If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best mountain bike helmet money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best mountain bike helmet on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at the Team Obsidian Premium Quality Airflow is the best model for sale because it is lightweight, comfortable to wear and designed to provide you with plenty of protection. The shell is constructed from layered polystyrene to ensure the helmet is strong enough to absorb impact shock. The vented openings provide you with plenty of airflow so you can stay cool and comfortable when you are riding. It also comes with chin pads that lay flat against your checks to ensure maximum comfort and a secure fit. If the Team Obsidian Premium Quality Airflow is not available, you could consider the Giro Feature as it is the second best option.



Mountain bike helmets – What to look for:


Every professional rider understands the importance of safety during riding sessions. Irrespective of the duration of a ride, it is essential to wear a sturdy bike helmet for enhanced security. In order to help people find the best mountain bike helmet, we studied over 20 of the current top rated models. After 80 hours of work, we drafted the best mountain bike helmet reviews. A good bike helmet needs to reduce the chances of neck and head injuries, in the event of a fall or other type of accident.


When you are about to hop onto a bike, you want to make sure you that you protect your head and wear a helmet. We have looked through the top ten mountain bike helmets to create this buying guide, and we have come up with the most popular features these helmets have in common.


Getting the sizing right

In order to decide what is the best helmet for you, you will want to measure your head because the way the helmet fits is probably the most important factor when choosing a helmet. To measure your head, take a flexible measuring tape and wrap it around your head—about 1 inch above your eyebrows. You will want to match that measurement to the helmet. General sizing for helmets are as followed:

  • Small: 20″-21.75″ (51cm-55cm)
  • Medium: 21.75″-23.25″ (55cm-59cm)
  • Large: 23.25″-24.75″ (59cm-63cm)
  • Extra-small, extra-large: Below 20″ (51cm), above 24.75 (63cm)
  • One size fits all (men): 21.25″-24″ (54cm-61cm)
  • One size fits all (women): 19.75″-22.5″ (50cm-57cm)

Children (or adults with smaller heads) can wear a one-size fits all helmet, which measure 18″-22.5″ (46cm-57cm). If you are in-between sizes, always choose the smaller size.

Many of the highest rated mountain bike helmets feature a universal-fit wheel that is located on the rear of the helmet’s internal sizing ring. Also, the chinstrap will be adjustable too. These are important because it will help to give you the most secure fit. The helmet should sit level on your head and not tilt, to either the front or the back.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Vents Price Colors Sizes Our Rating Where to buy

Fox Men’s Flux

20 $$$$$ Matte Black and more XM – XL A+ AMAZON

Giro Hex

21 $$$$ Grey and more S – XL A AMAZON

Bell Sports Fraction

12 $$$ Scratcher Blue and more L B+ AMAZON

Giro Indicator

20 $$ Pearl White/Turquoise Tallac 1 size fits all C+ AMAZON

Giro Phase

27 $$$ Red/Black and more M B AMAZON



Comfort and protection

When choosing a new mountain bike helmet, you will want to look at the liner, the shell, construction and the ventilation. The liner in most helmets use polystyrene foam. This will protect your head by dissipating the force upon impact. You will want to inspect the liner to make sure it is not damaged or dented, as this could compromise the integrity of the helmet.

The shell of the helmet should be puncture resistant and allow the helmet to slide, which will ultimately protect your neck and head in case of an accident. The best rated helmets are made of a strong plastic that will hold the helmet together in case of a crash. Many helmets use in-mold construction as the process that fuses the liner and outer shell together without the use of extra glues. This ultimately leads to a stronger and lighter helmet.

Ventilation is an important factor because it will make the helmet lighter and it will keep you more comfortable and cooler while you ride. The more vents you have, the cooler you will feel.

While a helmet may not be the most fashion forward accessory when you are riding, it is an important life-saving device should never be overlooked. We hope that this guide can help you recognize some of the most important features to look for while choosing a helmet.


Things to consider:

  • Measure your head to ensure a proper fit.
  • Adjust the helmet straps and the universal-fit wheel to ensure the helmet fits snuggly and is level on your head.
  • Make sure the liner inside the helmet is not dented or damaged, as this will dissipate the impact of an accident.
  • Look for a helmet that has plenty of ventilation so that your head is cool while riding.


Top rated mountain bike helmets in 2021


Team Obsidian Premium Quality Airflow


1.Premium Quality Airflow Bike Helmet

With its sleek design and durable construction this mountain bike helmet not only looks great, it is also protective. The EPS or polystyrene is formed in layers to create a hard shell that is capable of protecting your head from impact shock. It also comes with wide vents to ensure continuous airflow. The patented adjustment system ensures that you get a secure and comfortable fit that is enhanced with the addition of the soft chin pads. The pads can also be removed for easy cleaning, which is always a bonus after a hot and sweaty ride.


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Giro Feature


2.Giro Feature

There is very little not to like about this mountain bike helmet, including its sleek and protective design. The polycarbonate shell is molded to ensure maximum strength and protection, and it also comes with a comfortable EPS liner. There are 12 vented openings around the helmet to provide you with plenty of airflow so you can stay cool and comfortable when you are riding. The visor can be easily adjusted, along with the size of the helmet. The small dial allows you to adjust the fit so you never have to worry about it sliding around when you are pedaling up or down hills.


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Fox Men’s Flux


Best Mountain bike helmet reviewsSetting the proper safety settings on your bike is more than important for a comfortable riding experience. You need to protect your head and neck during different accidents that might happen along the way. This is why you ought to learn more things about Fox Men’s Flux helmet. With this sturdy and stylish helmet on, you will be able to ride better and in safer conditions. Regarded by thousands of users as the best mountain bike helmet in 2021, this model has a deep rear profile with solid EPS shell. This solid construction ensures that your head is fully protected during each moment of the ride.


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Giro Hex


According to the latest best mountain Bike helmet reviews it seems you can use with confidence Giro Hex helmet. This high quality helmet has a rugged style and maintains high performance every moment of the ride. Designed with Roc Loc 5 fit system this helmet delivers high amount of comfort, adjustability and stability. You have the possibility to adjust the helmet to fit with precision any head shape. Now you should also know that the product incorporates 21 wind-scooping vents for enhanced breathability. You will find the bike helmet available in different colours. With the right bike helmet, your riding experience will register a smooth personalization note.


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Bell Sports Fraction Multi-Sport


If you desire to be fully equipped with protective gear during each ride, consider investing in Bell Sports Fraction Multi-Sport helmet. This helmet combines comfort, style and proper fitting. The helmet was designed with downhill and BMX-bike features, constructed out of ABS hard-plastic shell and dual-density EPS liner. Now, the helmet features 12 vents which maintain a fresh and cool air during every moment of the ride. You will find this helmet in 3 sizes: large of 58 to 63 cm, medium of 54 to 59 cm and small of 51 to 56 cm. In addition, the helmet weighs only 426 grams.


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Giro Indicator Sport


giroHow to find the best mountain bike helmet in 2021? Well, you can opt with trust for Giro Indicator Sport Bike helmet. This high quality helmet combines superior style and ensures smooth ventilation. The helmet was designed with special Giro’s in-mold construction for enhanced security every step of the way. Furthermore the product includes a special outer shell with impact-absorbing EPS liner which protects the head and neck. The helmet features 20 built-in vents which maintain a smooth and cool air, keeping away heat. Furthermore it has an adjustable Acu Dial Fit system which allows you to put the helmet on faster.


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Giro Phase


It is very important to invest in a reliable bike helmet, capable of protecting head and neck during accidents. Today, you have the possibility to invest in a top rated mountain bike helmet in 2021 from Giro, Phase Bike helmet. This powerful helmet has a compact and stylish design, ideal to wear during mountain climbs and riding on mountain trails. It is perfect for riders that want complete control over the ride. With this helmet on you will be able to protect your head and neck every moment of the ride. The helmet has a special in-mold and EPS liner construction, for added protection.


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