Top rated mirrorless cameras in 2019


Mirrorless cameras are the new hot thing to look for if you are into photography. They are more compact than DSLRs and offer pretty much the same results with the added bonus of increased portability. Manufacturers now offer a lot of options for you to choose from. It will be hard to decide on what to buy especially if you’ve just started learning about this type of gadget. We’ve gone through dozens of the best mirrorless camera reviews in order to make a list of five recommendations for you to analyze. Hopefully the names mentioned below will help narrow things down to one or two products that fit your preferences.


Sony NEX-6L/B Compact Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera


Best mirrorless camera reviewsSony are one of the first company to invest in mirrorless cameras. The NEX-6L/B is currently considered by most as the best mirrorless camera in 2019. It is compact and has a great design where everything is placed exactly where it should be. The large 16.1MP sensor is more than enough to capture enough light so as to produce impeccable images. This camera is pretty unique considering it comes with a viewfinder which is not that common in mirrorless cameras. As far as connectivity goes, this gadget has Wi-Fi which will allow you to share photos but also download dedicated apps.

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Fujifilm X-M1 Compact System Digital Camera


If you are looking to make an impression through more than your pictures, you should direct your attention towards the X-M1 by Fujifilm. This 16MP camera is currently one of the top rated mirrorless cameras in 2019. Even though it may come off as a bit expensive, it is perfect even for those who want to get passed their amateur photographer phase and feel the need to take things to a different level. This camera comes with an integrated pop-up blitz and a large 3 inch tilting LCD to allow you to enhance your photo taking abilities.

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Canon EOS M Compact Systems Camera


Most say that the EOS M is the best mirrorless camera in 2019. Following the great EOS line, this camera stands out through its low price tag and amazing features. The 18MP sensor is exactly what you need for taking crystal clear pictures. This device incorporates Canon’s noise reduction technology and focuses on providing the best results regardless of the surrounding conditions. Even if it is affordable, it can not only take great pictures but it can also record in Full HD. It is compatible with all four different types of memory cards including the UHS cards which means you will not have any trouble finding the space to store all your work.

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Pentax Q Black Kit


This is the perfect choice to make if you are an amateur photographer who wants to improve his work but does not quite want to spend big on equipment just yet. It is according to some of the best mirrorless camera reviews, the best low-budget device to invest in. It comes with a decent 12.4 MP sensor which is not that different from a 16 or 18MP sensor in terms of results. It supports 5 different types of lenses which means you can always make improvements when you have the money. It has the ability to record in Full HD with a frame rate of 30fps.

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Samsung NX300 Digital Camera


The NX300 offers great value for money. It has pretty impressive features and it not only stands out through its top-notch hardware but also through its top of the line software which helps a lot with your picture taking abilities. The 20.3MP sensor captures all the details needed to produce some really impressive images. The shape of the camera makes it very comfortable to hold and use. As far as technology goes, this gadget uses SMART features which allow you to directly link your camera to email, social media sites or to mobile phones regardless of their OS.

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