Top rated Marble Chess sets in 2019


There are many sports that involve the direct involvement of strategy thinking but none more loved than chess. From young to more experienced players, this sport attracts through its challenging phases. It helps people enhance their winning desire and creates the proper context for higher intellectual development. These are a couple of reasons invoked by people who want in their homes a chess set. Fortunately the market is more than willing to “help” out, offering models after models with each passing month. In order to find the product suited to your gaming needs, you ought to consult the present best Marble Chess set reviews.


Worldwise Imports Marble Chess Set w/Board


Best Marble Chess set reviewsIf you are a passionate chess player then you understand just how important it is to have a beautiful set around. You have the possibility to choose one of the top rated Marble Chess set in 2019 from Worldwise Imports, Chess Set w/Board. This set can be a great addition to existing family games or a personal quest towards chess perfection. The board measures about 16L x 16W x .75H inches, more than enough to offer a firm surface to the beautifully crafted checkers. The pieces are made out of black and white marble, offering a traditional feel to the game while enhancing elegance levels.

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Mnt 16” x 16” Fossil and Red Onyx Stone Chess Sets


For most players, beginners or professionals, chess is more than a simple game. It represents a symbiotic between the existing intellectual pools and the mind’s strategic thinking. Today’s interest for special chess sets is not surprising at all. To this end, if you truly desire something unique from the chess world choose with confidence Mnt Fossil and Red Onyx stone set. As the best Marble Chess set in 2019, this model is certainly a great addition to anyone that loves the game. It presents a beautiful 16” x 16” marble chess set and carefully hand carved pieces that delight at first touch.

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Marble ‘n things 16” x 16” Café Forest and Black Marble Chess set


Investing in a high quality chess set can significantly improve your gaming skills. The trick is to find a professional product, designed to create the perfect gaming experience. One of the best Marble Chess set in 2019 comes from Marble ‘n things, Café Forest. This beautifully crafted chess set measures 16” x 16” and includes hand carved pieces. It includes a king piece with 3” tall and pawns of 1.25”. The set is made out of coral marble and also red onyx marble, which ensures you own truly something special. Unique and with a brilliant design, this chess set will impress any player.

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CHH Black and Tan Marble Chess Set with Green Marbled Border


If you are on the market for a great chess set, CHH has a special model for you: Black and Tan marble chess set. As the current best Marble Chess set reviews underline with attention, this model uses rich and vibrant colours of black and tan in order to transmit style and visual elegance. Each moment of the game becomes a thrilling strategic adventure. All the pieces were weighted in order to find the right balance. Furthermore the chess pieces were also highly polished in order to create a unique glass-like appearance, which stands out at first game played.

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Mnt Chess Set 12” Fossil Marble & Red Onyx Marble Chess Set Staunton


Every chess player understands the value of great sets, designed with unique pieces. It is important to have in your home a carefully designed chess set, capable of providing the ideal gaming environment. You have the possibility to choose Mnt Chess Set 12” Fossil Marble & Red Onyx. This stunning chess set offers 12” x 12” playing surface, where you can place the delicately hand carved pieces. You should know that the king is 3” tall and pawns of 1.5”. It was designed with attention in order to keep players interested and connected to the whole experience. Are you ready to win game after game?

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