How to Select the Best Midi Controller:


Midi controllers can be used in a wide range of applications, but are more commonly used by DJs and musicians. A midi controller can control other pieces of musical gear, and help you create amazing audio recordings. Guitarists often use a midi controller for their amps and other pieces of sound equipment, while DJs can trigger loops and cue amazing effects. With so many different midi controllers to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right one for you. This buying guide contains helpful buying tips so you can find the best midi controller in 2019 to take your music to new heights.


What to look for when buying a midi controller?



When you are looking for the best midi controllers of 2019 the first aspect you want to consider is the size of the device. Midi controllers are available in sizes ranging from a couple of inches to larger models that can measure over 6 inches. You want to make sure that the midi device can fit your workspace, otherwise it can end of becoming an expensive mistake. The size of the midi controller will also determine the number of keys and pads that it can accommodate, along with different options. This is something else that you will want to consider, when you are looking for a midi controller.



All midi controllers can send commands for different options, but its functionality is dependent on its size. Smaller midi controllers can trigger loops, presets, and even scrolling banks, but you are limited to only one option at a time. Larger midi controllers can handle more than one function simultaneously, which can also include managing timelines and expression wheels. The number of functions that you need to control, will help you determine which midi device is right for your musical needs.


Number of Devices

Along with being able to trigger loops and add effects, you also want your midi controller to be able to control your different devices. This includes guitar amps, along with PCs and sound boards. The size of the midi controller will also determine how many devices it can control. Most of the larger midi units also have mappable channels which makes it easy to manage a several devices at once. You can also use a midi controller to control other models for an almost endless array of musical possibilities.


What Are the Best Midi Controllers?



M-Audio Oxygen 25


One of the reasons this is considered one of the top midi controllers of 2019 is its compact size, and amazing number of functions. Featuring 25 keys that can play a variety of virtual instruments, along with melodies and special audio effects, the midi controller makes it easy for you to explore your creative side. There are 8 pads for triggering drum solos and different rhythms, and the included fader lets you mix tracks together for unique effects.

The midi controller was designed to be easy to use, and it is ideal for student musicians. The compact size is ideal for almost any workspace, and it is also easily portable. It can fit with the rest of your gear on stage, and since you can still control the DAW without your mouse it is also a great midi control to use for live performances. Mix your different virtual instruments and when you are ready the midi controller can also record all of your tracks with your favorite DAW.

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Akai Professional MPK MINI MKII


This midi controller is compact and easily portable, and gives you plenty of options for creating and recording all of your tracks. There are 25 keys for playing melodies and controlling a variety of virtual instruments. Add a string section in the middle of a recording, and control the pitch with the convenient thumb stick. You can trigger loops and drum rhythms with the touch sensitive pads, which also include the ability to repeat notes and sequences.

Mix plug ins and tracks with the assignable knobs, and tweak all of your final recordings. It is a great midi controller for traveling musicians, along with being easy enough to use for students. You’ll love the freedom of being able to create music without using a DAW, and the fact that the midi controller will fit almost any budget. The expandable banks give you even more creative options, and the included software is an extra bonus. With everything you need included it is easy to see why this midi controller is one of the top rated models.

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Alesis V49


This larger size midi controller is ideal for studio and professional musicians. It is designed to give you more control for your musical compositions, along with expanding your options. It features 49 keys that let you play more complex melodies and harmonies, along with being able to control all of your virtual instruments. The midi controller can also manage all of your plug ins, so you always have what you need at your fingertips.

The drum pads are lit by LED lights which makes it easier to see in the dark, and can be used to control a variety of different functions. Trigger drum solos whenever you need to, along with samples and effects. There are also assignable knobs that can be used to send different midi commands to the rest of your gear. You can control the pitch and modulation of the different instruments with the included wheels, and record all of your tracks when you are ready. Its affordable price makes it great for any serious musician who is looking for a midi controller that will help expand their creative options.

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A midi controller can help you create expressive and original music, along with helping to control other pieces of equipment. It can make live performances more expressive, and enhance your recordings. Two popular midi controllers are the M-Audio Oxygen 25 USB Pad/Keyboard MIDI Controller and the Akai Professional MPK MINI MKII Ultra-Portable USB MIDI Keyboard. Both of these models are priced affordably and will help you express yourself musically.