Best Log Splitters under $100


Cheap Log Splitters prices 


The different brands and models of the best log splitters under $100 that will be mentioned in the remaining parts of this article are among the best choices that can be taken into account. Over the years, these products have been proven to be extremely useful to a variety of tasks and have been given favorable feedbacks by those who have used them. For another popular brand from the industry you can visit our best Pow R Kraft log splitters reviews


Timber Tuff TMW-11 Log Splitter


Best Log Splitters under $100

The brand name in itself is one of the reasons on why this model is a trusted choice for many people who are looking for a specific product that can be purchased within the product category. In addition, many have also liked the fact that it is affordable. Although it works manually, users have reported that there is no significant difficulty that cannot be handled. If you read the reviews of this product, you will see that almost all of them are positive, which gives you more reason to trust such.

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“I was surprised to get the Timber Tuff log splitter for such a low price, knowing from different sources that it was a very reliable log cutting device. With it I manage to cut logs fast, precise and most of all I do it very safely. Because I know it is a quality tool I recommend it to others.” Trevor Clifford


Anaconda 878 Log Splitter


The safety in the use of this product can be seen as one of the significant reasons on why it is considered by many people as one of the best log splitters under $100. In fact, even the young ones can use it without having to be worried about their safety. With its simplicity, there is no need for you to deal with complications just to split a log. It is also designed in such a way that it can tackle splitting jobs in different positions and angles, which can be completed in a way that is a breeze for you.

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“I have to cut a lot of wood for various reasons and for these different tasks I bought the Anaconda 878 log splitter, because reviews said it is the safest one out on the market and at the same time it is very reliable. I have used it ever since without one accident and no I am cutting logs like crazy.” John Woods


Quality Craft LSF-001 Log Splitter


As the name implies, this unit will function with the use of your feet. While it will require assembly once taken out of the box, such will not be a problem as it can be completed within few minutes. Many have also liked the fact that it has high capacity, which will allow you to work on bigger logs that cannot be tackled by the manual splitters that are small. Another reason on the high level of satisfaction of many people about this product is the incorporation of the rubber feet in its design, which makes sure that it will be stable and will has a strong grip while you do the splitting.

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“This log splitter for me is the best because, first of all I have been using it for some time now and secondly because it hasn’t failed me or create me any complications yet. The surface which I touch with my foot is made of a special kind of rubber which allows me to have a strong grip, not slipping.” Jake Kowalski


Wel-Bilt Horizontal Hydraulic Log Splitter


This is another product that has been commonly recommended for people who are looking for the best log splitters under $100. One thing that makes this excellent is the fact that it comes with smooth-rolling wheels for ease of transportation from one location to another. More so, another reason why people think it has an intelligent design is the inclusion of a log cradle that prevents the log from falling and rolling on the floor once it has already been split. Since it is operated manually, this is an environmentally-friendly way to cut logs, as against those that will require gas or electricity.

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“I couldn`t believe a useful tool such as the Wel-Bilt log splitter has such an affordable price and without any second thoughts I went ahead and bought it. With it I manage to cut logs of different sizes quickly and cleanly. For me this is a really useful tool to have around the house all the time.” Ben Toby