Top rated mandolins in 2019


If you love playing musical instruments, specifically mandolin, you will benefit from reading the rest of this article. It is aimed towards helping people make a better choice through the identification of the models that have been mentioned in the best mandolins reviews. Some of their most notable features will also be noted to make it easy to tell how one is different from the other.


The Loar LM-520-VS Performer F-Style Mandolin


Best Mandolins ReviewsWith this mandolin, you will be able to have a minimalist product that is perfect for your playing needs. For many people, as it has been expressed in the best mandolins reviews, this is perfect because there are no frills, yet it is able to offer the basics that you will ever need in a specific product. The unit is hand-carved and carefully assembled, which is reflective of the commitment of the manufacturer towards giving their customers nothing but the best. If you have seen the LM-600 from the same manufacturer, this is a tone-downed version that has been created to offer something that has a more affordable price.

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Applause by Ovation MAE148-5 mandolin


This is another option that should not be missed as you look for the best mandolins in 2019. One thing that many people liked about this model is its round-back design, which has been a welcomed alternative to the traditional shape of the mandolin. This 8-string mandolin is designed with Op-14 pre-amp and comes with volume controls. More so, it has multi-sound holes that can be found on both sides of the bouts. In the reviews about this product, there were also many who expressed their satisfaction with its excellent sound quality, especially when it is paired with a powerful amplifier.

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Fender FM101 Sunburst Mandolin


As you look for the perfect choice that offers great tone and exceptional performance, this is definitely one option that should not be missed. This mandolin from Fender is popular for its laminated design, which does not only make it visually appealing, but also durable. It has 21 frets and 13.7-inch scale length. Since it is made by Fender, you have a good reason to choose this among others that can be found in the marketplace. This may not be cheap, but it is guaranteed that this has the ability to provide the best value for money.

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Rogue RM-100A A-style mandolin


As you read the top rated mandolins reviews, you will see that this is another product that has gathered positive feedbacks from many of its users. The positive experiences that have been shared by other people are an indication that it has high quality. It is known for being easy to play, especially because the necessary adjustments can be done in a snap. It is also designed with simplicity in mind, while making sure that it produces good quality sound that will be music to the ears of anyone who will hear such. It can prove to be a good choice for those who are just beginning to pay the mandolin.

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Johnson Mandolin A-style with F-holes Sunburst


If budget is a primary consideration in picking the best within this product category, this mandolin will surely not be a disappointment. In spite of its affordable price tag, you can be assured that it will deliver acceptable quality. It has an attractive finish and the metal fittings are also commendable. More so, this can also prove to be good for beginners as many of the actions are basic and will not provide you with the freedom to make too many adjustments. Lastly, it is also a good thing that it is very easy to handle, which will provide you with complete control as it is played.

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