How to find the best MIDI knob controller


The best midi knob controller can help you lay tracks, trigger drum solos, and send a wide array of other commands. A midi device will control an assortment of different virtual instruments, so you can compose, play, and record all of your music by yourself. A midi controller can help DJs put on an awe inspiring show and help guitar players control their amps, and other equipment. While a midi controller can be an invaluable asset to a musician, this is only true if you have the right one. Knowing what to look for, can help you find the best midi knob controller for your musical requirements.

2.Akai Professional MPK MINI MKII 25-Key Ultra-Portable

What to look for in buying a knob controller


The right type of midi controller

There are several different types of midi controllers, and the devices vary in size and functions. Deciding on how you will use the midi controller can help narrow down your choices. You will also want to decide on the number of keys, knobs, and drum pads.


Assignable knobs

Being able to assign channels and commands to the different knobs can make it easy to control a wide range of instruments and functions. Some midi controllers already include factory presets, while others can be programmed to your specifications. You should also consider if you want to spend time setting up the midi controller, or have it ready right out of the box.


USB Capability

In most instances you will want to use your midi controller with your PC or Mac, and you need the device to have USB capability. Some midi controllers only include the Midi in and outputs, and an additional converter will need to be purchased before you can use it with your computer. If you are only planning on using the midi device to control one piece of equipment, you may not need to connect to your PC.


  1. Novation Launch Control Portable USB Midi Controller


1.Novation Launch Control Portable USB Midi Contoller with 16 Assignable Knobs and Eight PadsKnob controller reviews have stated that the bus driven midi device is portable, durable, and designed to work seamlessly with Novation Launchpad. It can be used with your iPod to control your favorite software, and you can have up to 448 controls that will let you create and record all of your music and setups. The midi knob controller includes 8 factory presets that will let you get started sampling different tracks.

The portable midi controller will work with most music software so you can have fun creating your own parameters, along with mapping. Tweak and play samples in real time with the included software, and connect directly to your iPod for an amazing live show.

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  1. Samson Graphite 25 USB MIDI Controller


2 samsonite graphite 25Considered the best midi knob controller in 2018, it will let you control all of your virtual instruments and favorite DAWs. The compact design makes it easy to carry to class or for shows, and it can be easily mounted on a stand. The 25 keys are touch sensitive, and will instantly trigger beats and samples.

You can split and layer sounds with the midi knob device, and assign your own commands to add a personal touch to your music and performances. The pads make it easy to trigger different sequences, and the bright LED screen lets you see which command is active. Not only can the midi controller be connected to your laptop or Mac, it is also compatible with an iPad. Use the midi device in class or the studio, and the durable construction is ideal for live shows. With the ability to connect to different devices, you can use the midi controller almost everywhere.

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  1. M-Audio Oxygen 49 USB Pad/Keyboard MIDI Controller


3 M-Audio Oxygen 49 USB PadKeyboard MIDI ControllerAs the best midi knob controller in 2018, this device makes it easy to control your DAWs without little effort. It features 49 synth action keys that are quick to respond when you need it. You can launch different musical clips with the trigger pads, and also insert individual beats. It also includes 9 faders that you can assign different commands. Mix and sample in the studio or during a live show, and keep audiences excitedly waiting for your next musical composition.

The 8 knobs are what make this controller stand out, and are able to be assigned different functions. Mixing sample tracks and trigger loops, and you can also use the midi knobs to control separate plug ins. You can also control your different virtual instruments, all without have to use a computer mouse. Mix pitches and control all of your music with this portable midi knob controller.

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  1. Alesis QX25 Advanced USB/Midi keyboard Controller


4 Alesis QX25 Advanced USBMidi keyboard ControllerThe 25 keys are velocity sensitive, and knob controller reviews state that the device can work with most music software. The midi knob controller can be used with a Mac, PC, or iOS, and the compact design is ideal for small workstations. With the ability to connect via USB you can use the knob controller almost anywhere.

There are 8 faders that can sync your parameters and adjust volume, which makes it ideal for guitars who want to easily control their amps. The drum pads will sequence and trigger solos and different beats, and also loop tracks when you need it. You can also adjust the pan position with the assignable knobs, and change any of your other parameters to trigger different effects.

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  1. M-Audio Oxygen 25 USB MIDI Keyboard Controller


5 M-Audio Oxygen 25 USB MIDI Keyboard ControllerThis is the best midi knob controller live professional playing, and includes everything that you need to trigger samples and effects. There are 25 keys that are bus powered, and the included USB capability lets you use the midi device almost anywhere. The midi knob controller also features a lightweight and compact design that is ideal for small spaces and for traveling.

There are 8 knobs that are assignable, along with a slider that controls volume. A direct link instantly maps your favorite DAWs functions and you can also control all aspects of your music sessions. Produce music from your laptop and get started instantly with the presets that control a variety of virtual instruments.

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The right midi knob controller can help you create, play and record all of your tracks, samples and music. While there are several different types of midi controllers to choose from, there a few features you will want to look for. Compatibility is one of the most important, especially if you are planning on using the device with a computer and you also want to consider if you want to be able to assign your own commands. Two of the top rated midi knob controllers are the Novation Launch Control Portable USB Midi Controller and Samson Graphite 25 USB MIDI Controller, and we have included each one in our comprehensive comparison chart. We hope that it will help you find the right midi controller so you can get back to creating unique music.