Buying advice on Mop Buckets – A short Buying Guide:


Floor maintenance becomes an easier chore with the right kind of equipment, which is why the best mop bucket reviews have a readership all their own. With an ordinary home mop, you may not be able to get a thorough clean since you’ll only be pushing an already dirty mop back and forth. However, when you use the highest rated mop bucket unit, you ensure complete cleaning while keeping the floor free from dirty water pools or puddles. A wet floor is slippery, so using the best equipment helps ensure you’re doing a great job for your floor while keeping everyone safe from accidents.


Type of Mop

The mop may be the yarn type, which can be further subdivided into cotton, blended or rayon yarn. All best rated mop bucket units can be used with yarn type mops. Cotton yarn is middle-grade, cheap and versatile. It is gentle on surfaces, ensuring a scratch-free floor after the mopping operation is completed. Cotton, however, takes a long time to dry, which can cause the growth of mildew. Blended yarn mops  use synthetic materials or a blend of natural and synthetic elements. Common blends are polyester and rayon, along with polyester plus cotton and rayon fabric blends. Such a type of mop is more expensive than cotton but is quite versatile and durable. Rayon yarn mops use a semi-synthetic fabric that can be employed when you use harsh chemical cleaning agents such as bleach. Sponge mops do not integrate well even with the most popular mop bucket, so they are less used.


Bucket or Pail

Although the utility bucket in the best product for the money can always be filled with water using a hose or wall faucet, it would help if the bucket is able to hold enough water for you to clean the floor with. If a chemical is to be mixed with the water, the material of the pail should not deteriorate or become thin or brittle after repeated use. Units with trolley version where two dirty water buckets and a maid caddy are integrated should easily land in the lineup of top ten products in this category. The bucket should be able to hold water without allowing it to dirty up an already clean floor. Therefore, get a bucket with the right capacity for the floor area you have to clean.



Who makes the best product in this specific category? There can be a lot of answers to that ordinary question. Mop bucket wringers can either be of the press down or side press variety. Located on the side of the mop bucket is the wringer for side press units. Such types can be used with a dirty water bucket. Wringers that press down are located in the center of the unit. You push them straight down to extract as much water as possible into the dirty water bucket. This way, dirty water does not splash into the clean water.


Things to consider:

  • Get a mop that goes well with the product for efficient cleaning at all times
  • Get a durable bucket or pail where you can mix chemicals into the water for cleaning without the product undergoing deterioration.
  • A wringer that allows maximum removal of water from the mop without splashing water onto either the cleaned surface or into the clean water pail.


Top rated Mop Buckets in 2018


Although you can always purchase mop bucket units from janitorial supplies stores,  you are not always sure you are getting the best mop bucket in 2018. Therefore, purchase only from sellers you truly trust, and buy products that are assured of good quality and long-term performance. You may be able to buy something cheap, but this does not guarantee you are getting your money’s worth.


Genuine Joe GJO60466 Splash-Guard Mop Bucket/Wringer


The Genuine Joe GJO60466 Splash Guard Mop Bucket/Wringer is a heavy-duty product that deserves a slot in the best mop bucket reviews. The bucket has a capacity of 6.5 gallons, so you can clean one whole area without having to do repeated filling and emptying of the container. The bright yellow color makes the unit highly visible, with the international symbol for CAUTION printed on both sides of the bucket. The splash guard system ensures that dirty water will not get spilled into an already clean surface. Three non-marking casters enable easy transportability to and from an area. The unit has an overall height of 18 inches so you can clean the floor comfortably.

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Rubbermaid Commercial FG758088YEL WaveBreak Side-Press Combo


If you want the best mop bucket in 2018, you’ve found it with the Rubbermaid Commercial FG758088YEL WaveBreak Side Press Combo. This product incorporates a high-efficiency side-press wringer that extracts as much water as possible from the mop to ensure a thorough clean. The mop bucket is made of structural web molded plastic and premium tubular steel, ensuring optimum cleaning and mopping performance. The unit accepts an optional dirty water bucket so you can separate clean from dirty elements while doing the floor. The side press wringer is tested to surpass 50,000 wringing cycles so it stays strong and durable, as compared to average wringers that only deliver up to 860 wringing cycles. The product is US-made, ensuring reliable quality and craftsmanship.

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O-Cedar Quick-Wring Bucket


Holding up to 2.5 gallons of cleaning solution, the O-Cedar Quick-Wring Bucket is an innovation to traditional mop bucket units. The special wringer ensures thorough wringing of the mop, letting you remove excess water without having to press a part of the mop bucket using strong muscle power. Your hands stay dry thanks to this revolutionary wringer system. The bucket is not bulky unlike more popular models. You simply have to carry the mop bucket around while cleaning the floor. Storing the mop bucket after you’ve finished doing your cleaning choresis also easy thanks to the no-fuss design. The ergonomic handle lets you carry the product around comfortably.

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Libman Co. Utility Bucket


Proudly made in the USA, the Libman Co. Utility Bucket is a multi-purpose product you can use for various chores around the house. It is constructed of durable polymer to ensure reliable strength and good build. The pouring spouts on both ends make easy emptying of the bucket’s contents. The strong steel handle with easy-carry grip ensures a good fit in the hand. You won’t have to suffer through hand fatigue and  pain when you have to carry a full bucket. The bottom lip grip ensures controlled pouring by settling into the edge of the utility sink easily. The Libman Co. Utility Bucket has a solid feel and construction, ensuring years of use.

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Impact 2Y/2021-2Y Compact Mopping System Combo


Thanks to this mop bucket’s 21-quart capacity, it can hold enough water you can use for cleaning an entire area. Use it to transport and wring a separately bought mop, so you can clean floors without doing any heavy lifting. This is thanks to the four swivel casters that provide maneuverability and the wringer handle that can be used to remove water from the mop into the utility pail. A removable divider enables easy separation between clean and dirty water. The whole unit measures 17-1/2 x 10-1/2 x 18 inches (H x W x D) and can accommodate mop heads up to 20 ounces heavy. The yellow color ensures easy visibility to let people know that you’re cleaning the floor.

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