Top Rated MP3 Players Reviews


Giving you a handy and convenient means of storing a large amount of audio files that you can listen to anywhere, the many products featured in the best mp3 player reviews have evolved from the earliest models with very basic user interfaces to the more sophisticated and customized models on the market. This has made it imperative that customers also become more informed buyers to help them match cost with value.


MP3 Player Types

Designed to carry a large storage capacity, a hard drive-based MP3 player is relatively heavier than the other type of device in this specific product category. A hard drive-based model resembles a mini-computer. The extra weight is designed to enable the device to carry the hard drive elements. The moving components of this type of MP3 player make the unit a challenge to use, especially for people who want an MP3 player they can actually utilize during intense activities, such as workouts and in sports.

Flash-based models are frequently some of the best mp3 players 2018, as they are considered to be solid state devices. This is due to the absence of moving parts in their design. MP3 players of this type store audio files on the flash memory, which can be in the form of memory cards or internal components. The smaller capacity for internal storage of flash-based models is offset by their capability to be used during constantly dynamic activities. Their lightness and durability are also selling points.


Data Storage

People buy the highest rated products in the best mp3 player reviews because of one element: data storage capacity. Nobody wants an MP3 player that can store only one type of file, except maybe if they lived in the Dark Ages (and even that is questionable). Users need a quick means of transferring documents or other materials from one computer to another without the aid of a flash drive. This means the MP3 player should be able to support a variety of file formats.


MP3 Player Functions

Nowadays, a device that qualifies as the best mp3 player 2018 should offer a variety of options for users. The ability to double as a photo- or video-viewing device is most appreciated by plenty of users. Despite the small screen size that is directly limited by the size of the device itself, users still prefer the lightweight MP3 player over portable tablets or video players.

Of course, there are users who’d like to listen to something live, such as a radio program. Radio reception is an added functionality that expands the usability of the MP3 player. Although the device is commonly limited to pulling in FM radio stations only, extra capabilities like recording capability and easy-to-use station presets can attract buyers to get a particular model. This aspect is where flash-based units easily land in the top rated mp3 players reviews compared to their hard-drive based counterparts.

Audio recording capability, both for voice and music, can also attract customers.


What Are the Best MP3 Players in 2018


They may be tiny devices, but MP3 players are as challenging to purchase as say, a car stereo or even a French door refrigerator. There are so many models and brands on the market to choose from, so preparing a short list will require a considerable amount of research on the buyer’s part. These three models should be in your list of potential hot buys.


SanDisk Clip Sport SDMX24-008G-G46K


1.SanDisk Clip Sport 8GB MP3 PlayerWork out and take the sound track to your life with you with one of the best mp3 players 2018, the SanDisk Clip Sport. The SanDisk Clip Sport 8GB MP3 Player runs your podcasts, audiobooks, music and more for you while you’re exercising. It is designed for fitness buffs and athletes. Lightweight and durable, the SanDisk Clip Sport provides dynamic sound quality. It clips on to your clothing, thus freeing up your hands and pockets while you go through your exercise routine. The FM tuner enables radio station listening, even being able to interface with your gym’s wall-mounted TV.

The MP3 player is built with 8 GB of internal storage space, so there’s plenty of room for your files. Expandability is delivered through the integrated micro-SDHC card slot. The large LCD screen offers intuitive navigation, making the device simple to operate and its features easy to optimize, even when you’re caught up in your workout routine. The SanDisk Clip Sport 8GB MP3 Player supports a wide variety of music file formats, including MP3 (d-uh!), Audible (DRM), AAC, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, WMA (without RDM), and WAV. The 1.44-inch LCD screen displays what you need.

The SanDisk Clip Sport 8GB MP3 Player has a terrific battery life of 25 hours on just one charge. Recharging can be carried out via a Micro-USB 2.0 connector.

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FiiO X1 Silver


2.FiiO X1 SilverThe FiiO X1 Silver lets you carry studio-level sound in your pocket. Utilizing the newest PCM5142 from Texas Instruments, the FiiO X1 Silver is built with a high-quality dedicated professional DAC chip and amplifier, for studio-grade sound you’ll love carrying with you anywhere. The revolutionary onboard DAC chip even surpasses that of smartphones. The FiiO also utilizes the newest ISL28291 amplifier buffer from Intersil. It directly supports both driving headphones and line output, easily switching from one to the other via a menu selection.

You can expand the MP3 player by pairing it with dedicated headphone amplifiers. The device delivers complete music format support. Enjoy skip-free music in ALAC, APE, WAV, FLAC, WMA at up to 192 kHz or 24 bits of master tape quality resolution. The MP3 player also supports AAC, Ogg Vorbis, and of course, MP3. The FiiO X1 Silver is incredibly small, lightweight, portable and durable. It is constructed of robust aluminum alloys and weighs in at only 106 grams. It carries the all-new user-interface theme designed for high resolution DAPs nicely delivered via the full-color display.

The operating system is built around the scroll wheel, which allows the user to quickly browse and play songs, aside from adding them in batches to a favorite playlist.

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Kubik Evo EV8B


3.Kubik Evo 8GB MP3 PlayerUndoubtedly the best mp3 player 2018, the Kubik Evo brings you awesome quality sound. It gives up to 20 hours playback time on just one charge. The Kubik Evo is only 10 mm wide and is remarkably lightweight at less than 35 grams. Compact and discreet, the MP3 player goes into your pocket easily. It allows you to view your music collection either by album, song or artist, right on the 1.8-inch LCD display. The display also lets you view videos, e-books, photos and more. You can also utilize the Explorer function to check out the folders and albums content that you have uploaded.

Uploading can be done automatically using Windows Media Player. It can also be carried out manually by dragging and dropping files to the player. Enjoy crystal clear music thanks to the integrated Microsoft PlayFX Sound Enhancement Technology, which works with 3D, Bass and Auto. You can also expand the memory by up to 64 GB using the micro-SD card slot. Listen to FM digital radio on the Kubik Evo, which also stores up to 30 of your preset favorite stations. Or watch your favorite videos in AVI format on this MP3 player that doubles as a video player. The Kubik Evo is a versatile device you can use as a Dictaphone, for making voice recordings.

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