In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best odor eliminators? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. There’s nothing we like more than giving out a helping hand to prospective buyers, which is why we’ve gone through a lot of info on the topic and doing so, we’ve looked at the owner feedback, the value to price ratio, as well as the sales figures of thousands of units. We made sure not to leave out the overall brand quality nor what several expert review sites were saying about them. Out of all the products we’ve considered, the Zero Odor ZOP 2021 is the best one in the line. It’s so good at what it’s supposed to do that it has the ability to search for the odor molecules in the air so that it later on locks into them and makes them lose their smell. This is a unique formula that contains no allergens or substances that might pose a threat to the health of human and animal house inhabitants. Since it doesn’t stain, it works with all surfaces. If the ZOP 2021 is unavailable, be sure to check out the second best product, the Hamilton Beach 04532GM.



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The market’s overflowing with countless types of odor eliminators, so which one should you choose? If you’re having a little trouble deciding on a new product you want to try, we made sure to eliminate some of your second thoughts by putting together a guide you may read below. Just make sure to read as much info as possible before deciding on a certain unit, and never underestimate your own needs and preferences. Furthermore, always consider your purpose, as there are many kinds of scent eliminators fit for various goals.1. Zero Odor ZOP 2021 Odor Eliminator


What kind of scent do you want to eliminate?

The general theory is that most human smells are easier to remove compared to animal odors. This mostly occurs because animals have a much wider range of scents that they produce on account of their physiology and behavior. Cat owners probably know that, when their pets are in heat, they have the tendency of marking their territory by spraying several areas around the house. Dogs do the same thing, but tend to do it even more often than any feline friends, as they mark their territory in order for intruders to know it belongs to a canine individual. When choosing a pet odor eliminator, be sure it isn’t toxic or contains any kind of harmful substances.

Most odor eliminators can be used for getting rid of smells that aren’t on the surface of one’s body. The bathroom, your clothing, or your hunting gear might have certain odors depending on how often you use them and whether or not you do a lot of sports. Proper hygiene can help you get rid of the smell you might notice on clothes. However, when people are coming to visit you want to keep your bathroom feeling and smelling fresh, you might be interested in using an odor eliminator that can be plugged in. Thus, you won’t have to spray it by yourself as many models we’ve seen either do their job automatically or periodically spray the eliminator into the air.


Automatic versus manual

As previously mentioned, the convenience of a unit that can be plugged in and forgotten about is far superior when compared to a manual alternative. Some people prefer getting rid of smells themselves, whereas other users might find it way more comfortable to sit back and relax while the product is doing its job. There might be a price difference between these two types, as we’ve seen that many automatic alternatives tend to be just a tad less affordable than their spraying counterparts.



The safest way of getting a product you’ll be satisfied with is to choose a non-smelling, non-toxic, and non-allergen alternative. You’ll probably be able to use it on virtually any surface and, considering that it will contain no dangerous components, it will perfectly safe to use even when you have pets sniffing on your carpets all day long.


Energy use

Very few of the electric options can consume a lot of juice, and that’s mostly because they’re far from being serious appliances. However, if you’re interested in buying one of these products and can’t make up your mind because of the energy consumption, we suggest you browse through several user reviews, some of which can put your mind at ease or confirm your suspicions if you’re guessing it will be too heavy on your bills.2.Hamilton Beach 04532GM TrueAir Room Odor Eliminator

Brand and recommendations

If you’re going to purchase a ten-dollar odor eliminator, you’re probably not looking for information regarding warranty or return policies. Sometimes it’s even easier to continue using a product you’re not exactly satisfied with instead of returning it. Even so, since the customer is always right, we recommend you to pay as much attention as possible on the overall brand awareness and reputation. Some of the manufacturers in the industry have excellent customer service and can give you a helping hand when it comes to returning a product and then receiving a replacement or a refund. This is very helpful if you plan to buy a bundle composed of an air purifier and odor eliminator, as these two can cost a few pennies.

As previously mentioned, it wouldn’t hurt if you devoted some time to reading several Amazon customer reviews, as many of the people who have purchased the product you’re eyeing may have gone through either positive or negative experiences. Additionally, people who’ve encountered any kind of issue are likely to report it in their reviews, which is exactly how you can make the best choice.



Top Rated Odor Elimintors in 2021



Zero Odor ZOP 2021


There are thousands of American families that own pets and love them unconditionally. Still, there is a big disadvantage: pet smell from dander and hair. This is why so many pet owners are searching for the best odor eliminator in 2021. Now, you could invest with confidence in the Zero Odor 16-ounce pet odor Eliminator. With this powerful odor eliminator you won’t have to worry about dealing with nasty smells. This odor eliminator was specifically designed for pet smells control, eliminating on a molecular level. The odor eliminator spray is biodegradable, non-allergenic, non-toxic, non-irritating and fragrance free. You will live in a safe and clean environment with fresh smells and still love your pet!



Perfect as the best odor eliminator for cars thanks to ability to seek out odor molecules and bond with them, turning them into permanent no-odor molecules unlike commercial car fresheners, which just mask the odor that comes back after a few days

Biodegradable non-odor molecules are eliminated while being gentle to the environment, in contrast to commercial air sprays that create damage to the ozone layer

Formula is non-toxic, non-scented, non-irritating and non-allergenic, so asthma and allergy sufferers and those with breathing problems can  safely get into the car after it is treated with the odor eliminator

Can be sprayed on all types of surfaces, even on car upholstery, the dashboard and anywhere inside the vehicle or on a pet’s bed or litter box



Can leave a characteristic antiseptic smell that takes the bad odor with it


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Hamilton Beach 04532GM TrueAir


Best odor eliminator reviewsWhen it comes to professional devices designed to take care of every room of your home, Hamilton Beach is the brand to trust. On this note, you can invest in the best odor eliminator in 2021 released by the company, the TrueAir Room Odor Eliminator. This powerful odor eliminator can keep medium and large rooms odor-free and fresh. People love to live in environments with fresh smells and no nasty odors. The device uses 3 advanced carbon filters which manage to trap and safely neutralize odors thus improving the quality of the air you breathe. Now, the eliminator can keep a 10” x 10” room smelling fresh for more than 3 months!



Built with three carbon filters that trap and neutralize odors effectively, making this the best odor eliminator for smoke

Keeps the entire room smelling fresh for up to three months, perfect for a room measuring 10 feet x 10 feet and good enough for most areas of the home

Ideal for small waiting rooms in professional offices or smoking areas in business establishments, restaurants and many others

Employs less energy than a 15-watt light bulb, with two-speed switch to power the fan that pulls odors through the filters and circulates fresh air back into the room



Filters are not available at local stores and can be purchased from manufacturer


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Hamilton Beach 04530F


Every home that prides itself on quality living should come equipped with a professional odor eliminator. Finding a top rated odor eliminator in 2021 represents a significant investment in the home’s indoor air quality. If you want to enjoy fresh smells every moment of the day and night, consider investing in the Hamilton Beach Febreze True Air odor eliminator. This high quality odor eliminator has a compact design and delivers enhanced performance in removing funny smells from different rooms of your home. Plug it in any 120v outlet and let it take care of pet odors, cigarette smokes or smells coming from kitchens, bathrooms or even closets.



Offers quiet and discrete odor elimination by drawing air through front-located vertical vents via the one-speed fan that is built behind the carbon filter

Employs no perfumes and is an unscented product, being a plug-mounted air freshener that uses activated carbon to do its job

Works on odors and allows fresh air to flow back into the area by way of an exhaust port found on the left side of the unit

Unit utilizes low-cost carbon filter that lasts up to 120 days, leaving no chemical smell in the area



Not designed to be a room air purifier and works on eliminating odors within a limited radius of six feet

Supplemental odor reducer for closets, kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms


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Zero Odor ZOG 1013


It is important to have in your home a powerful odor eliminator that can keep the quality of the air you breathe at high levels. This is why you should consider learning more about the Zero Odor 16 ounce Household odor Eliminator. With a reliable odor eliminator in your home, every time you breathe becomes a reason to smile. This heavy-duty odor removal can safely remove odors at a molecular level, placing instead a fresh scent that persists for weeks on end. It is safe to apply on different types of surfaces and improves the general ambiance of your home. You will no longer worry about funny smells!



Formulated for heavy-duty odor removal, with ability to eliminate odor at the molecular level by breaking down odor-carrying molecules and bonding with them for express neutralization

Can be used on virtually anything and for virtually any surface including a litter box, a room, the family car, the bathroom, and many others

Works well while leaving no scent, a true technological breakthrough in odor eradication thanks to its ability to bond with odor molecules and render them inactive

Odor control uses extraordinary molecular chemistry patented in the US, ensuring peerless and proven powerful odor elimination capabilities



Leaves a certain “tracer” odor that is similar to a bleach-y smell that comes from the patented chemical formulation at work


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Febreze Hamilton Beach 04531GM True Air


You should invest in a high quality odor eliminator that can keep rooms filled with fresh air. According to the present best odor eliminator reviews it seems that you can opt with confidence for the Febreze Hamilton Beach True Air. This powerful air purifier and odor eliminator can eliminate the root causes of nasty odors. The device uses its scented cartridge in order to maintain any rooms smell fresh. It comes equipped with a special carbon filter that can trap and safely neutralize odors in bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms. Turn this odor eliminator on and you won’t have to worry about tobacco or pet dander smells ever again!



Perfect as the best odor eliminator for bathroom thanks to its ability to eliminate odors and not just  mask them

Has a scented cartridge that works to freshen the air, and carbon filter that traps and neutralizes odors in the kitchen, in pet areas and in the bathroom

Also handles unpleasant smoking/tobacco odors by pulling in unwanted odors through the quiet fan, which circulates fresh air back into the area

With filter replacement indicator to alert user to get a new filter, plus on/off switch, a built in night light and a green meadow-scented cartridge to improve quality of odor in the room



Should be plugged directly into an AC outlet

Independent control of the night light from the fan not doable


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