Top rated NBA jerseys in 2019


Millions of Americans are currently trying to express their NBA passion, by purchasing the right jersey. Today’s growing demand for high quality jerseys is not surprising given people’s appetite for basketball. Since there are so many jersey models, with tones of great players available on the market, investing in the right one is mainly a personal choice. I played pro ball for over 10 years and for this reason I can offer my input on some of the best jerseys out there. After 90 hours of research, I drafted with attention the best NBA jersey reviews for you to consult in order to discover a great product.


Adidas Oklahoma City Thunder Navy Swingman Jersey Kevin Durant


Best NBA jersey reviewsOne of the best NBA jersey in 2019 comes from Adidas, Oklahoma City, Number 35, Kevin Durant. If you want something special to wear, whenever you go play ball with friends then this is the ideal jersey to pick! The jersey is made out of 100% polyester and with a unique flat-back mesh. This high quality NBA jersey comes with the team name and player’s number, carefully printed on the back and front! You should also know that the jersey has NBA jock tag on the low left hemline which enhances the ball experience whenever you desire to play basketball.

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Adidas NBA Miami Heat LeBron James Swingman Jersey


There are so many NBA jersey models available on the market, offered by all the NBA teams with great players which make it pretty hard to settle down on a single one. Today’s best NBA jersey reviews emphasize on the stunning design of Adidas NBA Miami Heat LeBron James. The jersey has a superb Swingman style, respecting a fan’s desire to get close to his beloved player. The King of basketball will guide you to precise hoops whenever you throw a ball. Made out of 100% polyester and a superb 100% flat back mesh, the jersey is very easy to wear!

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Adidas NBA New York Knicks Carmelo Anthony Swingman Jersey


Finding the best NBA jersey in 2019 is easy as pie after you learn more things about Adidas New York Knicks Carmelo Anthony. This stunning swingman style jersey is made out of 100% polyester, making it soft on the skin. If you love Carmelo Anthon then this jersey is exactly what you need. Made out of high quality materials, the jersey includes a unique set of details just like the real deal. You should also know that the jersey from Adidas includes a traditional “stitched” appearance. It weighs only 8 ounces, measuring around 11.9 x 10 x 1.1 inches!

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Adidas Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose Swingman Jersey


There are thousands of Americans, boys and girls that love basketball! This is a game that needs no introduction whatsoever. You can choose a top NBA jersey in 2019 from Adidas and with Derrick Rose from Chicago Bulls! As you probably already know, Derick Rose was the youngest MVP in 2011. People love him and his ability to play the game so well. Made with 100% reverse dunk flat mesh and high quality flat knit rib, the jersey offers enhanced comfort levels every time you wear it. It has a back neck taping system which safely eliminates the need for any neck labels.

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Adidas Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant Swingman Jersey


Los Angeles Lakers has many fans in the United States of America and as for Kobe Bryant, millions is the right number. This is why you can opt for an authentic jersey from Adidas, L.A Lakers with Kobe Bryant printed on the back. With this superb jersey, you will be able to represent your favourite player no matter where you are. It comes with a special Swingman style which improves your way around the court. It is made out of 100% polyester and has the official NBA license. You will absolutely adore this beautiful jersey from Los Angeles Lakers with Bryant’s name on it!

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