Have you gone through endless research just to find the best neck pillow on the market? This short paragraph is designed to simplify your buying process. We have done product comparisons by looking at ratings and reviews in websites for travel gear as well as social media activity on different products. According to our research on consumer preferences as of this writing, the J-Pillow JPILLOW-NAVY is the buyer’s favorite because of how it genuinely enables frequent travelers to get some sleep in cars, and on cramped buses, trains, and planes because of how it cradles the head, neck, and chin in complete softness during travel. Easy to carry, this travel pillow is equipped with a handy snap-loop fastener that attaches to your hand luggage for problem-free portability. Most U-shaped pillows are bulkier than this product, which easily pops into your washer on warm wash for hassle-free care. Since the J-Pillow JPILLOW-NAVY easily runs out of stock because of its popularity with consumers, you can opt to get the second best option, the Air Comfy 5937249.



Buying Guide


If you travel a lot, whether in your car, on a plane, bus, or train, getting some shuteye can be quite important. The neck pillow provides the best means to lay your head on a soft spot for comfort. Because not all products of this kind are built to be equal, what are the aspects you should consider in a neck pillow?


The best cervical neck pillow is of the type you prefer

The shape of your travel pillow should support the back and/or the neck to enable you to sleep without experiencing strain. Travel pillows come in a range of shapes.

U-shaped pillows cradle the neck by going around it. A U-shaped pillow supports a proper posture when you are seated upright. That said, a U-pillow can still allow your head to fall to the side, which might still result in neck strain.

The J-shaped pillow, named in 2012 as the British Invention of the Year, was designed by an airline flight attendant. In the same manner as a U-shaped pillow, a J pillow has a tail cradling the neck. This is aside from providing chin support while cushioning the back and side of the head.

Thanks to the way this type of travel pillow delivers all-around support, the head of the user will not loll forward or to the side.

A wedge-shaped pillow supports the spine and the back. A cylinder-shaped pillow supports the back and neck. This type of pillow also provides functionality when lying or sitting down.

A collar travel pillow goes around the entire neck and is typically equipped with a strap for fastening the sides of the collar together. This type is ideal for providing neck support when you are sitting upright and cannot lean to one side, such as when you are situated in an airplane’s middle seat.

Travel pillows can also come with a traditional rectangular shape. This kind of pillow is not stellar at delivering back or neck support but does offer versatile functionality.

Resembling an elongated comma, a Travelrest pillow comes with a curved end that goes over the back of a seat while the rest of the pillow is positioned over your chest. This enables you to rest your neck and head against the pillow.

A SkyRest pillow comes with a unique, specific shape. It is a large, inflatable object that resembles a crate with a slanting top. This type sits on your lap to enable you to rest your head on it, a position that can be a source of back strain.


The best-rated neck pillow should have an easily transportable size and be made of quality material

A neck or travel pillow should be small enough to enable easy on-the-go functionality. However, it should still be large enough to deliver support and comfort. This somehow becomes a dilemma in terms of choosing the right size of neck pillow.

To overcome this issue, travel pillow makers have designed inflatable neck pillows that can inflate to a really large size. This design means you have an air-filled pillow that may not be able to deliver the level of support compared to pillows made of solid filling such as foam. Inflating and deflating can also easily become a hassle.

The highly-popular foam pillow can come in different levels of firmness, with some products being longer lasting than others. Memory foam neck pillows offer the benefit of conforming to the shape of your head for superb comfort and support. That said, memory foam is not very breathable and can even cause sweating.

Pillows filled with pellets, beans, or beads deliver exceptional support and can also be shaped. However, they tend to be heavy. Though bulky, down pillows are soft. Not quite supportive, down pillows still provide decent cushioning. Besides, down pillows can be difficult to clean.

Cheap products in this category have a blend of polyester and cotton fibers or plain polyester as fillings. This kind of pillow is also hypoallergenic, very soft, and easy to wash. Support is not quite good, though, but this kind of pillow offers comfort because of the softness.

Wool pillows are easy to clean and quite soft, just like polyester pillows. They can keep their shape better and last longer despite the higher cost.


The best neck pillow for pain should not be a pain in the neck to maintain and use

Inflatable pillows are usually rather easy to clean, in addition to being easy to transport. The material of inflatable pillows is typically a kind of coated plastic, which can feel uncomfortable against the skin and can also induce sweating. The pillow should be easy to inflate and deflate.

The high-end products made of foam are easy to carry, with a convenient snap-loop fastener that enables easy attachment to your hand luggage. They can even be squeezed down to a more compact package. You want the entire pillow to be washable and not just the cover. Check out products that can simply be thrown in the washer or that feature removable, washable covers.

Look for products that provide strong support.



Top Rated Neck Pillows in 2020


There are plenty of options on the market for neck pillows. While this may complicate the entire buying process, we hope the above buying guide can help make you a more informed consumer. We have also showcased the best products below for even more shopping assistance.




The Winner of the British Invention Of The Year 2013, the J-Pillow JPILLOW-NAVY is an innovatively designed neck pillow made for those who put a premium on comfort and style in their travel gear. This revolutionary travel pillow allows you to get optimal rest and relaxation when you need to sleep on a cramped plane, train, or bus, or in a car.

Perfect for home use as well, this neck pillow can also be used when you need to sleep upright in bed, such as during emergencies when space is not a luxury or when you have to watch over a sick child or read in bed. You can use this type on a couch.

This pillow proves to be an effective relaxation gear when you need some shuteye at the window seat of an airplane. It can be used when you need a small spot for sleeping in the middle or aisle seat. This model functions better than a regular pillow during travels. It is easy to carry, thanks to the convenient snap-loop fastener that attaches handily to your hand luggage.

This pillow also squeezes down to a more compact package for problem-free carrying compared to most U-shaped pillows. It is extra-hygienic thanks to its being fully washable in the washing machine on the warm wash cycle, so it keeps looking as good as new.

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Air Comfy 5937249


Well-crafted for optimal functionality, the Air Comfy 5937249 comes with a contoured neck support plus an invisible zipper to enable problem-free performance on the go. This neck pillow provides superior functionality while letting you rest and relax during your travels so you can feel re-energized after a nap on the go.

The push-button inflation mechanism is easy and quick with its ability to fill the pillow with air in less than a minute. Just push the built-in inflation pump. Deflating also happens in seconds simply by pressing the air release valve. This pillow doesn’t need to be blown through the mouth thanks to the revolutionary integrated inflation pump.

This neck pillow provides contoured neck support with the raised arch that keeps your head in an upright position while taking the strain off the shoulders and neck. This pillow is manufactured with cutting-edge ergonomics in mind to make it a favorite piece of gear for use on an airplane, a train, or in a car, or simply while relaxing at home.

Thanks to its inflatable nature, this neck pillow enables you to enjoy a personalized level of comfort every time. You won’t even have to take the pillow off your neck to adjust the level of firmness. The washable micro-velvet pillowcase is luxuriously soft and equipped with an invisible zipper for easy removal and washing.

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Cabeau Evolution 4014691-Parent


The Cabeau Evolution 4014691-Parent is an award-winning product designed with high-quality memory foam to provide actual support to the neck minus any discomfort or awkward positioning. Geared to accommodate all types of sleeping positions, this neck pillow adjusts easily to deliver the ideal 360 degrees of support regardless where your head is positioned.

Your head can lean left, right, or fall forward but this pillow still provides adequate support to it regardless. The pillow offers complete support with a flattened rear cushion that accommodates all seats. This is the perfect travel accessory to bring along on your next vacation, whether flying to your favorite getaway destination or taking a road trip.

This pillow delivers stability and comfort during your entire travel. It carries an ergonomic design from its flat back to its raised sides that provide 360 degrees of support to your chin and head. This pillow won’t force your head to be tilted forward during use, which is unlike other travel pillows that only cause neck pain.

The high-quality velour material is removable to enable washability, so cleaning and maintenance are a breeze while making it easy to wash away germs and keep them from accumulating on the surface. The cover is made of 80 percent cotton and 20 percent polyester for comfort and breathability.

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