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Before you decide to build something you need to take some measurements, plus you need to know if the materials you have are right for the job at hand. One of those measurements is to check for the moisture level of the materials and what better instrument to check with than the moisture meter. Of course this is not its only use, with so many different situations requiring its readings. The best moisture meters reviews are here to help you in your quest to get a top one with no downsides to it.


Select the most reliable moiture meter 2019


There are thousands of Americans that are into serious gardening. Well, this activity involves a lot of tasks which help plants grow in peace. It is very important to control very aspect of landscaping and gardening for proper results. One of the most useful gardening instruments that people use in order to control every phase of gardening is moisture meter. As one of the most efficient gardening supplies available on the market, moisture meters represent great additions to any gardening enthusiast. The market offers both indoor and outdoor moisture meters, capable of helping people plan easier daily watering actions. Furthermore some meters can also deliver proper assistance during different soil conditions. Managing growth plant cycles is hard work and involves a lot of hours spent with high quality instruments.

There are thousands of moisture meters available on the market, designed to help people grow different plants, starting with flowers and ending with vegetables. This is why deciding on one particular product requires access to professional information. Since our gardening specialists spent over 70 overs with 30 of the most efficient moisture meters we were able to go through professional information. Now, we are also able to safely draft the best moisture meter reviews for any responsible farmer or gardener to consult. After going through professional information the selection process becomes easier than ever. With this particular handy tool you will be able to keep a better track on humidity on daily watering tasks.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Range Price Batteries Weight Our Rating Where to buy

Lignomat Mini-Ligno E/D

6-45% $$$ 9V 6.4 oz A+ AMAZON

General Tools MMD4E

5-50% $$ 9V 8 oz B+ AMAZON

Sonin 50211 Rapitest

10-28% $$ 9V 5.6 oz B AMAZON

Luster Leaf 1820

No $$ No 4.8 oz B AMAZON

Bond 9628

No $ No 3.2 oz B AMAZON


With one of the best moisture meter in 2019 gardening becomes easier than ever. This is why the growing interest for these gardening tools is not surprising. Well, there are a couple of things to take into consideration before you decide upon a particular model. A growing number of gardeners should use moisture meters in order to safely monitor moisture in different types of soils. There are many types of moisture meters out there, designed to offer accurate readings during each application. Before you decide upon a product you need to familiarize yourself with all available options. There are top end electronic moisture meters which need “AA” or “AAA” batteries in order to operate. You should know that one battery can usually last up to 6 months of use. Electronic meters are very popular because they offer precise readings during every application.

There are many advantages of using the best moisture meter in 2019 during various gardening tasks. Experienced gardeners should use moisture meters in order to take care of sensitive plants that need special assistance. Such gardening devices incorporate needle gauge in order to safely report various soil moisture data. Affordable and very easy to use, moisture meters are perfect for gardeners that truly understand the need for proper gardening. Professionals understand the importance of controlling every moment of plant development. This device will safely meter soil moisture, pH and light levels. As so many people pointed, moisture meters are indispensable tools for those that work every day with very sensitive plants. Furthermore such instruments are great for people that grow hybrid plants.



Lignomat Moisture Meter Mini-Ligno E/D


Best Moisture Meters reviewsNothing beats American ingenuity and this moisture meter from Lignomat certainly enters this category. It is very versatile managing to read moisture levels from as low as 6% to as high as 45%. The built in calibration will certainly come in handy in a lot of different situations, especially for domestic use. The bright LED display will make sure you will clearly see the readings even in dark conditions. With it you will also receive a one year warranty from the manufacturer.



Present among the top 10 moisture meter models in 2019, the Mini-Ligno E/D from Lignomat USA will deliver precise moisture readings in lumber, fiberboards, veneer and also wood

Offering readings from 6 to 45%, visible on the bright digital LED this moisture meter is the ideal tool for industrial applications and wood crafting

The device is fitted with a green cap which acts as a solid handle for probe insertion and also covers the pins during relocation from one worksite to another

Manufactured in the United States of America with durable German components this moisture meter weighs only 8 ounces and benefits from exclusive 2 year warranty



Does not come with a carrying case but it includes a durable string

The plastic might seem flimsy but it is designed to resist well to prolonged use


Buy from for ($87.22)





General Tools MMD4E Digital Moisture Meter


The best moisture meters reviews are the one which recommend buying this model from General Tools. It is extremely easy to operate and has a very compact design which gives you the opportunity to place it in your pocket and have it with you wherever it is needed. If you are buying wood from a construction site then use this meter to make sure the wood is dry enough for the job at hand. The wide measuring range will make it ideal to use in a lot of situations, like finding a leak for instance.



As the current best rated product from General Tools & Instruments, the MMD4E digital moisture meter can be used to accurately detect any leaks in concrete, wood, drywall

Designed to help people know exactly the moisture state of their homes, from floors, walls and roofs this meter is the optimal tool in building construction, woodworking and agriculture restoration

It comes equipped with a user-friendly LED display and a wide measuring range which enhances control over the measuring process

Due to the ergonomic design this digital moisture meter is very easy to handle during long hours of work



The instruction manual is written in only three languages Spanish, English and French


Buy from for ($23.4)




Sonin 50211 Rapitest Moisture Meter


Another successful moisture meter you can go for is the Sonin 50211 which has an excellent quality to price ratio. It can measure the moisture level from a lot of different materials, from concrete to wood and the values can range from 10 to 28%. One of its best features is its 3 foot long power cable which will be of great help especially when getting readings from hard to reach places. The top moisture meters reviews are impressed with this compact device.



A trustworthy answer to the question “which product is the best”, the 50211 Rapitest from Sonin incorporates features that permit handymen and construction workers to assess moisture levels in different areas of a building

Features contact probes, located at the end of a durable 3-foot coiled cable that accurately detects moisture in tight spots

It includes a 10-point scale which can offer moisture data from 10 to 28%, ideal to test moisture in carpet, wood, concrete and plaster

The moisture meter can be used in order to accurately locate rook leaks or wet root in various parts of the house



Requires 9-volt battery in order to operate which are not included in the package (sold separately)

The instruction sheet could use more information on meter readings


Buy from for ($23.64)




Luster Leaf 1820 Moisture Meter


The Luster Leaf 1820 moisture meter is one of the most popular models across the US because it is very reliable and at the same time it has a very affordable price range. So for your garden this is an ideal device managing to measure the moisture level of the soil, allowing you to know if the conditions are ideal or not for plant growing. Because it comes with a long metal rod you will be able to take the readings exactly from the root level. Many gardeners suggest it is one of the best moisture meters in 2019.



Among this year’s Black Friday deals on moisture meter, the 1820 Rapitest from Luster Leaf delivers fast readings to different types of soil which makes the device ideal for agricultural tasks

The moisture meter features a user-friendly gauge display on a scale of 1 to 10, from wet and dry soils

It incorporates a tethered stainless steel probe that will accurately measure water from its root level, covering the particularities of any soil

The moisture meter is designed to accommodate the particularities of over 150 plants, instantly telling users when they need watering



Doesn’t seem to work very well with trees but delivers accurate readings to standard plants


Buy from for: See The Price!




Bond 9628 Moisture Meter


Do you want to know exactly when your plants need watering then you should purchase this small sized moisture meter from Bond. It also has a very cheap price which you should take advantage of. It is also extremely accurate in its readings so you will never go wrong and your plants can grow in ideal conditions, having as much water as they need. In order for it to function it doesn’t need batteries so you don’t need extra costs to make it work.



As the best product for Christmas, the 9628 moisture meter from Bond is a useful tool for agricultural work, helping farmers establish easier when they need to water plant life

It has an economical design which makes it easy for people to obtain quality data for their ongoing tasks

The moisture meter does not need any batteries in order to operate and offers accurate readings without any problems whatsoever

This cheap moisture meter comes equipped with a long probe which can be used to reach deep areas of the soil and collect proper data



It does not come with a carrying pouch (this is an accessory sold separately)

Not recommended for wine growth


Buy from for ($6.03)