Top rated monoculars in 2021


If you love the outdoors and you are looking for a monocular that can prove to be perfect in seeing distant objects, you have a good reason to continue reading the rest of this article as it will identify some of the products that can be taken into account, specifically those that have been given high ratings in the best monoculars reviews.


Select a monocular for your budget – buying tips


A monocular is a combination of a telescope and binoculars and they can be a useful tool for bird watching, hunting and other view-finding activities. When choosing among the highest rated monoculars, you may not be aware of the different options and features that are available to you. We have created this guide to help you decide which is the best choice for your needs.

One of the most important aspects of the monocular is the magnification. When you are looking at the magnification levels, it will show two numbers, for example 4×28. The 4x refers to the magnification level, which is good for viewing an entire landscape rather than a single object. The maximum magnification of 20x to 25x has a low field of view but the magnification is top notch. Monoculars with this magnification are the best choice for viewing single objects from far away. If you are new to monoculars, you may want to try a 10x to 14x device, as they are the perfect middle ground between the two extremes.

For the example above, 4×28, the 28 (or any number after the x) refers to the diameter of the lens. You will want to take this number in consideration when you are trying to decide what is the best lens. This is where you need to decide the intended use of the device. If you will be using the monocular primarily in low light situations, you will need a larger lens diameter. Small lenses can work in sunny or well-lit locations. Just keep in mind that the larger the lens, the bigger the monocular and the bulkier it will be.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Magnification Price Lens diameter Waterproof Our Rating Where to buy

Orion 08431

10x $$$$ 42 mm YES A+ AMAZON

Vortex Optics Solo

10x $$$$ 25 mm YES A AMAZON

Bushnell Bear Grylls

9x $$$ 32 mm YES B+ AMAZON

Carson Bandit Quick Focus

8x $$ 25 mm No B AMAZON

Tasco Essentials Compact

10x $$ 25 mm No C+ AMAZON


The lens coating on the device is important because it will dictate the brightness when viewing an object. You can find monoculars with a cheap coated that is only good for non-direct lighting. Fully coated lenses uses a single layer of coating and it is more susceptible to glare and sunlight, which reduces the image quality and can cause the edges to appear blurry. Multi-coated lenses offer a higher resolution and the image quality is far better than fully coated lenses. Fully multi-coated lenses uses a combination of anti-reflective coating and they tend to have a waterproof coating which increases the durability and longevity of the device.

The optical design of the monocular comes in three different prism types. The roof prism is made like a roof—it has two sides that form a 90-degree angle. These type of prism designs are found in devices with a higher magnification and work best when viewing things in the distance. A porro prism is primarily found in the most popular monoculars because they produce an image that is erect rather than inverted that needs other components to flip it right side up. Galilean design produces an erect image, but the field of vision is not the greatest. This particular monocular is not suited for viewing things at a distance.

Whether you are going bird watching or you are surveying a landscape, a monocular can be a great gadget to have. We hope that the information covered in this guide will help you choose the best unit for you.


Things to consider:

  • When choosing the magnification, the higher the number, the better you will be able to see a single object in the distance. The lower the magnification number, the better you can see a landscape, but not a single object.
  • The larger the number after the x (ex: 4×28) means the larger the diameter of the lens. The larger the lens, the better it will work in low light situations.
  • A fully multi-coated lens will give you the best image quality, but it is the most expensive option. Ideally, go for fully coated or multi-coated. Fully coated lenses are more affordable options but the quality is not as good as multi-coated.


Orion 08431 Waterproof Monocular


Best Monoculars ReviewsWhen you are looking for the perfect choice within this product category, size is one of the most important factors that should be taken into account. After all, no one would bother going out with an oversized monocular that is a hassle to carry. In such case, the top rated monoculars reviews have noted that this model can prove to be an excellent choice because of its compact design that makes it a breeze to carry anywhere. More so, the waterproof construction of this model should be also given emphasis, making it perfect for rugged use in any weather condition.

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Vortex Optics Solo Waterproof Monocular


With a weight of less than six ounces, there is no wonder why this model is given words of praises in the best monoculars reviews. By being lightweight, it is easy to bring this with you wherever you are travelling. The optics are made in such a way that they are waterproof, making it possible to still see distant objects as clearly as possible in spite of rain and snow. It also has a protective armor that will provide you with a solid grip of the product and will make sure of your comfort as the monocular is being used.

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Bushnell Bear Grylls Monocular 9 x 32mm


If you are still on the lookout for the best monoculars in 2021, this is one option that should not be missed. Based on the opinions of the people who have used such in the past, one thing that makes this a good choice is that it has the ability to resist water and fog, which will increase its functionality even in challenging external conditions. Such is also indicative of the extended functionality of this model, and hence, being able to provide the best value for your money. It is also designed with twist-up eye cups. With the latter, it can be customized based on your needs, even if you are wearing eye glasses.

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Carson Bandit 8×25 Quick Focus Monocular


This is considered to be the first lever-focus monocular, which is already an added point on why it stands out from the rest of the products within competition. Its one-hand design is also one thing that is given emphasis in the reviews about the product. This makes the monocular easy to use. You can make the necessary adjustments without losing sight of your subject. Many were also highly satisfied with the fact that it is lightweight enough to be brought in any destination. It even comes with a carrying pouch that will keep it in a secured place as you travel.

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Tasco Essentials 10×25 Compact Roof Prism Monocular


Not all things that are powerful are big. In some cases, size can prove to be deceiving as even small objects that prove to be filled with so much power. Such is exactly the case with this monocular. In spite of being light and compact, you can expect superior performance from this model, which will make it the ultimate outdoor companion. If you are wearing a hunting jacket, it is small enough to fit in its pocket. More so, people who have bought such were also happy with the sturdy construction of the unit which is reflective of its long-term functionality.

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