing that is contributing to the obesity epidemic in the world. Instead of choosing to the milk-based sweetener (lactose) to their formula, they choose a plant based sweetener (corn syrup, sugar, or brown rice syrup).


Avoid Palm Oil

While we think that natural, plant based oils are good for us, palm oil is not one of these oils, especially to babies. While it is true that human milk has high levels of palmitic acid (a fatty acid) in it, manufacturers who add palm oil to their product are actually causing negative effects to a baby’s development. The palm oil is left unabsorbed in the baby’s stomach and it reacts with calcium, which forms “soap” in their intestines. This leads to hard stools and lower bone masses.



Although there are some organic baby formulas that have carrageenan (mind you, this is used in animal experiments) in it, it is not a good ingredient to have in there. This ingredient causes inflammation, which is used to allow pharmaceutical scientists to try out anti-inflammatory drugs. Yes, you read that right. This ingredient is used in animal experiments and has made its way into baby formula—even though the National Organic Standards Board voted to prohibit it. This ingredient contributes absolutely no nutritional value or flavor to the formula. All it does is allow adults to open something and giving it directly to the baby without having to shake the product. Any liquid formula that is “ready to feed” most likely contains carrageenan.

It can be difficult trying to ensure that your child receives the very best when it comes to their nutritional needs. By doing your research and carefully reading the ingredients list on the packaging, you will be able to figure out what is the best organic infant formula powder for your child.



Products for Specific Needs


Best Organic Infant Formula for Gas


Similac Sensitive


For babies who experience fussiness as a result of lactose causing gas build up, the Similac Sensitive Baby Formula is one of the best organic infant formulas for gas. The formula is an alternative for standard milk-based formulas and features OptiGRO—Similac’s exclusive blend of DHA, lutein and Vitamin E.

These ingredients are found in breast milk and are essential nutrients to help the development of the brain, support healthy eyes and developing cells. This formula uses two carbohydrates to maximize absorption and minimize the risk of malabsorption. This product is gluten free and is Kosher.


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Best Organic Infant Formula for Acid


Baby’s Only Organic Dairy


The Baby’s Only Organic Dairy Formula is considered to be one of the best organic infant formulas for fatty acids because it includes alpha-linolenic and linoleic fatty acids that the body changes into DHA and ARA. These acids are found in breast milk and are essential for healthy development of the brain and eyes.

The product is suitable for babies who have allergies to gluten or corn. Baby’s Only Organic Dairy Formula does not use any genetically modified ingredients, and the cows that the milk comes from are never given artificial growth hormones, steroids or antibiotics.


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Best Organic Infant Formula for Constipation


Wellements Baby Move Constipation


This product is a natural formula that is created to help little ones with occasional constipation. Due to the unique blend of organic prune concentrate and prebiotics that have been specifically formulated for children six months and up, it has been named one of the best organic infant formulas for constipation.

The sweet tasting formula has been clinically proven to help soften your child’s stool and help their digestive health. This formula is recommended by pediatricians and it can be mixed with breast milk, formula, water, and even juice. The product does not include any gluten, soy, alcohol, additional sugar, artificial colors and flavors.


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Top rated organic infant formula powders in 2021


Your infant requires you full attention every day of the week and at the same time you need to offer him the healthiest food possible in order for him to grow up nice and strong and full of energy. As a parent it is not that simple to choose the best food for your infant which is 100% natural and full of the vitamins he/she needs. Look over the best organic infant formula powder reviews and you will easily make up your mind on the one you need to purchase.


Similac Expert Care Alimentum


If your baby is allergic to proteins, this is just the right formula to give him because proteins are broken down into little pieces forming the substance known as alimentum. Another advantage for this formula is the fact that it is helpful also for the development of the infant’s visual and mental abilities. The whole package consists of six 1 pound cans whish you will use over a long period. Many parents even suggest that this is the best organic infant formula powder in 2021.



Powdered infant formula is protein hydrolysate-based, making this an optimum high-protein source for growing babies who need the extra protein content to build muscles and various other body tissues

Contains alimentum, an exclusive protein formulation that has the protein broken down into tiny pieces to take away allergic reactions in most babies with protein allergies

Also integrates special nutrients found in breast milk, DHA and ARA, proven in clinical lab tests to provide needed support for visual and mental development during baby’s crucial first year of life

Most babies experience reduced colic symptoms in 24 hours as a result of taking the hypoallergenic Alimentum formula



Nothing is too expensive for baby, including this premium infant milk formula

Expiration date has to be ascertained


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The Honest Co. Organic Non-GMO


If you’re in the market for a product that can truly make it possible for your baby to benefit from an entirely healthy development, you need to look at this choice as soon as possible. It is made with some of the best ingredients out there and has been supplemented with iron. It contains anything from calcium to choline and vitamin D3.

The only ingredient that seems to be lacking in this alternative is DHA, and that’s because the brand says that they were unable to find one that meets their quality standards. However, DHA is available from the same company in the form of fish oil.



The Honest Co. choice comes with most of the essential ingredients required for a healthy baby development.

Having been supplemented with iron, this option also contains vitamin D, choline, calcium, as well as folic acid.

All of the ingredients in this product are organic and contain no traces of genetically modified organisms.

The fat content in this product comes from coconut, palm, and soy oils, and the protein comes from nonfat milk and whey.



Unfortunately, this alternative does not feature any DHA, which means you will have to purchase it separately.


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Earth’s Best Organic Soy


Some infants can’t tolerate milk too well for their tummies and this is where the Earth’s Best Organic Soy formula sets in and helps your infant to receive all the nutrients and proteins he needs to grow nice and strong. This is an organic formula and it means it doesn’t contain hormones, steroids or other substances that might do damage to your little one. Having an USDA certification means it is thoroughly tested and presents no risks for your little one.




Designed for babies whose parents want the answer to what is the best organic infant formula, thanks to being an ideal alternative for breast feeding

Healthy soy-based milk supplement that incorporates ARA and DHA nutrients that are normally found in breast milk

Non-complicated preparation by using the included spoon to scoop formula into the feeding bottle and combining with water

Certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), attesting to the formula’s organic ingredients and impressive nutrition content



May come in relabeled or repackaged form but the formula remains the same healthy organic structure

Taste will take getting used to for some babies, being organic soy-based


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Earth’s Best Organic


The best organic infant formula powder reviews approve this one from Earth’s for its nutritional and growth value, plus the fact that it is made out of organic ingredients. Your baby’s visual and mental development will be enhanced by the DHA & ARA which are included in the formula. With it you will give your infant his/hers necessary iron, zinc and vitamin B intakes as well. Also within the formula you won’t find any damaging substances for you infant like antibiotics for instance. And the whole pack doesn’t have a price which your average American can’t afford.



When organic is the only way to go, this formula provides the answer to what is the best organic infant formula, made without using antibiotics, growth hormones, dangerous pesticides, steroids or chemical fertilizers

Nutritionally complete with 100% of the required nutrients that doctors recommend for babies to get during the crucial first 12 months of life

Has high quality protein, minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids in premium proportions that approximate those in breast milk

Whey and casein ratio is very close to that in mother’s milk, with corresponding DHA and ARA in breast milk to ensure optimum brain and visual development



Formula can be hard to mix optimally without getting clumps at the beginning

Presence of syrup solids in formula is offset by the reliable organic formulation


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Enfamil Premium


Another formula for your infant you can go for and you will know it has top quality is the Enfamil Premium Newborn Infant formula. Its main purpose is to help the little brain of your infant to develop in ideal conditions having all the vitamins and nutrients needed, like for instance Choline and DHA. Also this formula is very easy to digest and won’t cause any problems for your little one’s tummy. The baby’s immune system is also helped with the Natural Defense Dual Prebiotics Blend.



Helps promote development of strong bones, optimum mental and visual health, plus a healthy immune system

Inspired by the complete nutrition in breast milk 3 to 5 days after lactation begins, designed to help support early developmental milestones including focusing and smiling

Nutritionally complete formula that provides the vital nutrients that a young infant needs for healthy mental development and physical growth during the crucial first few months

Easy-to-digest protein blend that is patterned after the characteristics of early breast milk, with natural defense Dual Prebiotic blend to support formation of baby’s natural immune system



Short shelf life necessitates prompt use of the product once delivered, as the formula is made as pure as possible

May cause gas in some babies who are overly sensitive


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Organic Infant Formula Powders – What to look for:


Once you begin the parental journey, the little one becomes the first concern of the day. New responsibilities emerge to the surface, linked to the child’s safety or physical state. During the early months of the baby, feeding is not linked only to the mother’s breast milk. Even though a mother’s milk offers all the nutritional values a child needs it seems that there is a staggering number of moms that use infant formulas. It is not surprising given that most of the best infant formula powders contain special ingredients, picked out to meet the baby’s needs. If you are currently looking for a reliable infant formula, we managed to gather relevant data on the subject. At the end of this guide you will be able to go through all the differences between the available formulas and choose the right one for your child.

We went with attention through the best organic infant formula powder reviews and identified a couple of factors which can make the selection process easier. First of all, you should know that baby formulas represent the only safe alternative to traditional breastfeeding. There is no second guessing with this claim. As the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) underlined, other solutions like homemade formulas from cow’s milk will have negative effects on the child’s life. Furthermore it seems that moms should opt with confidence for iron-fortified baby formulas. For security reasons you should also look for the seal “FDA-approved” because the Food and Drugs Administration enforces the Infant Formula Act by analysing each of the available products in the American market. Safety comes first when it comes to the little one’s health.

Your search for the best organic infant formula powder in 2021 should start with the most popular brands in the business. There are brands endorsed by thousands of moms and dads. In our research we came across the following: Abbot Nutrition with their product Similac; Mead Johnson Nutrition with Enfamil; Nestle Infant Nutrition with their product Gerber and also Perrigo Nutritionals with Store Brand Formula. These are the first choices from moms that use only reliable organic infant formulas. It is important to know that most of the top infant formulas are designed with attention in order to support the child’s growth. Parents prefer infant formula powder because all they have to do is mix it with water and serve it to the child. Most formulas come with special instructions on how to properly prepare it.

As a responsible parent, you have to try and find the best organic infant formula powder in 2021. Still, make sure that the product meets the specific nutrients mandated by the Infant Formula Act. You will find on the market milk based formula, lactose reduced, soy-based and also Added rice formula. Each of the mentioned formulas was designed for babies that present certain reactions to them. Some babies digest milk harder while others deal with gas after each meal. So, you need to find a formula that is just right for your child.


Things to consider:

–         The presence of iron in the list of ingredients, which ensures the child’s healthy growth

–         FDA-Approved Seal, that testifies that the product respects the Infant Formula Act nutritional guidelines

–         Specific ingredients like DHA or ARA which support the infant’s normal development

–         Compatibility, make sure that the child responds well to the formula if not switch to something else




Similac Go & Grow – not available


Best Organic infant formula powder reviewsFor growth there are very few formulas for your infant which are as good as this one from Similac. Feed him this formula with a bit of milk and you will give him a total of 25 different vitamins all with a positive effect on him. Per day this formula should normally amount to 30% of calcium and iron intake that your child should get. The top rated organic infant formula powder reviews recommend it because customer reports all over the US indicate it is a winner.




Ensures that growing toddlers get the balanced nutrition they need, with 25 vitamins and minerals to complement toddler nutrition during the stage of transition to table food

Has premium formulated OptiGRO, an exclusive blend of DHA, Lutein, and Vitamin E, for optimum brain development, support of eye health, and the vital nutrition for rapidly developing cells

Trusted by generations of mothers and used and recommended by a large number of hospitals, attesting to the premium formulation of the infant formula

Also has prebiotics that support healthy digestion in the tender years, so baby grows up with a healthy alimentary constitution



Can cause gas and bloating in overly sensitive children