Most popular cordless tools from Makita


Makita is one of the most popular brands that can be taken into account if you are looking for cordless power tools, including those that will be mentioned in the rest of this article. Nonetheless, if you are on the lookout for the best power tools under $50, this article may not be of help as the models that will be identified are slightly higher, although the price tag is compensated with high quality.


Makita Bare-Tool BJV180Z Cordless Jig Saw


Best Makita Cordless Tools ReviewsThis cordless jigsaw from Makita is designed with a motor that is able to perform 0 to 2,600 strokes per minute, which will allow you to choose what is most ideal for the job that will be done. It is also good that it comes with built-in work light that will provide you with the illumination that is needed when you are working in a poorly lit area. The battery of this unit is also worth mentioning because it charges fast and lasts for a longer period of time compared to conventional batteries.

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“I make high precision cuts with Makita BJV180Z jig saw, even if working with hard wood. The battery life is satisfactory as well, but I also have a fully charged spare as well, in case I’m working on more demanding jobs. I think this may very well be the best Makita cordless tool 2018.” – Michael J. Kinard


Makita LXMT02Z Cordless Multi Tool


With the use of this cordless tool, users will be provided with the flexibility to choose from 6,000 to 20,000 OPM, which means that it will be possible to choose the right speed for a specific job. In the best Makita cordless tools reviews, there have also been many words of praises on the weight of the product, as it is only 4.5 pounds. Since it is lightweight, it is well-balanced and users will have greater ability to control the unit. This is also a major reason on why it is able to promote the highest level of comfort, even when used for an extended period.

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“This multi tool from Makita has proven to be extremely reliable for a multitude of jobs, allowing me to professionally complete my projects. It doesn’t weight much either, so I can take on difficult jobs without getting wrist fatigue. The battery life didn’t disappoint me, either!” – Timothy L. Pollak


Makita Bare-Tool BSS611Z Circular Saw


According to the best Makita cordless tools reviews, one of the best things about this model is that it is very easy to use, which can be attributed to numerous reasons. For instance, this can be because of the fact that it is lightweight, as it is only about 6.9 pounds. This leads into reduced fatigue even if it is used for an extended period. It is also good that it has an ergonomic design to avoid body pain. It is powered by 3,700 RPM motor, which makes it able to tackle a wide array of cutting tasks.

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“Getting this circular saw from Makita has turned out to be a great investment because I can easily cut through any type of wood and in a perfectly straight line. It doesn’t weigh much and being cordless allows it to be very versatile.” – Aaron Kirk


Makita Bare-Tool BCL180ZW Cordless Vacuum


This product is powered with 18-volt Lithium-Ion battery. On its full-charge, it can last for up to 10 minutes of continuous use. Of you want the product to function even longer, you can use larger battery for the product. For many people, one more thing that they like about the product is that it has an excellent design that increases its functionality. For instance, it is equipped with floor nozzle that makes it easy to maneuver.

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“The best Makita cordless tool reviews recommended this cordless vacuum for its reliability and suction power. I ordered it from Amazon and after using it extensively, I have come to the conclusion this is a top notch cordless vacuum cleaner.” – Luke J. Owens


Makita LXT702 Cordless Combo Kit


With this combo kit, you will be able to tackle several tasks without any difficulty. Some of the tools that are included in this set include circular saw, impact driver, and hammer driver-drill. Each of the products offer variable speeds, which make them flexible in terms of the applications where they will be used. The battery of this model is also worth lauding. It is equipped with a built-in chip, which is beneficial in terms of optimizing the charging process and prolonging its functional life.

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“Every piece of this combo kit from Makita is reliable and I am able to complete all kinds of personal projects in a professional way. The whole kit didn’t cost much either and because I haven’t been let down by it, I recommend Makita LXT702 cordless combo kit to other handymen around the country.” – Frank L. Delk