Messenger Bags for Men – What to Look For:


Throughout the centuries, messenger bags have been one of the most popular ways people carried their personal effects. Today, these bags are widely used to carry around your laptop and other personal electronics, as well as newspapers, textbooks and so much more.

While some men still balk at the idea of carrying a bag, many are embracing trend and are seeking out the highest rated messenger bags designed for men. While we cannot tell you which is the best, we can offer you a few key details you should look for when selecting what is the best messenger bag for you.



The material your messenger bag is made of is a big determining factor when it comes to price, style, durability, and even the purpose. Natural materials like leather and canvas have a sophisticated and traditional look, whereas modern materials like rubber and nylon have a decidedly more contemporary feel. Leather is one of the more luxurious materials because as you continue to use the bag, the softer it becomes and small scuffs and scrapes add character to the bag without damaging the integrity of the bag. If you want the look of leather but want increased durability, you can find messenger bags made of rubber. Just be warned that rubber bags can become damaged if they are exposed to high heat.

The Intended Use

When you are trying to choose among the most popular messenger bags for men, you want to consider the intended use. While most bags are perfect for everyday use like a student or someone who works in an office may carry, you may want to choose particular materials that are fitting of the use. You wouldn’t choose a nylon bag with colorful trim if you intend to carry the bag to the office. Likewise, you wouldn’t choose an expensive leather bag if you are going to use the bag as a travel bag that may get lost in transit.



One of the most important things to look at when choosing which messenger bag for men is right for you are the features. You will want to see if the bag has enough pockets to hold everything you need. Make sure the strap is adjustable and padded so that it is comfortable to carry. You will also want to find a bag with a closure option—preferably with a double closure, as this is more secure than a single closure.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Material Price Dimensions Side pockets Our Rating Where to buy

Dionigi Storia

Italian leather $$$$ 2 x13.5 x 9.5 inches YES A+ AMAZON

Le Donne Classic

Columbian leather $$$ 5 x 12 x 15 inches No A AMAZON

Kenneth Cole Reaction What’s the Bag Idea

Leather $$ 13 x 9 x 4 inches YES B+ AMAZON

Kipling Madhouse Expandable

Nylon $$ 20 x 5 x 14 inches No A AMAZON

LeSportsac Tucson

Nylon $$$ 18.2 x 12.1 x 2.9 inches No C+ AMAZON


A messenger bag is a great way to keep everything you may need with you at all times. With the right bag, it can complete your personal style while still helping to keep your organized.


How to choose the best messenger bag for your needs – Professional tips


messMobility is required by the vast majority of jobs in today’s world. A laptop must always be near the modern day employee and a reliable bag can help you carry it, all work related essentials, plus more. Men have started using the messenger bag more in the last decade for carrying different things, work related or not. If you don’t have one yet, but you would like to purchase a model, you should start reading this buying guide. We will present in the following paragraphs, what to look for in a model, which can even prove to be the best messenger bag for men in 2019.

Many serious designers have created impressive models, so you have a wide array of choices to best fit your style. A messenger bag can have a almost all types of styles: casual, retro, modern, laid-back, sophisticated etc. But from the start you should know that the practical side of such a bag is more important than its style.

All the conclusions of this buying guide have been reached after reading reputable website reviews. We have selected the following  features because a high quality messenger bag will include almost all of them.


Best Leather Messenger Bag for Men


Samsonite Columbian Leather Flap-over Case


For a look of scholarly sophistication, you may want to think about purchasing one of the best leather messenger bags for men. Samsonite has created a beautiful leather messenger bag that has an adjustable padded shoulder strap so you can wear the bag comfortably across the body or on your shoulder. The bag measures 4.5” high and 14” wide and it can accommodate laptops up to 15.6” in width. The front flap is held closed with two brass buckles. The back of the bag has a compartment that has plenty of space for all of your important files and documents.

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Firstly, we are going to present the materials a messenger is made of. The most often used material is leather because it is tough and durable. But generally, a messenger bag made of leather is more expensive. Leather will also make a bag waterproof, so your electronics are safe and sound.These bags have a stunning design and will look great on the shoulder of a person who is wearing an elegant suit. We recommend them if you are an office worker. Be sure the bag is large enough to carry your laptop, notebook, files or other things you need for work.


Best Messenger Bag for Men Under 20


Rotcho Heavy Weight Vintage Styled Messenger Bag


For a great all around messenger bag, Rothco has created one of the best messenger bags for men under 20. This canvas bag features an adjustable strap so you can wear the bag over your shoulder or across the body. The large inner pocket is excellent for carrying multiple text books, as the measurements of the bag are 15 x 11 x 4 inches. There are four extra pockets on the outside to help keep you organized. You can store a bottle of water in the side pockets while stashing your pens, calculator, and other essential study items in the other pockets.

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Canvas is another reliable material often used in the making of a messenger bag. It is durable, light, comfortable and people who dress casual will love them. Students in particular go for this material because it doesn’t cost much. Other options include getting a messenger bag made out of rubber or nylon. Both synthetic options are affordable and a customer with an average budget can easily get one.  If you are not going to use the bag day in and day out, a model made out of these materials is a good option. The best messenger bag for men reviews also recommend that you pay attention to the zippers, to make sure they open and close properly.


Best Canvas Messenger Bag for Men


Rothco Military Cotton Canvas Ammo Shoulder Messenger Bag


Carry all of your books, important documents, laptop and other necessities in one of the best canvas messenger bags for men. This military style messenger back is made of durable canvas material that can withstand every day wear and tear. The bag features an adjustable strap so it could be worn over the shoulder or across the body. Because this bag features a flap and buckle closure, you can easily access the large pocket. There are two pockets on the front with a Velcro closure, which make it easy to access the contents quickly and effortlessly.

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The interior of the messenger bag must have enough pockets to organize well your essentials. We recommend that the bag has a normal handle and also a shoulder strap, so it is comfortable when carried. Knowing these small details, makes sure you will end up with the best messenger bag for men in 2019.


Things to consider:

–          A spacious interior, with a lot of pockets;

–          A waterproof bag;

–          The best materials are leather or canvas;

–          Normal handle and shoulder strap;

–          A style that defines you.


Top rated messenger bags for men in 2019


Today, bags are not simply used to put and keep all your things in, but are also deemed to be a part of your outfit just like an accessory. So if you are looking for a good bag, then read this article as we have listed the best messenger bag for men reviews.



Dionigi Storia messenger bag


What makes Storia messenger bag earning a place in the best messenger bag for men reviews is its high functionality and superb modern design. It boasts handmade genuine Italian vegetable tanned leather and cotton lining that makes this bag a very pretty sight. More so, because it uses only superior quality materials, you can be sure that Storia messenger bag is durable and will last you a long time. When it comes to function, this bag offers more than your average messenger bag. Its exterior measures 10 (H) by 14.25 (W) by 4 (D), while the interior boasts a 9.5 by 13.25 by 1.5 measurement. Aside from its roomy interior, this bag also has added side pockets for other small accessories.



Crafted by hand by people who do not believe in mass production, a stylish unisex messenger bag meant for grown-ups who believe in being unique and one-of-a-kind and are not afraid to show it

Go all leather with a specially-crafted messenger bag without the stiffness of attaché cases or the boring and ho-hum quality of typical briefcases

Lauded by many best leather messenger bag for men reviews for durable construction from 100% vegetable-tanned Tuscan leather, unmistakable leather aroma and extraordinary surface character, with distinctive wrinkles, small blemishes, grains and tonal variation to demonstrate genuine leather material

Two fully-lined main compartments and two small interior accessory pockets provide roomy storage space for the busy, mobile professional, complemented by a large zippered pocket both at the front and back, a small vertical zippered pocket located in the magnetized  front flap, and lots more



Magnetic clasp needs upgrade

Priced higher than others


I bought the Storia messenger bag from Amazon, so I can travel more easily. I can put anything in, it without any hassle at all. The bag has side pockets and small accessories, giving me a lot of opportunities. I am very pleased with this messenger bag.”    Jack Hill


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Le Donne Leather Classic Messenger


The Le Donne Leather Classic Messenger offers great functionality, without sacrificing great style. This particular messenger bag garnered a lot of positive feedback from its users as it does not only give much room to let you organize better, but it is also a great accessory for any occasion. The Le Donne Leather Classic Messenger is made of Columbian leather ensuring you that this bag is very durable and can be used for a really long time. With regards to its functionality, it has a lot of spaces, which lets you organize your things better. It has 2 front slip pockets, drop down interior pocket, and a rear slip pocket. Its main compartment features a professional zip closure that keeps all the important things safe.



Constructed of durable and rich-patina Columbian leather, with an adjustable strap,  a zip closure for the main compartment, a rear slip pocket and an interior divider for files, for that easy-carry convenience and carry-all capacity

Drop down interior pocket provides extra storage room plus extra safety and security for valuable items

Two front slip pockets provide easy access and trouble free extraction and depositing

Front zipper pocket to secure everything inside without need of closing the front flap, for on-the-go versatility and carrying ability that makes this best leather messenger bag for men 2019



Slim profile fits few items

No padding at base for sensitive devices such as a laptop or tablet


I organized my things very well with Le Donne Leather Classic Messenger. It’s spacious interior can handle lots of things. This bag fits my style so I don’t regret one second, I have bought it.”   Barry Atkinson


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Kenneth Cole Reaction what’s the bag idea luggage


Best messenger bag for men reviewsKnown for its style and highly innovative fashion, it is no wonder why a lot of men love Kenneth Cole bags. The Kenneth Cole reaction luggage is a great addition to the Kenneth Cole bag collection. It is made from 100% leather, making it really durable. Furthermore, this particular bag has great design and style, which definitely amps up any look. Aside from being stylish, the Kenneth Cole reaction luggage also offers full functionality. It has a hidden zipper pocket on its front interior and a zipper pocket with an organizer under the flap. With these, you can be sure that the bag is very much useful to various business and personal activities.



Constructed of 100% top-grain leather buffed to a smooth finish for that trendy, fuss-free modern look that describes a well-crafted and meticulous personality through superior craftsmanship

Measures 15 ½ inches wide and 12 ½ inches high, to accommodate a wide number and variety of items including portable devices such as laptop or tablets and files

Single gusset flap-over construction offers effortless access for the user, with hidden magnetic closure to keep everything inside secure

Fully lined interior with one main compartment that has a padded computer pocket to hold  most 13.3-inch laptops, while exterior side zipper pockets keep cellular phones at hand along with other small items



Shoulder strap constructed of nylon

One end of shoulder strap sewn-in, which does not facilitate removal or replacement


Kenneth Cole reaction bag is my favorite model, because it looks nice and has a very large interior. I received it as a Xmas gift and it has proved to be very useful up to this point. Whenever I go to work, I have everything I need in this bag. It definitely has high quality and I consider it one of the best rated messenger bags for men 2019.  ”   Jose Barrios


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Kipling Madhouse Expandable messenger bag


If you are looking for a more casual messenger bag, the Kipling Madhouse Expandable messenger bag is one of the best one. It is durable, functional, and very comfortable to bring around just about anywhere. This bag is made of nylon and is water resistant, so you can say that it can withstand more wear and tear than most messenger bags. Furthermore, with this unique feature, you can use Kipling Madhouse anywhere without worrying about any damage. Aside from its durability, this bag is also very comfortable. The shoulder strap is adjustable up to 22 inch drop. More so, it has a non-skid shoulder pad, ensuring your outmost comfort. The Kipling Madhouse has a large front pocket with a zip closure. The main compartment is covered by a large flap with a Velcro closure.



Streamlined and stylish messenger bag easily expands to open up more storage space for the mobile individual, with a non-skid shoulder pad fitted into the adjustable shoulder strap for non-slip and comfortable carrying

Bottom of the bag has a go-around zipper for innovative expandability to accommodate additional essentials

Constructed of water-resistant nylon that makes the bag a great carry-all in different types of weather while offering reliable durability and bonus textured attraction

Hook-and-loop closure on main flap provides unbeatable secure storage while large front pocket with zipper allows quick access to items



No zipper  for the internal compartments

Flap closes through Velcro strips, no clasps


I am pleased with my new Kipling Madhouse Expandable messenger bag . The casual design was an important factor in my decision to buy it, but I took into consideration its large interior pockets as well. I don’t know who makes the best messenger bags, but I am sure this model was the best bag for the money I was prepared to spend.”    John Klingbeil


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USA Wholesaler 81-AG840 Computer/Currier Bag


For work purposes this is the ideal bag, even being considered by many as one of the best messenger bags for men in 2019. It can hold your laptop and its power cable, your personal PDA, plus many more. Thanks to its shoulder strap and ergonomic handle you will have no discomfort while carrying it along with you anywhere you go for work related purposes.



Designed for people who consider both travel and gear to be equally important, as valuable essentials and gear deserve ample protection on the road at all times

Bag carries vital hardware including cellular phones, laptops and PDAs , plus important not-so-solid documents, reading materials, files and books , so everything is always ready and at hand while travelling

Offers plenty of storage space for the professional constantly on the go, in a messenger bag that is built to also carry a superiorly solid design, versatile performance and rugged protection every time the user hits the road



Standard/basic style not very fashionable

Presents a functional non- trendy appearance


 “My work demands that I’m always mobile and in order to have all the things that I need,  I bought this top 10 messenger bag. I find it very comfortable to wear and also very practical, so I am able to carry all my work related files. Also, I bought it for a Black Friday deal. ” – Anthony Carter


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LeSportsac Tucson Messenger Bag


The LeSportsac is a messenger bag with a spacious interior for keeping many things and also which has a very eye-catching design. The nylon from which it is built is of high quality, ensuring you will have it for a long time. You also will have many different pockets for things like your phone, PDA and many more. The shoulder strap means you can comfortably carry it on your shoulder when you are moving from place to place.

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 “It looked great, it had a spacious interior, so for me it was the perfect bag to get. I manage to fit all my work essentials in there, plus my laptop, so I am very satisfied with it.” – Bryan Jason


Sherpani Verve Large messenger bag


The Sherpani Verve Large messenger bag incorporates the top three things that men look for in a messenger bag: it is stylish, functional, and durable. This bag offers a wide area for its users to organize their things. Measuring 16.5 by 14.4 inches, you definitely can put a lot of things in this bag without it appearing to be bulky. With its two in one function, the Sherpani Verve Large messenger bag can easily accommodate large items, or be a carry on during lighter days. When it comes to design, this bag will not disappoint. It has a beautiful interior lining and external mesh organizational pockets. These make the bag looks very sleek, while still being useful in many ways.

Sherpani Verve Large messenger bag is  stylish. This was the main reason for me buying it from Amazon. It is made from cotton and goes very well with the my casual style. I also recommend it for the affordable price.”   Daniel Crawford