Top rated memory foam mattresses in 2019


Since memory foam has been introduced the comfort level of mattresses has significantly increased, giving the customers a better chance to sleep peacefully. If you are interested in buying such a mattress, one very good piece of advice would be to read the best memory foam mattresses reviews which analyze objectively different models. Here are the top five models available on the market today.


Sleep Innovations 12-Inch SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress


Best Memory Foam mattresses reviewsYour body will feel very relaxed when resting on this mattress because it’s made from the innovative SureTemp opened memory foam. This feature takes the stress from key regions of your body, especially the spine. The result is you waking up without any discomfort in the morning. Its two different layers combine their qualities to have therapeutic support for your whole body. These features and more make it one of the best memory foam mattresses in 2019, very popular across the country.

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Dorel Industries Signature Sleep Memory Foam Mattress


This mattress from Dorel Industries is covered in knit fabric which gives it durability and keeps the foam in place. It’s all filled with 2 pounds of ILD 9 memory foam, the key for its sturdiness and high level of comfort. Keep in mind that the foam needs 48 hours of use to expand to its proper shape and size. While you rest, your shoulders and hips will feel very relaxed, allowing you to get a deeper sleep than you were previously accustomed to.

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Lucid Memory Foam Triple-Layer Plush Viscoelastic Mattress


Lucid Memory Foam Viscoelastic Mattress has the right features to ensure you get your good night’s rest. This 12 inch mattress with 4 pounds of Gel-infused memory foam filling manages to capture heat and also distribute it evenly, so you won’t wake up in the middle of the night all sweaty. Another excellent feature is the silver-infused cover, which has the great advantage of being antimicrobial and hypoallergenic too.

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Sleep Master Top Therapeutic Memory Foam Mattress


While other mattresses are expensive, this model manages to come at an affordable price and a high degree of comfort. This 6 inch mattress consists of a 1,5 inch premium memory foam layer and a 4,5 high-density layer of normal foam. From its compressed state, the mattress will need somewhere up to 48 hours to reach its normal size. The 5 year warranty from the manufacturer makes the best memory foam mattresses reviews recommend it as a long-term investment.

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Sleep Innovations 10-Inch SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress


The top memory foam mattresses reviews are very positive when describing the capabilities of this model from Sleep Innovations. The two layers of open cell memory foam called SureTem, are the secret behind its high comfort level. This foam will keep the temperature constant on the contact surface, so you won’t get too hot while will relax your shoulders on it. The mattress is made in the US and this ensures its superior quality compared to other models made in other countries.

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