MP3 Players – What to Look For:


Gone are the days of Walkmen and CD players. Now you have the ability to take your music with you wherever you go, thanks to a small device called an MP3 player. While iPod is probably the best rated MP3 player available, you shouldn’t make you decision based on that alone.

There are countless MP3 players available on the market. Some of them perform better than others, while there are some that outshine the competition. While we cannot tell you who makes the best MP3 players, we can offer some information on how to choose the best.


Battery Life

The life of your MP3 player is very important. Some players can feature a battery life of an astounding 65 hours of music on just one charge—while there are other players that die out after only five hours of use. If you choose an MP3 player that are hard-drive based and play video, it will suck up a lot of battery life. If you choose flash memory MP3 players, they are more energy efficient because they do not have moving parts.
Sound Quality

It’s no secret that a lot of smartphones today have the ability to function like an MP3 player; however, by keeping your phone and your MP3 player separate by choosing a dedicated MP3 player, you are going to get the best sound quality for the money.


Size and Capacity

The idea of having an MP3 player gives you the chance to take your entire MP3 library with you wherever you go. You will have the ability to listen to your favorite songs, commercial free, and unlike the radio, you can choose which song you want to skip over or play on repeat. Because of this, you will want to choose a player that is capable of holding your media files. Some players are relatively small and can only hold a couple hundred songs, while others can hold up to 320 GB of media (or in other words 80,000 songs!) Mind you these larger GB models will be more expensive and if you are trying to decide who makes the best MP3 players, the price should match the memory.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Review Memory Price Memory Card Slot Battery Life Our Rating Where to buy

Waterfi Apple iPod Shuffle

2GB (500 songs) $$$$ No 15 hours A+ AMAZON

Sony Walkman NWZE374/RC

8GB (3000 songs) $$$ No 10+ hours B+ AMAZON

Sony Walkman NWZE383

4GB $$ No 30 hours B AMAZON

SanDisk Sansa Clip+

4GB (1000 songs) $$ 1 slot 15 hours B+ AMAZON

Philips GoGEAR Vibe

8GB $$ No 20 hours B AMAZON


When you are choosing an MP3 player for your entertainment purposes, you want to select a device that has plenty of storage to carry your favorite songs. You’ll want to make sure that the battery in the player will not die out prematurely and that you also have incredibly sound. We hope that this information will help you make that decision.


How to find the best MP 3 Player – Expert Suggestions


mp3Music plays a center role in our lives and we listed to different kind of songs depending on our mood. Music can get us through hard times, it can cheer us up, it makes us move and dance etc. The Mp3 player is a portable audio device, which can fit in a pocket easily. There is no shortage of models in the market and to get a superior one, you need to know a few things about a MP3. The best Mp3 player reviews offer you many solutions when it comes to reliable models, but you must know how to choose one from all of them.

This buying guide will make you aware of some main features. Firstly, you must choose between a simple music player or a media player, which can also play videos and movies. Although we don’t actually recommend watching a movie on a 2-5 inch wide screen. Both of them, normally, come with an internal memory that varies from 2 GB to 64 GB. You should opt for a MP3 player which has a memory card slot as well, so there is the option of expanding it. Media players, on the other hand, have Wi-Fi capabilities, so they can easily transfer files from other devices. Also they can browse the web, managing to download songs or even log in to Twitter of Facebook account. The best Mp3 player is 2019 has to have Wi-Fi in our opinion.

The most professional reviews have been used by our team to create this buying guide. The sole purpose of the next paragraphs is to help you identify easily the features that make a MP3 player reliable.


Best MP3 Player for Fitness


Sony Walkman NWZW273 4GB Waterproof Sports MP3 Player


This cordless device allows you to upload music directly onto the headphones and you can wear the headphones while you are working out. Because the player is completely wireless, they are considered to be the best MP3 players for fitness. The unique design is lightweight and is optimized for sports and active lifestyles. The device is wire-free, hands-free, and you can work out distraction free—no matter what you do. These headphones can be worn even while swimming in water that is up to 2 meters deep. You just want to make sure the seal is tight so water doesn’t get inside your ear, plus you do not want to wear the device in salty water because of the corrosiveness of the salt water.

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Mp3 players tend to work better with Windows, but some can work with Mac as well. You can upgrade the software of the Mp3 player from time to time, but this is generally possible for media players. The display is also very important, even for your regular music players. It must show clearly the menu, the title of the track, battery life and other useful information. Bluetooth technology is optional, but it does prove to be an advantage when it comes to easy connectivity options and data transfers. Also, check the list of audio formats the Mp3 players can support. Most of the new models play even Mp4s and many other formats. The controls must be easy to use, so you can change the volume, equalizer and set other audio options.

These are some of the most important features, which all Mp3 player must have. You should also read customer reports because they will show you more accurately, the cons of certain models. Knowing these important features, you should be able to get the best Mp3 player in 2019.


Best MP3 Player for Android


Creative ZEN Touch2 8GB Android Based MP3 and Video Player with GPS


The Creative ZEN Touch2 wireless MP3 player streams your favorite media to your headphones or stereo. The device’s wireless features also allow you to access the internet as well as keep in touch with your friends through email services. The MP3 player features a camera that makes it easy to take photographs and upload them to your favorite social media outlet. Because this is one of the best MP3 players for Android, you have access to the Android 2.1 operating system which also allows you to auto-rotate and double tap to zoom with your favorite media files.

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Things to consider:

–          A large internal memory;

–          A memory card slot;

–          Easy to use software;

–          A large enough display;

–          Wi-Fi or Bluetooth;

–          A long battery life.


Top rated MP3 Players in 2019


If you are always with your headphones on and you listen to music as much as you can, regardless of where you are, you should definitely have a handy music player with you all the time. If you are looking for one, we will help you evaluate some of the possible choices through the identification of some of the models that have been given favorable ratings in a variety of best MP3 player reviews.



Waterfi Waterproof Apple iPod Shuffle


Best MP3 Player ReviewsThis is the model that I recommend for people who are living a tough lifestyle, such as those who are into swimming and other water activities. Since it is waterproof, you can have an assurance that it can be used even if you are at water and it will still be as functional as it is. Even the headphones are protected from wetness. It can be used in a depth of up to 190 feet. It is equipped with the New Dual Layer Technology, making it possible to provide the highest level of protection for your iPod Shuffle.



Comes with a waterproof quality guaranty from Waterfi, complete with revolutionary Waterfi Waterproof Short Cord Headphones for hours of sound and music enjoyment even on the go and while enjoying various types of water sports, making this the favorite in dozens of best waterproof mp3 player reviews

Run, exercise, do fitness routines and sweat profusely, but the Waterproof Apple iPod Shuffle with its two-layer internal waterproofing protection will not get damaged and also  lets users enjoy their audio selections while paddleboarding, surfing, kiteboarding and swimming (Look Ma, I’m in the water and I can bring along my favorite tunes with me!)

With waterproofing all inside the portable device, there’s no need for a bulky carrying case

Waterproof iPod Shuffle holds 2 GB of memory, for hundreds of various podcasts, music and audiobooks, with a long battery life of up to 15 hours on its rechargeable power cell



Wire needs to have enough slack so a turn of the head or an errant stroke does not dislodge the earphones from the ears and cause water to enter, dampening sound quality

Works better when attached to  goggle straps or a swim cap


Waterfi Waterproof iPod is amazing. The sound quality, the large memery space, everything is of high quality. I definitely recommend it.” Willie Fairley


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Sony Walkman NWZE374/RC MP3 Player


Music is an important part of everyone’s life and a top Mp3 player like the Sony Walkman NWZE374/RC can prove to be very useful to kill off those boring moments with some sweet tunes. With a battery that will sustain 50 hours of continuous playing and a very sleek design, Sony have really created one of the best MP3 players in 2019. Video playback is also possible with its high resolution display.



Color display on this Sony MP3 player rolls clear music credits and videos with just a press of the button, with a large-capacity flash memory storage of eight GB to enable loading of up to 34 hours of video and 3000 songs, for an impressive and variety-rich music library all in one sleek, compact and portable device

May not be  the best waterproof mp3 player 2019 like the Sony Walkman W270 but still provides value for money with its compact design, great bright 1.77 inch LCD screen, delivery of up to 10 hours playback for video and 50 hours playback for music,  and Media Go application that allows quick and easy syncing

Easy to use and offers a lot of wonderful extras such as an  FM tuner, impressive voice recording via the built-in microphone, drag-and-drop software and USB 2.0 connectivity to facilitate file reception from Windows Media Player or iTunes, and user-customizable equalizer feature



Memory capacity set at 8 GB does not allow expansion

Slow syncing of subscription content and does not support integrated podcasts


 “For me this is a nice bit of engineering from Sony, managing to put some excellent performances to a very attractive design. Some moments are just better if I have this MP3 player with me.” – Will Ashton  


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SanDisk Sansa Clip+ MP3 Player


In many best MP3 player reviews, there were many who liked the small size of this product. It also weighs less that an ounce. Nonetheless, even if it is small in size, it is big in terms of functionality and audio quality. It can store up to 2,000 songs. It also has an integrated voice recorder, which adds up to the functionality of the device. It also has an expandable card slot, making it possible for you to increase its memory if it is preferred.



Full color screen in a budget MP3 player, with six easy-to-use buttons for optical selection and navigation, volume buttons conveniently located at the side, and top-mounted power and locking key

Really small dimensions of 55mm x 33mm x 11mm for on-the-go and convenient clip-on functionality via a strong and sturdy plastic clip built into the back of the MP3 player so it can be used while doing exercises, jogging, running or just getting grocery shopping done, and with a stopwatch/lap timer

Carries a state-of-the-art micro-SDHC slot that allows supplementation with up to 32GB more audio content to the MP3 player’s manufacturing-enabled 8GB capacity, in addition to a file manager to access an inserted SD card

Variety of icons on color display shows logging functions and settings menu that consists of: a music menu for creative shuffling of tracks or viewing by album, genre, artist or playlist; individual song addition to quick playlist using the menu; choices to access podcasts, audiobooks, FM radio, and voice recorder



Does not support iPod-style interface for addition of multiple tracks

Supplied earbuds do not reproduce impressive sound quality


The small size and portability of SanDisk Sansa Clip+ MP3 Player are the two features I like the most about it. The product has a very elegant and professional design, plus a cheap price range. I take with me everywhere I go. This was one of the best Xmas gifts I’ve ever received.” Alan Yerby


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Sony NWZE463BLUE Walkman


This portable music player will allow you to not just listen to music that were stored in the device, but to also connect to radio stations and to view pictures and videos in its bright colored screen. It has the ability to play up to 50 hours of music in full charge. It is designed with the Sony Clear Audio Technologies, which is basically the main reason on why I recommend this model when it comes to sound clarity.

Sony NWZE463BLUE Walkman has all the features that I wanted from a Mp3 player. When I go running I always take with me, playing my motivational music.” Helen Gonzales


Cowon iAUDIO 9 MP3 Player


This music player has been commended by many of its users because of its intuitive display, making it easy for the users to navigate the device. In addition, there were also many people, based on the reviews I have read about this product, who liked speaker quality, making it possible for this model to deliver excellent audio. It can be useful for playing music to up to 30 hours and watching up to 7 hours of video. It also comes with a 2-inch LCD.

I still have this  MP3 player and it works great, even today. I think the best feature is the battery life. I have come to believe it is still one of the most reliable models, which is priced under $100. ” Albert Boren


Philips GoGear Muse MP3 Player


If you are looking for a contemporary music player, both in terms of design and functionality, this is one model that I can recommend. It comes with 3.2-inch touch screen, which makes it excellent in terms of ease of use. In terms of audio quality, it comes with FullSoundTM, a technology that makes sure of the best audio output that can enhance your listening experience. On the other hand, when it comes to video playback, this is also an excellent choice because of its high definition 720p resolution made possible by the HDMI that can be plugged to an HDTV.

The design of the Philips GoGear Muse MP3 Player was to my liking and it looked like the best Black Friday deal I could get. I can’t complain about the sound nor of the video quality, making me believe its one of the highest rated mp3 players in 2019. I did the right thing by buying this top 10 model.”  Renee Smith