Best mp3 players under $50


Cheap mp3 players for sale


Carrying mp3 player is always a good idea. Enjoying music while doing activities or just to past time, it will add more pleasure to your need. Here are some best mp3 players under $50. These portable players are not only for listening music but come with some good new features like FM Radio, Video Screens, etc.


SanDisk 4GB Sansa mp3 player


Best mp3 players under $50

This product is one of the best mp3 players under $50. This portable product is made to provide you with music that you can enjoy in your basic daily activities. Use it while exercising or working out its portable design can easily be clipped on your clothing. It has storage capacity of 4 gigabyte that will be enough to hold over 1000 songs. Other than listening to listening songs it also features FM radio and voice recorder. For extra storage you can add a memory card.

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“For people who are looking for a cheap and reliable MP3 player, I suggest getting the SanDisk Sansa. I am a proud owner of one and I believe it has everything one should, big internal memory, the choice of expanding it if it is not enough for you and FM radio as well.” Luke Willis


Apple Slate iPod shuffle mp3 player


This product from many best Apple mp3 players review is great for all the iPod fans, as its functions provide large variety of entertainment. Its portable quality makes it easy to take wherever you want it to take. 2 GB memory allows installing all your favorite songs with functions of play and pause. Chargeable battery makes it useable up to 15 hours and it takes 3 hours to fully charge it. Control pad size is larger than previous models so that the navigation can be done more easily.

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“Everyrhing made from Apple is of top quality and my Apple Slate iPod is no different. I was impressed by the fact that it can run for 15 hours straight, being of great help in those long boring journeys. And I forgot to mention it is very cheap at the same time.” Vicky Robinson


Coby MP620-8GBLK mp3 player


This product is all in one portable mp3 and video player. With 1.8 inch LCD color screen you can watch videos while listening to your favorite music. It has flash memory of 8 GB that is enough to support large amount of your music and videos. It comes with an integrated FM radio and support text display as well. It has 2.0 high-speed USB to transfer files between your mp3 and system. To use it, you have to simply charge its integrated battery.

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“With a 8 GB internal memory this MP3 Player has to be one of the best you can buy. I have been using it for some time now and it is working like a charm, giving me the quality sounds I need to hear when I’m jogging or am on a long trip somewhere.” Jane O’Neil


SanDisk 4GB Sansa Zip Clip mp3 player


This product is the best choice for keeping music in your pocket. With its small design and easy to carry model you can use it while performing your daily activities. What makes this mp3 player special is that it can play a lot of audio formats. It is also compatible with iTunes. Along with listening your favorite stored music, it comes with a built in FM radio. For quick remembering your thoughts, a voice recorder is present and it has a handy stop watch also. This product comes with a rechargeable battery.

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“Being this cheap, I couldn`t resist buying the SanDisk Sansa Zip. It is running smoothly, not giving me any headaches, keeping me focused when I am working out. I recommend it for others because it is simple, effective and has a top quality to price ratio.” Patrick Adam


Coby MP828-8G mp3 player


It is the MP3 player that is capable of doing more than just playing music. It comes with integrated 0.3 MP camera which capture good images for you also. It has 2.8 inches colored LCD that shows videos, photos, and texts in addition with playing music. It has FM player also so you can enjoy on air radio show too. All the files can transfer from the computer easily through its High speed USB port. To extend the memory it also supports MiniSD card. With all these features it is one of the best mp3 players under $50.

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“This device is more than what a simple MP3 features and after looking at its capabilities I just had to get it. It has a MicroSD slot, a LCD screen, USB port and even an integrated camera, so for me it is more than your avarage MP3 player.”  Anthony Black