Top rated luggage sets in 2019


There are thousands of business men and women that travel for a living and use luggage sets in order to easily transport their belongings. Fortunately there are also families going on different trips that need to invest in professional luggage sets. The wide selection of products available on the market makes it pretty hard for people to narrow the search down to one single model. This is why we took the liberty of reading the best luggage set reviews and user testimonials in order to offer a comprehensive insight on the most efficient products. During our research we discovered 5 luggage sets that can be used by anyone during long or short trips.


Ninewest Round Trip Luggage Set


Best luggage set reviewsOut of the best luggage sets in 2019 one product from Ninewest caught our attention, the Round Trip 5 piece. Each piece is made of 100% polyester and 800D oxford weave twill materials which resists very well to prolonged use. Spacious enough to store different items, big or small, the 5 piece of luggage include a telescopic trolley handle. This feature permits people to easy manoeuvre the luggage during airports and different roads. Furthermore the handle incorporates a sensitive push-button locking mechanism for easy lock during each use. The suitcases include 4 wheels for easy rolling on every type of surface.

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American Tourister Luggage AT Pop


Most of the best luggage set reviews underlines the solid construction of the Luggage AT Pop from American Tourister. Each luggage piece is made of 100% highly resistant and durable 600 denier polyester which makes every trip on rough terrains. The seat comes with 1 of the following 21, 25 and 29 spinners. Furthermore the luggage incorporates 4 multi-directional wheels which permits people to easily move from one place to another. With a solid padded top and side carry handles the luggage pieces ensure comfortable transportation. It is important to know that the suitcases include multiple pockets, for easy organisation.

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Rockland Luggage Impact Spinner Luggage Set


Traveling becomes way easier with the right luggage set, designed to safely store clothes and other personal belongings. In our search for the best luggage set in 2019 we came across a great model from Rockland Luggage, the Impact Spinner. The set contains 4 carefully designed pieces, made with 1680d nylon material which resists well to prolonged use. The luggage pieces incorporate 4 multi directional spinner wheels, durable enough to resist even the roughest terrains. Furthermore the wheels rotate 360 degree which makes it easier for people to manoeuvre around obstacles. In addition to the solid construction each luggage incorporates a solid internal aluminum telescope handle for proper hold during trips.

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Samsonite Luggage Nested Set


Taking into consideration the wide range of products available on the market finding the best luggage set in 2019 might prove to be quite difficult. Well, we tried to offer people proper assistance by recommending the Samsonite luggage set, which anyone can use for easy transportation. Made with 100% polyester, each piece of the set keeps people well organised during each moment of their trip. This particular set from Samsonite includes the following pieces: travel duffle, toiletry kit, travel tote, 22” upright and 26” upright suitcases. It is important to know that each piece comes with an exterior made of 1200 denier polyester.

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Traveler’s Choice US Traveler New Yorker Luggage Set


Business men and women need to invest in high quality luggage sets in order to easily travel from one place to another. For fast and easy transportation of personal goods we recommend the US Traveler New Yorker from Traveler’s Choice. This 4 piece luggage set incorporates innovative and functionality features, which makes people’s job easier than ever. Made of lightweight and highly durable materials, each luggage piece offers high storage capacity. Active travellers will love this particular set designed with durable and highly resistant fabrics. The suitcases are made of 30% dobby fabric and 70% polyester, capable of resisting prolonged use.

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