What to Consider When Buying a Mini Crib


There are situations when you are required to travel with a toddler in tow, and sleeping arrangements can become quite a hassle, given the circumstances. If that is the case, taking your baby’s crib along with you may sound like an idea, but one that is highly impractical. What you actually need when you are on the road is a mini crib that is easy to move around and store in the trunk of your car, while ensuring your baby’s good night sleep. Reading best mini crib reviews can help greatly when choosing such a baby product for your little one. Read further to find out what characteristics a mini crib should have to be worth spending your money on.


Although mini cribs cannot be as sturdy or equipped with the same safety features as a full size crib, this does not mean that they do not need to be safe. Quite the contrary, as you want to make sure that your baby is well cared for during your trips, pay extra attention to what efforts are employed by the manufacturer in making the mini crib safe.



Among the many types of mini cribs on the market, there are a few that are most common. For instance, folding cribs are considered to be the most convenient, because they can be folded when not in use, freeing up space. A cradle is another option to consider; this type usually comes with handles, so you can move it around, even with the baby sleeping soundly inside. Play yards are available, as well; the great part about them is that they serve two functions in one: your baby can play inside as much as he or she wants, and just fall asleep there, without having you move them.


Age range

Mini cribs come in all shapes and sizes, but that also means that they are not universal. Some are fit for accommodating toddlers, others work for pre-schoolers, and others can be used solely by babies that are less than 4 months old. Knowing exactly what age range is the mini crib you want to buy for is very important.


Top Rated Mini Cribs in 2018


Seeing that finding a mini crib for traveling purposes or for small bedrooms can be a hassle for parents who already have to deal with many other problems related to taking their kids on tow, we wanted to help you narrow down your search. The following top rated mini cribs 2018 are the most popular and they enjoy a lot of positive feedback from users.


Dream On Me 4 in 1 Aden


A mini crib is a great idea for small bedrooms where you cannot install a full size bed. You will find plenty of best mini crib reviews praising the Dream On Me 4 in 1 Aden Convertible Mini Crib as being one of the most convenient choices for parents. Convertibility, as its name indicates, is its biggest perk, because it can basically transform from a toddler daybed, to a twin size bed and it has four different positions.

Age range is not an issue, as it happens with many mini cribs. Basically, your child can grow in this mini crib, and you will not have to switch to a different one for quite a while. As many other products from this manufacturer, this one stands out through quality, versatility, and competitive pricing. With so many consumers naming it the best mini crib 2018, we also consider it the best recommendation for parents on the lookout for a good and reliable crib for their kid.

The mini crib can also sit low on the floor, and it takes a lot less space than a full size crib for babies. The product is made to comply with important safety regulations, and the paint used for it is lead free and it does not contain any compounds that could be toxic for your baby.

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Delta Children Portable Mini Crib


What makes this particular mini crib so popular with parents is that it can be folded for easy storage. This also means that you can pack the Delta Children Portable Mini Crib for traveling purposes, which is a great plus. As you may well know, babies can be quite light sleepers, and if the conditions offered are not the best possible, dealing with a crying kid all through the night can be a real nightmare for parents on the road.

The front and back rails are made of durable wood, as the rest of the crib. A lot of best mini crib reviews point out that the wheels make it easy to move from one room to another, so its portability is increased. Versatility counts, and for this crib, it also involves two adjustable mattress positions, allowing your kid to use it as he grows.

Very important to mention, this mini crib complies with all the safety standards and regulations for cribs, so you can rest assured that no harm will come your baby’s way, as he sleeps in the Delta Children Portable Mini Crib.

Because of its increased safety features and versatility, this is often consider the best mini crib 2018 by parents everywhere, and we also think it is a good recommendation especially for those looking for a portable option.

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DaVinci Annabelle


Safety is very important for DaVinci, a well known manufacturer of baby products. The paint and other materials used in the making of the DaVinci Annabelle Mini Crib reviewed here are completely lead and phthalate free, helping your baby grow under completely safe conditions.

Plenty of best mini crib reviews appreciate this particular mini crib for its versatility. The crib can convert to a twin bed, but, unfortunately, the conversion kit is not included with the standard package, and you have to purchase it separately. Nonetheless, having such a convenience readily available means that you will not have to spend more money on a new crib, as your baby grows and needs more space.

In case you are looking to purchase a green friendly mini crib, you are just in luck. The DaVinci Annabelle Mini Crib is made 100% of sustainable pine wood, harvested from New Zealand. Compliance to ecological standards makes it a good choice for anyone concerned about the environment.

For a small nursery, this particular mini crib is a great option. The model does not take a lot of space and its stylish, yet unassuming appearance is a great aspect that may weigh in its favor.

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