If you’re in a hurry and don’t have the time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best mosquito trap for the money, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best mosquito traps available for sale these days by looking at the owner feedback, the value offered for the price, and the sales figures of hundreds of options. Out of all the products we have analyzed, the iHubr K8 is the best as it is extremely efficient when it comes to getting rid of these pesky insects that might bother you during the day and at night. The iHubr is a lightweight alternative that does exactly what it’s supposed to do, especially if you’re looking for a mosquito trap that works indoors. The model is capable of producing an airflow that sucks the insects inside the storage compartment, where they meet their death by dehydration. If the iHubr K8 is out of stock, you could also consider the Briton Bug Trap B4-FANBUG, as we have found it to be the second best available choice.



Mosquito Traps – What to Look for:


Getting a mosquito trap these days can be quite a daunting task, but you’re on the right track to removing those pesky insects that are usually bothering you during the hot season. Why is choosing a mosquito trap so efficient and even healthy? For one, it doesn’t rely on the use of any chemical substance that might have an adverse effect on the health of the people living in the space you’re trying to protect from mosquitos. Secondly, most of these models are very good at doing their job, so why not pick this convenient method? If you want to know the basics of selecting the right product for your needs, just keep reading our buying guide.

1.iHubr, High Quality Bug Zapper Fly and Mosquito Trap


Mosquitos love light. Therefore, most traps are designed to emit one type of light or the other, but it all depends on what your personal preferences are. In most cases, many units have a UV lamp that attracts the insects when dusk is beginning to settle in. While UV lamps are extremely efficient, sometimes they might be rather expensive to replace and they might be less safe to use when compared to LED lights.

You’ve guessed it – this is the second type of light used in other models. The market’s overflowing with glowing sticks that manage to catch insects in their base by relying on disposable glow tubes. While price differences between these two types of technologies do exist, we’ve noticed that glow sticks are usually more affordable than larger UV mosquito traps. LED options might come with a disadvantage, though, in that their coverage might be more or less limited.



If you’ve recently decided to get a mosquito trap because they can’t seem to stop bugging you, it might be a bad idea to rush in and buy the most affordable model available for sale these days. Let’s say you live in a big house and have a big yard and perhaps are interested in locating the mosquito trap right in front of your window.

The question, in this case, is whether or not the unit you’ve picked will be capable of attracting and capturing the mosquitos on a large enough area. Usually, most manufacturers include these details in their product descriptions, but since this factor might be less easy to understand, we recommend checking out some mosquito trap reviews. Many of the other users can let you know just what to expect in terms of convenience, efficiency, and performance, in general. It is worth noting that this detail is way more important than you might think it to be because some products have a coverage of 30 meters whereas others can cover as much as half an acre.


Recommended use

Yet another consideration to bare in mind is whether you plan to use your mosquito trap indoors or outdoors. Believe it or not, most units can be categorized depending on their recommended use. You’ll find that very few models can be used under both circumstances. Although it might be difficult to understand why various manufacturing brands choose to market their products in such a way, we’ll shed some light on this. When a mosquito trap has excellent performance, is relatively large, and can cover a larger area, it’s very likely for it to make a lot of noise. On the same note, its UV light might be very powerful and therefore, bother you when trying to fall asleep. Also, a UV lamp really isn’t the healthiest thing to have around, particularly if there is a pregnant lady living in the house.


Price and recommendations

Once again, we feel compelled to underline the importance of sifting through the reviews gathered by a product over time. The price of a good-quality mosquito trap is usually around one hundred dollars, but this is the money you’ll be paying for an indoors alternative. Outdoors options can be significantly more expensive, mostly because they’re capable of superior performance.

Some of the best mosquito traps are showcased below. We’ve checked the ratings and reviews of these models and have come to the conclusion that they’re among the most reasonably priced, convenient, and reliable units out there. If you’re looking for the right value for the best price, perhaps these products are worth considering.



Things to consider:

  • Efficient luring of mosquitoes to the trap, whether indoors or outdoors, to ensure consistent performance at all times
  • Ease of set-up, ease of use plus ease of maintenance, since killing mosquitoes doesn’t have to be rocket science
  • Enough killing power to exterminate the pests, with multiple units effectively killing off the specific mosquito population that inhabits the area
  • Suitable for the particular species, the population density of the insects or the area in which it will be used, to ensure complete eradication


Top rated Mosquito Traps in 2018



iHubr K8


1.iHubr, High Quality Bug Zapper Fly and Mosquito Trap

The iHubr is one of the most critically acclaimed models out there, and that’s mostly due to the fact that it’s well-known for doing a perfect job. This is a UV lamp mosquito trap that can strictly be used indoors but since the light it emits isn’t too powerful, the product manages to be convenient enough. In addition, since the mosquito trap doesn’t rely on the use of any chemical substance, it doesn’t produce any kind of smell or harmful vapors. The insects are attracted to the trap using the fan component, and then they are led to the base of the trap, where they die because of dehydration.


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Briton Bug Trap B4-FANBUG


2.Bug Trap- Electronic Insect Killer Mosquito Repeller With UV

As previously stated in the buying guide, it’s difficult to get a model that works both indoors and outdoors. The Briton is one of those specially designed options, given that it is equipped with a trapping fan as well as a UV-A light that both do a fantastic job when it comes to attracting the mosquitos. Once they’ve caught the bait, the insects are captured in a tray, where buyers may even want to pour some water, so that the mosquitos are instantaneously drowned. Since it has been constructed out of a fire and weather-resistant material, the Briton is a good choice to analyze, also because it usually costs under eighty dollars.


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Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat Fly Control Device



Best Mosquito Trap ReviewsThe Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat Fly Control Device controls those night-flying insects by covering up to two acres. This is especially valuable as it’s quite difficult to tell exactly where mosquitoes are coming from. The wide radius that this mosquito trap covers makes it the best mosquito trap 2018. It offers 120 watts of UV-based lure, which works for up to 1200 square feet indoors. The unit is mountable either horizontally or vertically, with its AC-powered chrome-plated killing grid generating 5600 volts and 2.4 amps to zap those mosquitoes consistently. It is made of high-impact outdoor grade plastic, definitely made to keep working despite the elements. Get 360-degree protection with this hardworking electronic flying insect killer with glo-panel, glow-tube reflector that continuously attracts insects while ensuring maximum catch.

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Blue Rhino SV5100SkeeterVac Mosquito Eliminator



The Blue Rhino SV5100 SkeeterVac Mosquito Eliminator lives up to its name. It works extra hard to eliminate not just mosquitoes but other backyard insects as well. It is fitted with electronic ignition that makes it spark the propane-filled tank easily. Its carbon dioxide rating is 35,000 cc/hour, which means it is really fast-acting at delivering mosquito-attracting power. The unit assembles easily in minutes, with no tools required. After all, killing mosquitoes and other pesky flying insects should not be too complicated! This guarantees more enjoyable barbecues, picnics and parties in your backyard. The revolutionary FineTune baiting system of the Blue Rhino SkeeterVac Mosquito Eliminator transforms clean-burning propane into carbon dioxide, which readily attracts into its trap. The FineTune dial just needs to be to set to desired levels to make the attractant match its insect-luring power to the insect species indigenous to your neighborhood.

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Dyntrap 0.5-Acre Pole-Mount Insect Trap



Mentioned in a lot of best mosquito trap reviews, the Dyntrap 0.5-Acre Pole-Mount Insect Trap is engineered to protect up to 0.5 acre of property. This can extend from indoors to your backyard and even beyond, which is good since mosquitoes and high-flying insects can come from virtually anywhere and from nearly any direction. The durable all-weather construction makes the insect trap mountable anywhere, without you having to worry if it will consistently be able to do its job efficiently. The insect trap is odor free, which means no annoying fumes and potentially hazardous substances released into the air. It uses no pesticides, so you’re ensured that you’re destroying pests without harming the environment. It operates quietly you won’t even know it’s there. It eliminates insects without requiring propane or expensive attractant, which means you are assured of continuous insect-killing power.

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Flowtron PV-440 Galaxie Power-Vac Mosquito-Control Unit



The Flowtron PV-440 Galaxie Power-Vac Mosquito Control Unit provides up to one acre of killing radius, with effective power to eliminate flying insects that make life less bearable and picnics and parties in the backyard quite stressful. Thanks to its employment of multiple attractants, the mosquito control unit is able to adapt to whatever type of pesky flyers there are in your property. It utilizes color, scent, light and heat to draw insects to its trap. Once drawn to the unit’s unique luring power, insects get dehydrated and killed via the product’s generated vacuum action. The Flowtron PV-440 uses electric Power, with no need for hazardous flame or gas that not only releases fumes but has potentially dangerous by-products.

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Mosquito Magnet MM4100 Patriot Mosquito Trap



Easy to set-up and operate, the Mosquito Magnet MM4100 Patriot Mosquito Trap is a silent and odorless mosquito trap that efficiently attracts and captures mosquitoes as well as a variety of other biting insects such as black flies, midges, and invisible flyers. The unit is ideal for use in large yards up to 1 acre in size. It is an effective mosquito trap that tirelessly operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to provide maximum performance. The MM4100 is geared with exclusive CounterFlow Technology that emits a trail of heat, carbon dioxide and moisture, which attracts and traps mosquitoes and effectively keeps them away from you. The unit includes a self-contained rigid net that secures and eliminatesinteraction with insects and also allows for easy disposal. The extra-long power cord allows proper placement away from outdoor living areas and near the insects’resting and breeding places.

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