Top rated motorcycle covers in 2019


Millions of motorcycle owners are currently searching for efficient covers, capable of protection their prized possessions. Fortunately the market on motorcycle covers is growing, reuniting different types of models. Taking into account that there are so many products available for purchase, some people find it difficult to identify the right cover for their motorcycle. This is why we took the liberty of reading the best motorcycle cover reviews and user testimonials, for a comprehensive input on the subject. During our extensive research we came across five high quality motorcycle covers that will protect any bike from external harmful agents.


Dowco 50124-00 Guardian WeatherAllPlus Motorcycle Cover


Best motorcycle cover reviewsIn our search for the best motorcycle cover in 2019 one product from Dowco impressed thousands of persons, the 50124-00 Guardian. This high quality cover will protect the motorcycle from water exposure and different types of weather conditions. Made of heavy-duty material the cover includes an elastic shock cord which safely encapsulates the motorcycle. Furthermore the cover features a unique aluminized coating which resists to heat sources. The 50124-00 Guardian can be used indoor and outdoor. This cover incorporates the exclusive ClimaShield fabric which protects the motorcycle every time it is used. The model also comes equipped with a Moisture-Guard vent system for proper air management.

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TMS XXlarge Black Waterproof Motorcycle Dust Storage


Most of the best motorcycle cover reviews that we consulted underline the XXlarge Black model from TMS. This cover can be used indoor and outdoor, for any type of motorcycles. Now, the cover measures 104 x 41 x 49 inches and can safely fit Honda Kawasaki, Harley Davidson, Yamaha and Suzuki motorcycles! This cover is made of mildew and non-abrasive 108T fabric for proper resistance to water! Furthermore the cover is double stitched in order to provide enhanced protection against different types of weather conditions, pollutants and dirt. This cover features a lockable bottom which maintains the cover on the motorcycle.

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Formosa Covers Heavy Duty Motorcycle cover


Out of the best motorcycle covers in 2019 one model managed to impress thousands of motor owners, the Heavy Duty from Formosa Covers. This sleek cover is made of heavy duty polyester, which offers solid protection against UV and also different weather conditions. Furthermore the cover is heat resistant due to the thermo guard nylon, present on the lower areas of the motorcycle. This particular model includes a soft cloth lining, placed in the windshield places for proper resistance to scratches. It comes equipped with lock and cables, maintaining the cover on the motorcycle. The product can also be used on XXL and medium sized motorcycles.

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Nelson-Rigg MC-904-03-LG Deluxe All-Season


A high quality cover will come in handy to anyone that owns a motorcycle. For proper protection we recommend the best motorcycle cover in 2019 from Nelson-Rig, the MC904-03-LG. This durable cover is made of water resistant and UV-treated tri-max polyester, which keeps the motorcycle safe and protected against rain or heat exposure. Furthermore the cover features a special ventilation system which significantly minimizes condensation build-up. Due to its unique construction the cover maintains constant air circulation on the motorcycle. In addition to the solid design the cover from Nelson-Rigg incorporates soft windshield liner that protects it against hazing.

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Nelson-Rigg MC-900-03-LG Graphite Black


In the present there are thousands of Americans that need a motorcycle cover, designed to keep the motor safe and protected. For high protection during storage we recommend the MC-900-03-LG motorcycle cover from Nelson-Rigg. This cover can be used to fit most sportbikes 750-1000cc and 250-600cc regular motorcycles. What makes it so appreciated among users? The cover is made of highly durable ripstop PVC which safely protects the motorcycle against water and heat exposure. Furthermore the cover is electronically heat sealed for proper resistance to water. This high quality motorcycle cover includes a full ventilation system which cools the motor down.

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