Top Motherboard Reviews


One of the most important components you need to consider when you are building a new computer or upgrading an old one is the motherboard. A motherboard provides support for your CPU, video card and even your Ethernet jack, and choosing the wrong one can quickly become an expensive mistake. In this buying guide you will find informative tips that will help you choose the best motherboard in 2022 that meets all of your requirements.



As stated in the best motherboard reviews you budget will affect your final decision, but first you need to determine the type that fits your needs. Some of the best motherboards in 2022 are integrated, which gives you the advantage of a smaller size and lower price. All of the ports, connectors, and slots are already built into the motherboard, and gamers also appreciated the advanced peripherals that are able to support graphics cards. Non integrated motherboards do give you the option of picking which components are absolutely necessary, but this can also become expensive. You do have the advantage of being able to upgrade different components separately, unlike integrated models where everything must be replaced at the same time.


RAM and Socket

The best motherboard reviews agree that RAM is important, especially if you want to improve the speed of your applications. The amount of RAM should be compatible with the processor to ensure all of your applications run smoothly. You also want to make sure the motherboard is compatible with the amount of RAM. The socket is also important to consider since it is how the motherboard will connect to the processor. There are two main types of sockets commonly used, and choosing a motherboard that is not compatible will be an expensive mistake.



There are several types of connections to consider once you have decided on the type of motherboard that is also compatible with your processor, and the applications that you will be most commonly using will help you make a decision. Some of the best gaming motherboards of 2022 feature two Ethernet jacks, along with a Network Interface Card. USB ports and firewall ports are essential if you want to be able to connect any of your digital devices, and some newer motherboards also feature HDMI ports to enhance your viewing experience. Serial ports are convenient for connecting printers, and you always want to ensure that there are enough connections in the rear panel.


What Are the Best Motherboards


While we can’t choose a motherboard for you, we can show you the top components. Designed to deliver speed and performance, these components might be exactly what you need to handle all of your applications.


Asus Maximus VII Hero


1.Asus MAXIMUSThis is considered one of the best gaming motherboards of 2022 for its speed, performance, and price. Complete with everything you need to instantly upgrade your old system or build a powerful new one, you will love seeing the difference in your game play. You have the advantage of the included KeyBot which instantly improves the feel and functionality of your keyboard, and with software already installed for you instantly access and start playing your games.

There are plenty of ports for all of your devices, including USB and HDMI. See all of your visuals in stunning high definition color, including your game screens. Colors will appear brighter and more vivid, and you will appreciate the clearly visible details when you are trying to complete a level. This motherboard also features precision tuned audio so every sound is crystal clear, even at a lower volume.

Compatible with Intel processors and featuring a 10 GB data transfer rate, you never have to wait on slow downloads. Enjoy having the power to keep up with your action packed games, and this motherboard is also ideal for any of your other data rich applications. Affordably priced and designed for speed and performance, you will love the difference this motherboard makes.

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MSI Z97-G45 Gaming


2.MSI ATX DDR3As stated in the top rated gaming motherboard reviews you will love seeing the difference this component can make. This motherboard is compatible with the LGA socket, and also features a powerful Intel Z97 chipset. Enjoy graphic rich games without any problems, along with faster download times. Affordably priced and designed to enhance your gamin experience, you will love seeing what this motherboard can do.

You never have to worry about slow lag times, and you can also improve performance with the over clocking function. Add up to 20 percent more power for increased memory and improved performance. Perfect for gamers and streaming live content, you also have the advantage of the powerful audio boost. Music, movies, and games are crystal clear, and your headphones will never sound better.

There are plenty of ports to connect all of your digital devices, including a convenient port for your gaming mouse. It is constructed to be durable and powerful, along with being an affordable option for anyone that is looking to upgrade their existing system or build a new one.

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Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3


3.Gigabyte AM3+Improve speed and performance with this motherboard that is also priced to fit any budget. Perfect for students, gamers, and even business applications, this motherboard will ensure all of your applications run smoothly. With an AMD socket to support your graphics card and processor, along with plenty of ports for your devices you will love seeing what you can do.

This motherboard can support up to 32 GB of memory in the system, which is more than enough for your graphic rich games. Dual channel ability ensures that you have plenty of speed for your applications, and you never have to deal with annoying lag times. There are also slots for your external devices, and this motherboard also includes Windows 8.

Immediately start working on school or business projects with all of the features included with Windows 8, and this motherboard will also charge your devices when they are connected. Keep your Android devices ready to go, while still enjoying all of the stored content. Designed to fit most student budgets, this affordable motherboard will give you the speed and performance you need without breaking your wallet.

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