Riding a motorcycle is one of the most liberating actions in the world, making you easily connect with the outside world, and with your inner person. When you are on the highway, you can only listen to the wind and have to stay focus on the road, keeping your mind away from all pressure, negative thoughts, and stress. However, you also need to stay protected no matter what, so you also require a highly protective jacket. If you’re too busy going through stores on your own, we have compiled a list of items that will be helpful for you. So, after reading plenty of online reviews, we concluded that the best item is the Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0 because you can find it in no less than 15 different sizes and 12 different color schemes, it has a reflective stripe to be visible in the traffic, and it is made from a durable fabric combination. If the Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0 is not available for purchase, the second best alternative in terms of price and protection should be the TourMaster Sonora.



Buying guide


Finding the right fit of a motorcycle jacket is not an easy task, especially since there are so many products available on the market right now. From renowned manufacturers to new brands trying to penetrate the market, each producer claims its products are the best.

But, if you want to make sure you have bought the best motorcycle riding jacket, you need to take into consideration several aspects. Here is a list of the most important criteria.

Perfect size/ length/ overall fit

The main feature of a motorcycle jacket is the size you are purchasing it in. you want a close-cut body-fit design to allow as few empty space as possible. The jacket should somewhat hug your figure and not allow sweat, air, and water penetrate your skin. In addition, a closer body fit is also translated in a better, improved body protection.

There are plenty of products available for sale that provide up to 20 different sizes and lengths to their customers, in order to fit as many body shapes and sizes and possible. Because, in the end, a perfect fit can truly make the difference in an accident and provide improved protection on impact. If you’re not sure which jacket best suits your interests, you can also read some of the motorcycle riding jacket reviews and see what other customers have to say about your favorite item.


Improved protection

Another important feature to look for is the protection this jacket can offer you. Check out the stitching, the seaming, as well as the fabric combination the product is made of. You may want to opt for a thicker item if you want to make sure it is the best motorcycle jacket your money can buy. Also, stay away from faux leather jackets because they are of inferior quality and may not last you more than one year.


The fabric

In the same time, the fabric of your future jacket is probably one of the most important aspects you need to consider. Contrary to the public opinion, a leather jacket doesn’t necessarily mean a high-quality product that will keep you warm and safe on the streets.

On the contrary, there are other fabric combinations that provide a thicker layer, as well as a waterproof and windproof design to help to keep you protected during all weather conditions.


Other features to consider

We consider that a good jacket for motorcycle should also be practical, meaning that extra pockets and high-quality zippers also matter. You may want to search for items with storage places to help to keep all your essentials in one place. Some jackets come with waterproof pockets to safely store your phone, wallet, and ID while riding on severe weather condition.

Zippers and stitches are also a good indicator of an item’s quality. Stitches should be reinforced and thick enough to prevent your jacket from falling off after an impact, but also lightweight enough to allow the arm and back movement while riding. Similar, you should avoid plastic or lightweight zippers because they won’t last long and will break after a couple of months.

It is best to search for strong, durable, all-metal zippers that are specially coated on the outside to prevent corrosion and break after only a couple of more intense uses.

You should also look for jackets with detachable collars and sleeves for a fully customizable look, according to your needs, and the outside weather. Removable sleeves are perfect if you only plan low-speed rides or moving around the city during the summer days.



Top Rated Motorcycle Riding Jackets in 2022


We believe that we found some items that are representative of the industry, and we have showcased them below for you to admire or purchase.



Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0


This is probably one of the items that provide the most available sizes, to ensure a perfect body fit, no matter your weight, height, and body time. It comes in no less than 17 different sizes, and it is more than suitable for people with large arms or big individuals.

The product is made from a FreeAir poly/mesh outer reinforced with the RockTex technology at the elbows, shoulders, and ribs for maximum protection while on the road. This way, the jacket is thick enough to keep you protected, but also extremely aerodynamic and lightweight for improved mobility.

The spine armor is specifically designed to offer improved protection on the ribs, lower back, and kidney area, in order to minimize the impact after an accident and provide your vital organs.

This jacket also comes with plenty of storage deposit, thanks to the two outside pockets, and an internal breast pocket to keep your phone and wallet safe. The front pockets also work as the perfect hand warmers when you are not driving.

The reflective stripe on the back keeps you visible for other drivers in traffic, signalizing your position from far away to prevent crashes and accidents.

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Tourmaster Sonora Air


What we like the most about this particular jacket, apart from the extremely accessible price, is the multitude of options regarding the size. As we previously mentioned, the perfect body fit can truly make the difference in an accident and can improve the jacket’s protection on impact or during harsh weather conditions. In other words, finding the right fit will be easier as you have plenty of large sizes to choose from too.

This is a three-quarter length jacket made from a fabric combination of mesh, Carbolex, and ballistic polyester to provide extra protection in impact areas. The jacket is lightweight, yet thick enough to provide full body protection while riding.

The mandarin-style collar is extremely comfortable and won’t bother you during the hot season. In fact, it will prove quite useful as it will protect your neck from direct sunlight and burns if you don’t wear a full helmet. During the winter, the collar will keep you protected from wind, snow, and cold.

Also, the cuffs and the collar are made from soft and extremely durable microfiber to prevent extreme friction and tearing up easily.

Last but not least, the reflective rear triangle design will increase nighttime visibility and make you more visible to other drivers in traffic.

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Pilot Motorsport Direct Air


Just as the name suggests, this jacket will provide maximum airflow and ventilation while riding, in order to prevent your body from losing or increasing its inner temperature. The good ventilation system is also useful when trying to keep dry, and, therefore, be more focused on the road.

For improved abrasion resistance, the overlay panels on the elbows and shoulders feature no seams in the center. This will also increase your mobility and prevent the jacket from tearing down after only a few more intense uses.

If you wish to upgrade or increase the performance of your jacket, the back pad can be easily replaced with a thicker, better one, to provide more protection during different types of motorbike riding.

The jacket is made from a unique blend of durable fibers that provide full water and wind protection, while keeping the moisture out, and not in. As a result, your body will be perfectly balanced and you won’t experience temperature variations, even in extreme weather conditions.

Last, but not least, the jacket features smart pockets and attachment points that are visible in low-light or darkness conditions to signalize your presence to the other traffic members.

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