Tips for Purchasing the Best Motorcycle Helmet:


Second only to your bike, a motorcycle helmet is the most vital piece of riding gear that you will need to allow you to bike safely. Reading dozens of best motorcycle helmet reviews can help you pick out a winner, but the entire process is not that easy. You might even have to read a lot of literature first before deciding on which motorcycle helmet is the best. Remember that protecting your head is tantamount to protecting your life. You can’t gamble on a lousy product just because it’s sold at a very low price. The wrong decision could cost you your life.


Helmet design/ Fit

Modern helmet design takes into consideration the shape of the rider’s head. The level of pudginess of your cheeks and your face shape have nothing to do with your head shape. Getting a helmet with a wrong shape could cause pressure points on your forehead or the sides of your head. This happens when your helmet is too round or too oval. Double check the fit before making a purchase.

Most modular or flip-face helmets carry a round oval shape thanks to the hinge mechanism. Newer technologies are allowing motorcycle helmets to fit intermediate shapes also. This makes intermediate oval helmets some of the most popular products in the market.


Purpose and Configuration

Whether for racing, high visibility, dual sport, touring, off road or modular, the helmet you buy should carry a configuration that’s suitable to your purpose. For touring helmets, you will need a best rated product that provides balance and ergonomics as well as low sound levels. With the longer riding you’ll have to do, ventilation is also vital here.

With a chin bar that can be lifted up plus a flippable face shield, modular helmets are some of the highest rated motorcycle helmets in the market. They are designed to be in full-face configuration with both the chin bar and face shield in place, or in open-face structure.

Dual sport helmets are used for adventure touring and hyper-motard riding. They are a fusion of a dirt and a street helmet, incorporating off-road features but built with an aerodynamic structure. They are perfectly suited for higher speed riding.

Hi-viz helmets offer ready visibility on the road with their attention-grabbing hues of yellow or orange. They represent the safety conscious objective of motorcycle riders. Motorcycle helmets under this category give the rider a great chance at being seen by others on the road.

Race helmets are strong, aerodynamic and lightweight, with superb ventilation to keep the rider comfortable at all times.

Open-face or half helmets are lightweight, offer the greatest visibility, have more airflow and give you the ultimate feeling of freedom riding. However, such products do not have a long way to go when it comes to protection.


Helmet Material

Who makes the best product in this category? It is best to answer this question by examining the various materials used in helmets. With the introduction of an energy-absorbing expanded polysterene (EPS) foam liner for helmets, manufacturers have now ensured that their offerings provide sufficient force dissipation to protect the rider from high-impact trauma. A strong, rigid layer makes up the outer shell to ensure excellent resistance to abrasion and protection against penetration of foreign objects. The shell can be of lightweight plastic or fiberglass composite material. More expensive products employ high-end elements such as carbon fiber or Kevlar.


Things to consider:

  • A design and fit that suits you perfectly
  • A configuration built for your purpose
  • Strong and shock-absorbing materials from inside to outside of the helmet


Top rated Motorcycle Helmets in 2018


With the bike riding craze, one can’t afford to get anything less than the best motorcycle helmet in 2018. With so many people enjoying the freedom of bike riding, there are more motorists on the road now than ever before. Get your motorcycle helmet from a reputable source and don’t settle for cheap price in place of superb features.


Jafrum GMax GM54S XL Modular Helmet


This modular helmet from G Max has a flip up front that proves attractive to many buyers. It comes in a flat black color that is attention grabbing as it is practical. The sunglasses-style slide-down inner visor is tinted, offering your eyes protection while being comfortable and staying fog-free. This means you do not have to bring along a tinted main visor for all day riding. The chin strap is comfortable, and there is even a flashing LED at the back for added safety protection. There are vents that effectively circulate air, making the helmet comfortable to wear.

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Duke DK-120 Matte-Black Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet


Built with a free tinted visor, the Duke DK-120 Matte Black Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet makes a handsome addition to your riding gear. It meets and even surpasses DOT FMVSS-218 safety standards. The aerodynamic shell design uses advanced lightweight composite poly-alloy in its construction, giving customers a tough and performance-focused product that should serve well in any condition. The removable liner is washable, and so are the cheek pads. Get a comfortable fit that won’t compromise safety for aesthetics. Two visors come in the package: one is clear and the other tinted. The helmet has its own carrying bag.

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Vega X888 Full-Face Flat-Black X-Large Helmet


The Vega X888 Full Face Flat Black X-Large Helmet has wicking properties in its inner liner, which offers exceptional comfort and makes it the best motorcycle helmet in 2018. The material also cradles the head to ensure reliable impact absorption, and provides anti-microbial properties. Ventilation is sufficiently provided by the mouth, forehead, chin and rear vents. Nine different shield options allow you to choose tints, anti-fog and mirror feature. This product meets and exceeds US DOT FMVSS 218 standards on such products. The Vega helmet is backed by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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IV2 Matte-Black Dual-Visor Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet


Wear this helmet with confidence even with gloved hands. The IV2 Matte Black Dual Visor Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet provides easy control for all its components even when you have gloves on. The new and improved sun visor is easy to maneuver. The interior lining can be completely detached for convenient washing. The rear extractors and multiple air intakes ensure superior ventilation to the wearer. The shell is made of lightweight high-pressure thermoplastic to ensure reliable impact absorption and protection. The IV2 Full Face motorcycle helmet has earned DOT approval and comes solidly packaged in a box.

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IV2 Mega Z Dual-Visor/Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet


The Extra large IV2 Mega Z Dual Visor Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet earns high ratings in many best motorcycle helmet reviews thanks to its glove-friendly controls. You don’t have to worry about making changes on the configuration of the product even when you have gloved hands. Raise or flip the retractable sun visor with ease. The inner liner is made with expanded polysterene (EPS) material that ensures excellent impact absorption. The shell is made of lightweight ABS Composite for outstanding protection and durability. The helmet has received DOT approval for being street legal. The removable interior can be washed. Rear extractors plus multiple air intakes ensure a fully-vented comfort fit.