Top rated money counters in 2019


Every exchange office, store and restaurant has a professional money counter which significantly enhances people’s capacity to count a lot of bills in record time. The current offer on money counters includes advanced models with special counting functions. Now, since not everyone has the time to go through the best money counter reviews we decided to make people’s job easier. During our research we came across five professional machines that received positive reviews from thousands of users. Each of the following money counters can be used to help anyone keep better track of money flow and thus keep the business running smoothly.


Cassida Currency Counter


Best money counter reviewsIn our search for the best money counter in 2019 we noticed that more and more people praised the smooth functionality of the Currency Counter from Cassida. This high speed currency counter can handle a wide range of counting tasks. It offers rapid and accurate readings, thus helping users know exactly how much money they really have. Due to its smart interface the currency counter can safely count up to 1400 bills per minute. It features special 100 dollar bill counting function that comes in handy while used by shop owners. This counting machine features a roomy top-loading hooper that holds up to 400 bills!

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Carnation Bill Counter CR180 with UV


A good money counter device needs to include an accurate counterfeit detection system. At least this was an option often demanded by users. During our research we found that the CR180 Bill counter from Carnation is a product to consider without reservations. Equipped with advanced magnetic counterfeit detection system and also UV-violet function this bill counter machine will help people know exactly if the bills are real or fake. Backed by 1 year exclusive manufacturer warranty the CR180 money counter offers an impressive counting speed of 1000 notes per minute. The machine’s hopper can hold up to 200 bills!

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Cassida Currency Counter


Most of the best money counter reviews that we consulted pointed out that anyone canuse with confidence the 5220 currency counter from Cassida. This professional counting machine is equipped with special features that permit people to save time during each operation. It features a user friendly interface and very simple commands for proper control over the counting operation. This currency counter includes a special chain note infrared sensors which safely counts different bills. It also comes equipped with counterfeit detection systems (MG and UV) and also magnetic sensors which safely detects different types of counterfeit bills. No suspicious bill will escape the machine’s scan.

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Royal Sovereign RBC-650PRO Electric Bill Counter


In our search the best money counter in 2019 we came across the RBC-650PRO electric machine from Royal Sovereign. This professional counting machine will help people save time and accurately count different bills. Due to the large hopper capacity this counter can accommodate 130 bills. Backed by 1 year exclusive warranty this bill counter offers 2 hour of continuous counting. It counts up to 1000 bills per minute which ensures fast response to the business’s needs. The bill counter incorporates an automatic self-test which significantly diminishes the appearance of human error. Due to a special batching option the machine can safely count and batch bills together.

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Carnation Professional CR1 Bank-Grade Money Counter


Out of the best money counters in 2019 the CR1 from Carnation represents a great addition to any local business. Affordable and efficient this machine is equipped with advanced features which improves counting rates. It incorporates MG, UV and IR counterfeit detection system that safely detects counterfeit bills. The machine comes equipped with a roomy hopper capacity up to 400 bills which ensures proper counting results. Due to the ergonomic design this money counter will look great on any desk. It works with different types of bills like USD, Mexican Peso, Euro and Canadian Dollar. Furthermore the machine benefits from 1 year warranty!

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