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Unless you’re the kind of individual who genuinely doesn’t care what goes into the sausage you eat, you will find a lot of interest in reading meat grinder with sausage stuffer reviews. People who love great-tasting sausages will undoubtedly get a lot of information from meat grinder reviews, specially those that come with sausage-stuffer attachments. Making your own sausages ensures that you can put in premium cuts of meat in the mix and not bits and pieces of materials that you don’t even know the source of. With a versatile device at your disposal, you can stuff ready-made casings with lean meats and have better control over what goes into your belly.

7.1 MaxiMatic HA-3433A Elite Meat Grinder

What to look for when buying a meat grinder with sausage stuffer?


Types of Combination Devices

Horn-type sausage fillers are always manual in form. The basic material is cast iron plated with chrome or tin for strength against rust, and with several stainless steel models available. This type of device minces between three to five pounds per session and is ideal for novice sausage makers or for preparing sausages in small batches.

Available in both electric and manual models, horizontal sausage stuffers hold the meat via a large piston-like horizontally-mounted cylinder. 5 to 20 pounds of meat is extruded from the cylinder-mounted stuffing tube while a crank is turned or the motor is switched on.

The best meat grinder and sausage stuffer is typically the vertical type, with models available for beginners and professionals and capacities between 5 to 15 pounds. The stuffing cylinder is vertically-mounted and the stuffing tube is located at the bottom.


Power and Parts

The best meat grinder with sausage stuffer attachment can be a manual or electric model. If it’s manual, the machine should have a crank that is easy to turn. These types necessitate placing the device near the edge of the work surface, so the clamp that secures the machine to the work space should hold fast. It is important that you get a machine with a clamp that goes perfectly with the thickness of the table or ledge.

Electric models are heavy enough to stay securely on the countertop, but those that come with slip-free feet are ideal. Parts should be of rust-free quality for durable use.


Machine Performance

Combination models come with funnels intended to easily extrude meat into sausage casings. They do the work efficiently but the real test comes with the machine’s power to push meat strongly into the casing. If the machine has weak cutting plates, an unreliable motor (if electric) or is difficult to crank (for manual models), the meat can heat up to an undesirable temperature. A piston-based stuffer is typically the best meat grinder sausage stuffer combo with a lever that forces the meat out, which is better than using a screw-type machine. This enables production of tightly-packed sausages with fewer air bubbles.



LEM Products W780 Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder


1.1 LEM Products W780 Electric Meat GrinderIdeal for regular or frequent use, the Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder from LEM Products has a powerful 0.75 horsepower motor that capably pushes the meat through the cutting plates and into the ready-made casing. You may not even need someone else to assist you! The meat tray has a large capacity, accommodating chunks of meat to be ground up with its 11.5″ x 8.5″ x 2.25″ dimensions. The machine has all-metal gears with roller bearings, ensuring corrosion-free, drag-free performance. The machine weighs 47 pounds, enabling it to maintain its footing on the kitchen table or countertop.

The electric meat grinder deserves the high ratings it gets in many meat grinder with sausage stuffer reviews thanks to its components that work together to ensure perfectly ground meat for sausage making. The big bite auger chews through the meat with ease, assisted by the hardworking meat stomper. The three stainless steel plates offer a variety of textures to meet any requirement, from coarse (3/6”) to fine (3/16”) to stuffing texture. The three stuffing tubes allow customization of sausage links so you can make small sausages to big ones easily. The stainless steel motor housing and stainless steel knife ensure consistent peak performance from all the components, for problem-free sausage production.

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Panasonic MK-G20NR Meat Grinder


2.1 Panasonic MK-G20NR Meat GrinderThe standalone Panasonic MKG20NR Super Electronic Meat Grinder has all the right elements that make it the best meat grinder and sausage stuffer. The large metal hopper accommodates a large quantity of meat and is incredibly easy to clean. The heavy-duty design is composed of all-metal parts and stainless steel cutting blades that can handle the toughest grinding jobs. The built-in circuit breaker protects against overheating when the motor works under heavy loads. The grinding attachments include a fine plate, a medium plate and a coarse plate for perfectly-textured ground meat to use for stuffing sausages and for making homemade, healthy patties made of fine cuts of meat.

The Kibbe attachment lets you prepare Lebanese or Middle-Eastern meat dishes that everyone in the family will appreciate. With this sophisticated machine, you can blend any combination of poultry, beef or pork to make perfect meat loaf, hamburger patties, paté and sausages. The 180-watt motor handles the grinding job effortlessly, pushing the meat through the grinding plates to create fresh ground meat fast. No cranking and no strenuous workouts while preparing ground meat! The sausage attachment conveniently stuffs pre-ground meat into ready-made sausage casings, all ready for the grill or the pan.

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STX INTERNATIONAL STX-1800-MG Magnum Patented Air Cooled Electric Meat Grinder


3.STX International STX-1800-MG Magnum Patented Air Cooled Electric Meat GrinderFeaturing STX International’s patented Cowl Air Induction Cooling System, the STX Magnum 1800W Series Electric Meat Grinder uses greater cooling efficiency so the motor runs unhampered and strong, easily extending the life of the machine. This unique cooling system is engineered with a locked motor wattage of 3000 watts plus three speeds, so meat gets ground up the way it should be. The onboard circuit breaker ensures safety in use, effectively preventing overheating when the load is particularly heavy. You can be sure that the motor will not conk out when you have to do a lot of meat grinding.

This is a large-size No. 12 grinder unlike typical small machines that only come in Size No. 5 and No. 8. The 2.5-inch diameter output ensures well-ground meat is extruded via the 2-inch diameter feed tube for easy case filling. The tomato juicer attachment lets you enjoy versatility in a single machine. The three tempered steel grinding plates are made extra tough and strong to produce excellent texture along with the three stainless steel cutting blades. Also in the package are a set of three sausage tubes for mess-free stuffing of sausage casings. The Kibbe attachment lets you experiment with Lebanese/Middle-eastern cuisine that the family can feast on.

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Weston 33-0201-W Electric Heavy Duty Grinder


4.1 Weston 33-0201-W Electric Heavy Duty GrinderSo, you’ve successfully hunted some game but are unsure how to perfectly handle all the meat for safe consumption. With the Weston 575 Watt Electric Heavy Duty Grinder, you get a most convenient way of grinding the meat while it’s still fresh and at premium state for making patties, stews, meat loaf, even sausages. If you’re concerned about the possible health effects of consuming huge amounts of processed meats regularly, you will surely appreciate owning this sensible device for preparing ground meat from premium meat cuts, helping eliminate the unwanted animal fat and additives or extenders from your sausages, hamburgers and homemade meatloaf. It’s affordable too!

The compact design of the machine enables effortless storage into an available closet or countertop space. The forward and reverse operation facilitates easy removal of meat from the plates and blades, keeping the machine running smoothly at all times. The machine pushes the meat forward so you get nicely ground meat every time in less time. The included sausage stuffing funnel lets you prepare your own sausage mixes using your own recipe. The machine comes with three stainless steel grinding plates that let you choose from coarse to medium to fine ground texture so you can follow recipes with ease. The included attachments can be stored inside the stomper, saving on storage space.

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Sportsman MEG300 Electric Meat Grinder


5.1 Sportsman MEG300 Electric Meat GrinderHelping you squeeze as much value from ground meat as you can, the Sportsman MEG300 3/4HP 350W Electric Meat Grinder helps you enjoy more health-giving nutrients from the food you eat. You can easily cut back on your animal fat intake by just integrating lean cuts of meat into your meat loaf, stews, hamburger patties and more. The machine can grind up to 100 pounds in one hour, allowing you to prepare ground meat in batches so you can leave the unground meat inside the freezer for another round of grinding. The innovative vertical design allows easy placement on the table or countertop. The detachable stainless steel food tray holds the meat to be ground up, freeing your hands to guide extruded meat into sausage casings or a meat container.

The forward/reverse button takes care of trapped meat inside the machine, helping ensure that everything is nicely ground up and ready for extrusion. The 350-watt maximum rated power motor provides enough muscle to handle every batch of meat. Prepare bratwurst, sausages and pepperoni using your personal or family recipes, by adding your own spices and seasonings for terrific-tasting food. For convenient reference and comparison, you have a recipe imprinted on the product’s box. The machine is UL-approved, ensuring safe and efficient use.

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Choosing a great meat grinder-sausage stuffer combination product is not easy. Before you make a decision you might potentially regret, obtain enough information about attachments, machine build, materials and parts. Warranty should also be factored in, as this testifies to how committed to total product quality the manufacturer really is. There are two products in this article that deserve more than a passing look: the LEM Products .75 HP Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder, with all-metal gears and bearings and corrosion-resistant housing; and the Panasonic MK-G20NR Meat Grinder, with a built-in circuit breaker for safety. Both units come with the needed attachments for easy sausage making.

For more information on the features of each machine, check out the included comparison table.