Top rated Mountain Bikes in 2019



Some of the best choices that have been noted in various best mountain bike reviews will be further discussed in the rest of this article in order to provide you with an idea on some of the best choices within the market. A brief overview of some of these models will be mentioned as well, allowing you to be insightful on what to expect from them.


What mountain bike to choose


Thousands of bikers across the U.S. are currently searching for a powerful mountain bike to ride on rough terrains. Real cyclists know that challenging their limits on different courses is linked to the bike’s capacity to resist. Fortunately today’s market on mountain bikes covers the needs of beginners, intermediate and skilled riders. This is the time to go through the most popular mountain bikes characteristics in order to find one that matches your riding style. At the end of this buying guide you will know exactly what to look for in a new product. With access to professional information, narrowing the selection to one or two models becomes easier. It is important to invest in a mountain bike that enhances your riding performance and places in your hands more control every moment of the ride.

Which product is the best seems to be on the lips of thousands of riders. Well, we are here to tell you that this is probably not the best question to ask during the selection process. You have to know how to spot characteristics that make a mountain bike great. There are cyclists that want bikes for commuting or all-round riding. As a result you must determine the primary use of the bike. Why? Some bikes do very well on dirt roads while others handle rocky terrains. If you plan on going on gravel roads or pavement you can always choose a hybrid for heightened stability. So you see there is more to mountain bikes that meets the eye. Finding one of the best mountain bikes for the money might prove to be quite a challenge. You should know that a mountain bike comes equipped with large tires and deep treads in order to offer better control during rides.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Gender Price Frame Wheels Our Rating Where to buy

DiamondBack Overdrive

Unisex $$$$ Butted 6061-T6 Aluminum 29 inch A++ AMAZON

Mongoose Status 3.0

Unisex $$ Hydro-formed Aluminum 26 inch B+ AMAZON

DiamondBack Response

Unisex $$ Redesigned Response 6061-T6 Aluminum 29 inch B+ AMAZON

Schwinn Protocol 1.0

Men $$ Aluminum 26 inch B+ AMAZON

GMC Topkick

Unisex $$$ Strong aluminum 26 inch B AMAZON


The most popular mountain bikes have thick tubes and high tyre clearance that handle very well clinging mud. Furthermore high quality bikes incorporate smooth front suspension and solid sprung fork. There are also models with full-sus, known as hardtails which are very popular among more aggressive riders. Some people use recreational mountain bikes whenever they plan to ride different dirt paths. Such bikes come with more flexible frame angles which ensure a more comfortable ride. The frames are mostly made of aluminum. You should also know that recreational MTBs incorporate suspension fork with a lockout. This feature permits riders to control the riding experience smoother even on tarmac roads. If price is an issue, you can wait for Black Friday deals on mountain bikes.

There are also all mountain MTBs which incorporate front and rear suspension. Such powerful bikes do very well on off-road riding trips. Furthermore you can climb on rocks with minimal effort. These products for Christmas, birthdays and special occasions will make someone very happy. Now, you should also take into account safety gear like helmets and knee protectors.


Things to consider:

–         Full suspension system, so you can ride on different types of roads with heightened control

–         Solid fork which adds stability to the riding experience

–         Reliable brake system for added control in more perilous parts of the road

–         Flexible frame angles that give you the possibility of riding comfortably even on rocky or accidental roads



DiamondBack Overdrive Mountain Bike


In many best mountain bike reviews, there were many users who agreed that this bike is one of the models with a great look, making it an attractive companion while on your biking trail. More than its aesthetics, it has also been lauded because of its performance, especially under extreme conditions. It has an efficient response with regards to how you maneuver its movements. Additionally, it also has 29-inch wheels that will prove to be helpful in easily taking up the challenges that you encounter on your biking path.



When it comes to best mountain bike ratings 2019, this bike might not be in the ranks of more expensive mountain bike brands, but it does offer a trail-worthy riding adventure thanks to its fast-spin capability, reasonable price and multipurpose functionality

Hydro-formed 6061 aluminum frame made more awesome with its low-slung profile to offer seamless stand-over experience

Offers greatly satisfying cardio workout that makes fitness regimens more effective, approximating the benefits of a road bike workout done for long durations at a time

Fitted with 29-inch wheels that can handle the rigors of large obstacles and tough terrain, demonstrating incredible riding force even on off-trail journeys



Makes noticeable metal-on-metal grating noises, a non-issue for most expert bikers


“Me and my college friends bought the Diamondback Overdrive Mountain Bike for our favorite adventure which is the mountain biking. We love the 29 inch wheels of the bike because it leads us to the place faster as it makes our trip faster. The wheel is durable and doesn’t wear out easily even driven on rough surfaces. ”  Perry Hunt


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Mongoose Status 3.0 Mountain Bike


Best Mountain Bike Reviews

For people who are living an adventurous lifestyle and who would want to have a rugged ride, this mountain bike will prove to be a good choice. With this bike, you can be able to conquer the roughest of trails without even feeling it. It has the ability to ride smoothly, and hence, making your ride more pleasurable. It is also good that its design is integrated with the 24-speed Shimano trigger shifters, making it a snap for you to modify your gear and change your speed on what is preferred.



Geared with 26-inch dual suspension, which makes it a comfortable and smooth-riding bike that takes users on adrenaline-pumped trail adventures

Front and rear full suspension frame is lightweight and gives optimum performance while ensuring comfort to the biker

Sold at an incredibly affordable price that makes it an ideal choice for rabid bikers who want value and total quality for the buck

Takes away the roughness of the ride by providing easy riding and comfort coupled with better control over demanding trails and rough terrain with the SR suspension fork



Seat can be reengineered to accommodate riders who demand more in a bike seat

Navigation over more difficult terrain may be found insufficient by hard core mountain bikers


The Mongoose Status 3.0 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike is best to use in experiencing adventure biking in mountain and other terrains. I recommend this one for people who love challenges and want to get sweat every day. The bike is awesome and light in weight so you don’t have to worry at all. ”  Jessica Brown


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DiamondBack Response Mountain Bike


Like the other mountain bikes that have been mentioned earlier, this model is built specifically with the needs of tough riders in mind. Unlike the causal bikes that are used for strolling or for ordinary exercise around your local community, this mountain bike is designed with durability and the ability to be more dependable, especially in consideration of the fact that it is often used in challenging locations and trails.



Scores an amazing feat in dozens of best mountain bike ratings 2019 thanks to its unquestionable ability to withstand punishment, being able to hold its own in fair price marketing

Uncomplicated appeal leaves riders of all levels of experience awed, whether beginner or advanced, with its ability to give something to everyone

Long popular as a franchise model, with easy-to-shift gears that are vital for off-trail riding adventures plus alloy linear brakes that guarantee full stopping power in a heartbeat

Aluminum frame makes riding great for all conditions, with an unwavering durability and a tough-enough structure that can take the many bumps on the way without falling apart



Needs to be assembled, either by a local bike shop or by a knowledgeable biker

Pedal size may or may not be an issue


The Diamondback Response Mountain Bike is the bike I admired the most. Based from my experience in using this bike, I never feel ashamed while I am on a ride with it. The over-all body was stiff and strong that’s why I feel no worries anytime I want to go for mountain biking. ”  Gwen Jett


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Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Mountain Bike


This is another model that I can recommend for people who are looking for mountain bikes that are made for use in tough conditions. Some of its most notable features would include its steel rear, aluminum dual suspension frame, and alloy high profile rims. Collectively, these features make it possible for the bike to prove itself as one of the best within the product category. Such can also provide you with an assurance that this bike will have a long functional life.



26-inch wheels on a great-riding mountain bike sold at a highly-affordable price unlike many other pricey and high-profile brands

Offers the basics and then some, with ability to take the rider to any type of riding terrain while guaranteeing a pretty smooth ride

Aluminum dual suspension frame with steel rear helps the biker enjoy a flawlessly smooth enough ride that one can easily control no matter where it may lead

Geared with 24 speeds that come from having Shimano EF-50 Trigger Shifters, which make it effortless to shift so the riding pace remains unbroken, truly made for easy adjusting to any terrain



Requires some level of fine tuning by bike sellers


The Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike is one of the best bikes today. I am very happy to purchase this unit because of its ability to go with extensive biking and terrain activities. It doesn’t give up easily instead I used it several times in my leisure of biking or other tournaments I joined.”   Joseph Kingery


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GMC Topkick Mountain Bike


This mountain bike has an aluminum frame that is built with strength in mind. Hence, it can survive usage from tough riders and tough conditions. This will also help the bike to have the ability to maintain its best possible condition even after prolonged period of use. The upright position of this bike makes it ideal in being used in uphill trails. More so, another thing that you might like about this bike is that it has nice handlebars that will allow you to maintain a firm and consistent grip while on a ride.



Fitted with a robust aluminum frame and dual suspension on the front and rear so the rider can easily enjoy amazingly comfortable and effortless riding

21-speed gears raise the bar high in riding performance by offering just the right amount of energy and strength while riding

Zoom CH-386 suspension design effectively absorbs the punishment of rougher trails such as jolting and heavy jarring, so the ride is made as smooth as possible

State-of-the-art premium Promax disc brakes enable problem-free braking on both front and rear, for stronger stopping power even in extreme weather conditions, able to work effectively when the trail is wet or muddy



Effortless trail handling power exerted thanks to a heavy-enough bike frame that truly calls the shots


The GMC Topkick Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike has an aluminum frame which can be easily assembled. This was heavier in weight compared to other mountain bikes but the benefits are really exceptional and useful. The rate of the bike is better compared to the price it is sold in the market.”  Charles Henshaw


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