How to Purchase the Right Map Software:


The best rated map software is designed to help you create customized maps for traveling, no matter where you need to go. Unlike services that just gives you directions to where you want to go, the best map software of 2022 will provide you with points of interest along the desired route, GPS compatibility. It will also provide you with safety travel tools like real-time tracking, contact information for local emergency services, and voice navigation. You may be wondering what is the best map software currently on the market. While we cannot tell you what program you should choose, we can offer you information for the most important features that you should be looking for.


Map Customization

When you are choosing a new software to help you with directions, you will want to choose a program that allows you to customize the maps. The program should allow you to add photographs, illustrations, add notes and even have tools that will allow you to draw on the map. All of these tools are used to enhance your travel experience and take your trip to another level.


Points of Interest

While you are traveling, you will want to make some stops along the way. By using one of the most popular map software, it will tell you various places that you may want tostop at along the route. For instance, the software can notify you of historical landmarks, entertainment centers, banks, restaurants, and rest stops. Many of the highest rated programs will let you choose what kind of points of interest you want to show up on the map. If you are looking for some place to eat, you can have the software display only the restaurants. If you are running low on gas, you can have the software to find the closest gas station. For many travelers, this is one feature on mapping programs that they rarely take into consideration.


Safety Features

Traveling in unfamiliar areas can be dangerous and confusing. When you are choosing one of the top ten programs, you will want to look for mapping software that has features that will keep you on course and provide you with contact information that can connect you with officials that can give you up-to-date travel information.  This feature can help protect you and your family in case there is a natural disaster, bad road conditions, and other unsafe situations.


Going on a road trip should be a fun experience, and one of the quickest ways to ruin that fun is by getting lost due to bad directions. You can prevent this from happening by reading the best map software reviews and choosing the program that will suit your needs.


Things to consider:

  • Choose a program that gives you directions, but also allows you to customize the map.
  • The map software should provide you with points of interest along your travel route.
  • When purchasing the best software for the money should provide you with local emergency service numbers.


Top rated Map Software in 2022


Any well-planned road trip should include one of the best map software of 2022 as the co-pilot. The software can map out your route, show you where the next rest stop is, and where you can grab a good burger. The software can also provide you with information that will connect you with local emergency personnel.


Microsoft Software MapPoint 2013 North America


Best Map Software ReviewsBusiness professionals who have to travel for their work will enjoy using Microsoft MapPoint 2013. The program gives you the ability to combine business data with innovative mapping and location functions. You can turn business information that may be stored in spreadsheets and data tables into useful maps that are easy for anyone to understand. With the program, you can quickly calculate the mileage, driving time, and possible expenses—even before you get on the road.

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DeLorme Topo North America 9.0


People who enjoy the great outdoors will enjoy Topo North America 9.0. This software provides you with maps that show incredible detailing, much of which can be viewed in 3D. With Topo North America, you have the option to plan your trip anywhere in the US or Canada with up-to-date terrain, trail, and road detail. You can view elevation profiles, customize and print maps and even get an aerial view of the location.

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DeLorme Street Atlas USA Plus 2022


Wherever you are traveling in the United States or Canada, you can view the map with street level detailing. No matter where you are along your travels, this software will provide you with over 4.5 million points of interest. According to the best map software reviews, one of the most useful features of the program is the inclusion of residential and business phone and address listings. You can import contact information and database entries, allowing you to plan trips and create unique travel routes. The software does not require the internet, Wi-Fi connection, or an existing cell phone data plan.

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DeLorme AAA Map N’ Go 6.0


The AAA Map N’ Go 6.0 software combines over a million miles of routable roadways in North America. Complete with the most up-to-date AAA travel research, the program gives you detailed trip-planning information. Packed with over 65,000 lodging, restaurants, and campground options; the program also offers the location of museums, parks, fairs and other exciting points of interest. With this software, you can find something for everyone. First-time program users can use the easy-to-follow tutorials to help you feel comfortable navigating the program and get the best user experience possible.

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National Geographic Back Roads Explorer


Hikers who may be interested in finding new fishing holes, hiking trails or scenic routes can enjoy the National Geographic Back Roads Explorer. The 17-disc set provides you with thousands of recreational sites across the United States. The CD-ROM combines 1:100,000-scale USGS topographic maps with up-to-date information that is provided by the Geographic Data Technology Dynamap database. The map software combines rich data with dynamic tools that allow you to customize your maps, print high-quality maps and even create an interactive digital scrapbook that can be customized when you include personal notes, web links and unique photos.

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