If you plan on looking hot and cool on your bike, you need to also think about your safety. In fact, safety on the road should be your number one concern, no matter what sport you choose to practice and how many wheels you are behind. But, with so many cool options for jackets available on the market, it is hard to keep track with the newest trends and best products. Luckily for you, we aim to please, so we gathered information, and we came up with the conclusion that the best motorcycle jacket is the Pilot Motorsport Trans.Urban V2 because it offers maximum strength and abrasion resistance, it comes in various sizes for a close body fit, and it is made from a waterproof, windproof, and breathable materials. If this item is not available for sale, we do suggest opting for the Joe Rocket Ballistic as a viable alternative.



Buying Guide


As previously mentioned, the motorcycle domain is a very rich one, providing all sorts of gear and accessories for those people who are passionate about two-wheel vehicles and high speeds. But, with so many options available, it is also quite hard to find a good match when it comes to the protective equipment. The most important items in which you should invest your money are the helmet and the protective jacket because they can truly make the difference between life and death.

In our opinion, you should never bargain on these and make sure you choose a qualitative, durable, and thick item. So here is what you should consider when looking for the best motorcycle adventure jacket:

The perfect fit

We all have our own different body size, dimensions, and fit, but we must find a product that will best match your physique. As we said before, a good fit can truly make the difference between fatal injuries and a simple scratch on the highway, especially if you’re planning on speeding up. Thus, you should consider a close body fit that will protect your bones and organs against all dangers.

We believe that the best motorcycle jacket should be closely cut to your body, embrace your figure, and offer full protection on your arms, elbows, back, and front. Look for reinforced cuts, heavy metallic zippers that will last in time, as well as thick materials that can truly become a shield when needing them. There are numerous items for sale you should lay an eye on, depending on your budget and personal preferences.


Other features

The best motorbike jacket should not only be a close cut to your body but also provide an entire series of other features in order to be qualified as safe to use on the highway. For instance, the fabric from which it is made should be extremely thick, without allowing wind or water to penetrate your body.

Keep in mind that you require a jacket that is able to offer you protection during harsh weather conditions, including excessive wind or rain. So, make sure your jacket passes these tests and will keep you warm, dry, and protected on the streets.

We still consider leather as being the best fabric for manufacturing good motorcycle jackets because they can be reinforced with additional layers of heavier protection, will last against extreme temperatures (both high and low), while still making you good look behind your wheels. Just make sure they have special waterproof coats to always keeping you dry, while still allowing your skin to properly breathe.

If you’re not sure which item will best suit your interests, you can go online and read about motorcycle jacket reviews, and ask questions about items that you like or think they would make a good new addition.



And, since the jacket represents the masterpiece from your biker outfit, style is super important as well. Depending on your personal tastes, you can choose between various colors, patterns, and designs to best express your personality and make an impression amongst your biker friends.

Girls have a wide variety of patterns and colors available, including bright colors such as red, pink, or green to make sure they will stand out from the crowd, while men can easily accessorize theirs with extra studs, buckles, skulls, or any other patchwork or designs that will make them look bad.



Top Rated Motorcycle Adventure Jackets in 2022


In our opinion, some of the best items available on the market now are showcased and analyzed below.



Pilot Motorsport Trans.Urban V2


Described as one of the best biker jackets for a reasonable price, the Trans.Urban comes in a variety of sizes to choose from, to make sure you found the perfect fit. From Small to 4X-Large, this jacket clearly applies for heavier persons who, otherwise, find it quite difficult to buy a perfectly matching biker jacket.

The membrane from which the jacket is made is waterproof, windproof, and extremely breathable, allowing your skin to be fully protected against impact or shocks, without sweating or feeling cold while using it.  In addition, the elbow and shoulder armor are made from a soft and flexible PU foam that hardens and absorbs impact, improving protection on your arms level.

It also benefits from heavy two-way main zippers with a 3-layer wind and zip flap for fully protecting your jacket from harsh weather conditions.

The product is equipped with fully functional front pockets to storing your essentials and keeping them safe from water or sun while riding. Last but not least, the jacket is sold in four different colors, from silver to gray, black, and a gorgeous neon green/ yellow color. Style out your favorite jacket with a similarly cool helmet, and you’re ready to hit the streets in your new ride.

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Joe Rocket Ballistic


This superb motorcycle jacket comes in six different sizes, allowing for a close body fit and full protection, no matter your body type or weight. It is made from a water-resistant RockTex outer shell for full protection during heavy winds and rain conditions, so that you can enjoy your bike road no matter the forecast.

The ballistic nylon reinforced elbows and shoulders make the jacket more trustworthy when used at high speeds, and under harsh weather conditions. It features a two-way main zipper with dual closure button for a closer body fit and increased protection while wearing. In addition, the zipper is made from high-quality materials to last you a long time and not corrode or break under impact or harsh weather conditions.

The pockets are also waterproof, meaning you can store all your essentials safely, without worrying about getting your phone or wallet wet during rain.

Most of the customers who purchased the product were extremely pleased with its quality, claiming the jacket remains extremely functional after one year of heavy use. In addition, it is well ventilated, allowing the right amount of air to enter your body and keeping you dry during the humid season.

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Alpinestars Venture Jacket


If you’re looking for an affordable motorcycle jacket, the Alpinestars has definitely got you covered. It offers superior quality at a highly convenient price, making it for the perfect acquisition if you’re a newbie or wish to increase your jacket collection with an everyday model.

The product is made from a durable nylon and polyester fabric combination to provide superior abrasion resistance and endure harsh weather conditions. Tearing is highly

improbable in this jacket thanks to the multiple stitched seam construction of increased quality.

The 3D elbow construction features reinforced pads to protect you better and more efficiently from impacts. It also comes equipped with 4 different front pockets, as well as a large pocket on the back to help you store all your essentials safely. The back pocket is large enough to store your jacket’s sleeves, should you use to remove them during the summer. However, for a full body protection, we advise you to keep the jacket on even for hot summer days because the jacket provides good ventilation and you won’t feel the heat.

Last but not least, the cuffs feature neoprene borders for added comfort and help you have an enjoyable, scratch-free ride.

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