Top rated mattress pads in 2019


Sometimes a mattress is not enough to reach the level of comfort you are aiming for and this is why you need to get a pad. There are many different models in the market and this makes it confusing when the right choice needs to be made. In order to avoid purchasing an inferior model, you need to read the best mattress pads reviewsOur team of experts have identified the top five models money can buy.


Pinzon Basics Overfilled Ultra Soft Microplush Mattress Pad


Best Mattress pads reviewsOne of the best mattress pads in 2019 is Pinzon Basics Microplush, a common sight on mattresses in the US. It’s made of quality materials: the top from 100% polyester, the bottom from Olefin and it’s filled with polyester.  The sides are a combination between polyester and spandex. The filling won’t be allowed to shift thanks to the box stitches. The manufacturer only recommends professional washing or cleaning for this pad.

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ExceptionalSheets Extra Plush Mattress Pad – Tropper


For an ultimate comfort level this mattress pad from ExceptionalSheets will be just the thing. to place over your actual mattress. With it, you will be able to raise the comfort level of your old mattress which hasn’t proven to be up to your standards. The secret for its comfort lies in its cluster down hypo-allergenic fiber filling. This pad is stain and moisture resistant, plus you can machine wash it. All these features have convinced us to recommend it.

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Sleep Tile by Malouf Mattress Pad


For a very affordable price you can get Sleep Tile by Malouf mattress pad, which will add to the comfort lvel provided by your original mattress. The gel-coated microfiber is the material which fills the box-stitched quilting. The air layer increases the actual circulation and will make sure you won’t get sweaty while sleeping on its stripe surface. It is also made to be durable, coming with a 5 year warranty from the manufacturer. The top mattress pads reviews recommend it as a great and cheap solution for a good night’s sleep.

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Newpoint International Mercerized Cotton Mattress Pad


Newpoint International Mercerized mattress pad is made of cotton with polyester filling, to provide the person who is resting on it a maximum comfort level. It is made from high-quality materials which grant it durability. The polyester filling is hypoallergenic, especially helpful for people prone to allergies. You will be able to clean it with the aid of your washing machine. The best mattress pads reviews hold it in high regards for its advantageous price and set of features.

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Bedsack Classic Mattress Pad


When your bed is not comfortable enough then this mattress pad from Bedsack car raise your comfort level significantly. The innovative design will completely cover the top and sides of your mattress. The whole pad is made in the US from materials treated with substances that makes them hypo-allergenic. The price makes this mattress pad to be a bargain. Our experts believe this pad has all the features necessary to be considered a top model

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