Tips for purchasing the best oral irrigator:


Maintaining and prolonging the health of teeth should be a top priority for everyone. Gums and teeth afflictions are known for having negative repercussions on cardiac health. Gingivitis is among one of the most important causes of cardiovascular diseases. Consequently, it’s only natural to look for the best oral irrigator reviews, because these products have the same effect as a mechanical scaling and they remove bacterial film safely and effectively. Check out the information below to make a good choice when buying oral irrigators.


Manual versus electric flossers

Although used rarely nowadays, manual irrigators still exist. They’re easy to carry and therefore can be taken on vacation, but they need to be used extensively and thoroughly, in order to ensure the complete absence of any food debris left inside the oral cavity. Aside from this disadvantage, users can’t know for sure they’ve used enough pressure to break and remove all plaque.


Cordless feature

If you’re looking for the best oral irrigator 2022, one thing to keep in mind is whether it is cordless or not. Water flossers that don’t have to be connected to an electrical source can be carried around the house and even taken on holidays. A cord is however necessary when you’re charging the device. A slight con of choosing a cordless irrigator is the fact that it usually features a smaller tank and therefore can’t be used for a longer time.


Size of the tank

As we were saying, this particular characteristic depends on whether you choose a cordless variant or opt for a traditional one. The latter alternatives come with larger tanks, but all models, regardless of their capacities, are more than enough for one flossing. If you intend to use your electric irrigator in the comfort of your home, you can pick a model that’s connected to a bench top.


Number of pulses

While some say a more powerful water jet is the key to having healthy teeth, we’ll underline that it largely depends on the necessities of every person. Some people have issues such as periodontitis and they require less aggressive water jets. Current irrigators are more than capable of cleaning a human mouth in a little less than 1 minute, which basically means that it almost makes no difference whether you pick a 1,200 pulse variant or a 1,600 one. If you’re aiming for the most popular oral irrigator 2022, you’re likely to buy a 1,600 pulse/minute product.


The simplest way to choose an oral irrigator is to read as many reviews as possible, because only honest and real buyers can express an unbiased opinion.


Things to consider:


  • If you’re a frequent traveler, choose a model that’s both cordless and rechargeable, so you can take it with you on the road.
  • If your dental issues are severe, consult a specialist before purchasing a model that pulsates too strongly and that could have the potential of damaging your gums.
  • If you’ve never used scaling, look for a lighter version that gently removes your plaque and mineral deposits.


Top rated oral irrigators in 2022


If you’re still asking yourself whether you should buy a mouth irrigator or not, think of it this way: taking care of your teeth and gums has an impact on your general health and on your mind and spirit. There’s nothing like the lack of bad breath in the morning. Moreover, an honest smile is best served white.


Panasonic EW-DJ10-A Oral Irrigator


Best oral irrigator reviewsThis model comes with a tank capacity of 165 ml. It cleans teeth thoroughly, thanks to a pressure of 1,600 pulses per minute. It is rechargeable, cordless and portable, and therefore can be used on the go. This Panasonic model comes with 2 customizable speeds. It is ranked as one of the top rated oral irrigators 2022 because it is said it has a notably positive impact on dental health. As the great majority of other electric flossers, it is waterproof. Its batteries have a long-lasting life, because they hold up to 3 weeks.

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OraTec Viajet Pro Irrigator


This is a less powerful alternative of an irrigator. Its pressure is largely adjustable but it can reach a top one of 1,200 pulses. It comes with 4 tips which can be used according to personal preferences. The Viajet is great for people who have braces because it eliminates food waste quickly and efficiently. It propels water jets that enter even the narrowest spaces between teeth and gums. The model makes sure that fresh breath is only one flush away. It’s recommended for daily use. Buying the Viajet is advantageous also from the point of view of its size: it doesn’t occupy a lot of space.

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Hydro Floss Oral Irigator


Although it features the same pressure as the Viajet, this alternative is a little more expensive. On the other hand, it has passed safety tests brilliantly and behaves wonderfully in preventing periodontitis. It comes with a larger reservoir, with a capacity of 800 ml. Aside from being waterproof it can be cleaned easily because of its components, which are made of a durable material. Just as any other mouth flusher, it can also be used for cleaning artificial crowns. Another plus of the Viajet is the fact that it can also be utilized for inserting watery medication inside the oral cavity.

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ToiletTree Products Professional Oral Irrigator


Of the models we’ve consulted this far, this one seems to be the most popular oral irrigator 2022. And it’s no wonder: it’s versatile yet small and at the same time, it’s rechargeable and portable. It comes with an enhanced battery that lasts for a thrilling amount of time and it has  an improved capacity of the water tank, which is now 10% larger than the one featured on the older version. Cleaning the oral cavity is also customizable thanks to its three levels of power: Normal, Soft and Pulse. It’s been approved by the FDA and is therefore safe to use.

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Health & Hygene Inc. H2Oral Irrigator


The H2Oral model is one of the cheapest versions of flossers out there. The best thing about it is it can be easily attached to the shower system which indirectly means that users do not even need to charge it. It is a completely automatic alternative that is even friendly with the environment, considering its energy independence. Its speed and pressure can be customized according to users’ preferences making it a cheap trustworthy alternative. The only downfall to choosing this model is that you can’t add foreign substances to the solution. H2Oral is produced by a well-known American brand.

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