Top rated men socks in 2019


Every man wears socks, long, short, thin or thick with different sizes and colours. This is why there are so many sock models available on the market today. Men are very attentive when it comes to their next pair of socks. I worked for over 20 years in various segments of men fashion. This expertise recommended me to study the market on socks, designed especially for men. So, after 80 hours of extensive research on over 35 sock models, I managed to draft the best men socks reviews. It is important to have different types of socks, ideal to wear during various social occasions.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Low cut Price Fabric Pack Our Rating Where to buy

Champion No Show

YES $$$$ 74% Cotton + Polyester, Natural latex rubber, Nylon, Spandex 6 A+ AMAZON

Carhartt Crew Work

No $$$ 59% Cotton + Polyester, Nylon, Lycra Spandex 3 A AMAZON

Under Armour Resistor

YES $$$$ 83% Polyester + Acrylic, Spandex 6 B AMAZON

Calvin Klein Fashion Geometric

No $$$ 73% Combed Cotton + Polyester, Spandex 3 B+ AMAZON

Hanes Cushion Crew

No $$ Polyester 6 B+ AMAZON



Champion 6 Pack No Show Sock


Best men socks reviewsSince there are so many sock models available on the market, choosing the right ones takes patience and attention. Today, you have the possibility of choosing Champion Men’s 6 pack No Show socks. Made of 78% cotton and algodon, 18% polyester, 2% natural latex and 1% spandex, the socks are very comfortable to wear. The socks have a special closure which maintains the skin contact smooth. You can easily wash the socks in your washing machine. It is good to know that the socks include a double dry moisture wicking technology, which comes in handy if you wear them for a long time.

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Carhartt Cotton 3 Pack Crew Work Socks


Who doesn’t want to wear a pair of comfortable socks? Men are very interested in discovering the best socks out of the many available on the market. One of the best men socks in 2019 comes from Carhartt, Pack Crew Work Socks. This unique set of socks is the ideal choice for men that love elegance whenever they go to work.  The socks are made of 59% cotton, 1% Lycra spandex, 38% polyester and 2% nylon. Comfortable and resistant to continuous use, the socks use advanced anti-odor technology which comes in handy anytime, anywhere! You can wear the socks all-season long!

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Under Armour Resistor Low-Cut 6 Pack socks


Most of the best men socks reviews underline the superb design of Under Armour Resistor Low-Cut socks. Who doesn’t want to own a pair of great socks? Well, if you are then select this model which will caress every inch of your feet. The socks are made out of 83% polyester, 2% spandex and 15% acrylic for enhanced comfort every time you go outside. The socks use advanced signature moisture transport that manages to wick moisture and safely evaporate. In addition to the high quality design, the socks include a strategic cushion system for proper shock protection and space management.

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Calvin Klein 3 Pack Fashion Geometric Socks


There are many socks developed especially for men which can be an option for you. One of the best men socks in 2019 comes from Calvin Klein, Fashion Geometric socks. Made out of 73% combed cotton, 4% spandex and 23% polyester, these socks are perfect for men that love to be comfortable no matter what. You can wash the socks by hand or in your washing machine. The spandex material makes the socks easy to wear. You will love the Navy color that gives you the possibility wear them with many types of clothes. The high premium combed cotton ensures maximum comfort!

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Hanes 6 pack cushion crew sock


Going through the top rated men socks in 2019 can ensure proper purchase options. Now, if you want something special to wear, you can choose Hanes men’s 6 pack crew sock. Made in the United States of America, this pair of socks comes with a unique design. Wear the socks without hesitation for they will not tear. The heel and toe are reinforced! You can wash the socks in your washer or by hand. The socks are made of 82% cotton, 2% natural latex, 15% polyester and 1% other fibres. Once you put the socks on, you will enjoy high comfort levels!

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