Top rated computer cases from NZXT


The products that will be mentioned in the rest of this article have been given high ratings in many best computer case reviews that have been published in the past. Because of the positive feedbacks given to such, you can have an assurance that these are options that you will not regret making.


NZXT Technologies Source 210 Case


Best NZXT Computer Cases ReviewsGiven the rice range at which it belongs, some people find it impossible to believe that it can deliver superior quality. Nonetheless, for those who have already used such in the past, it is clear that it is excellent in terms of having solid construction, which is basically because of the steel that is used. It is also a good thing that there are no sharp edges in its design. Lastly, it has integrated with fans that do not produce an annoying noise while it assures sufficient air circulation.

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“I decided to go for a classic style computer case and this model suited my needs just fine. The extra fans it comes with don’t produce any loud noises and I feel that my PC is suitably protected by its metal case. For what I was looking for this was the perfect choice to make.” – Bryan D. Haddox


NZXT Guardian 921RB-001-BL Case


The different best NZXT computer cases reviews have identified Constant Temperature Monitoring as one of its best features, and a primary reason on why it is given high ratings. Such feature is primarily beneficial when it comes to being able to prevent overheating. It is also a good choice because of having spacious interior, making it ideal for those who would want to install as many components as possible in order to maximize the functionality of their computer.

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“I have gone to great lengths to complete my gaming PC and this case from NZXT was the perfect finishing touch. Except the amazing design, I would also like to point out the very accurate Temperature Monitoring system. There is no doubt in my mind that this model is the best NZXT computer case in 2018.” – James A. Boone


NZXT Phantom 410 Mid Tower Case


While many of the cases that are of practical price appear to be flimsy, consider this product to be different. From its very look, it is easy to tell that it is one option that is excellent when it comes to having solid construction, and hence, being excellent in term of durability. It is common for the users of such to recommend it because of having enough room that makes it easy to manage the different peripherals that need to be installed and used.

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“The futuristic design of this case had me hooked and immediately after I saw its list of features, I knew I had to get it. The construction looks very solid and I definitely like the numerous fans it has. Overall I believe I have made the best choice possible.” – Richard A. Devoe


NZXT Technologies Phantom Phan-002Gr Case


This is another model that is always given high ratings in many best NZXT computer cases reviews. It is known for its excellent cooling system, which is a god way to increase the functionality of your computer basically because it helps in the prevention of overheating. In terms of it appearance, it also looks good, which is partly due to having green LED that makes it look better. For sure, this is another computer case that will never make you frustrated in any way in the future.

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“The best NZXT computer case reviews recommended that I purchase this model and after careful consideration I took their advice. Three months after I started using it and I am very satisfied with how it works. The futuristic design is my favorite thing about this case.” – Thomas R. Louis.


NZXT Technologies Source 220 CA-SO220-01 Case


This is one of the computer cases from the NZXT that is known for its sophisticated look. This is because of having brushed aluminum finish and matte steel mesh. Aside from the appearance, it is also good in terms of airflow and air circulation that will ensure the good functioning of your computer. If you are worried about setup, this product will not provide you with any problem as the latter can surely be accomplished in a snap.

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“NZXT Technologies have created a very reliable case through this model. Ever since I bought it, I feel at ease because the right air circulation is provided by it. The high number of fans makes me sure none of my components are in danger of overheating.” – Michael Bradley