Best log splitter reviews


Top rated log splitters in 2021


Looking for a great log splitter? We’ve done half the work for you already by putting together a comprehensive review of 5 industry leading products that provide the best bang for your hard earned dollar. After reading our reviews, you should be able to decide which one fits your situation best. Let’s get started.


How to end up with a top notch log splitter


5Thousands of woodworkers understand the importance of using professional tools while splitting different types of log. Using high quality log splitters enhances work productivity and limits the appearance of problems. Splitting wood with your bare hands usually comes with sweat, splinters, blood and fatigue. This is why you need to invest in a reliable machine that gets the job done with minimal effort. The market is packed with a multitude of products, offering woodcrafters the chance to handle different types of wood without problems. The trick is to determine the right one for needs. As a result, you need to start with the basics and ultimately invest in a particular log splitter.

We took the liberty of analysing some of the best log splitters available on the market in order to help you find the most efficient product. After 70 hours of extensive quality tests we managed to notice the presence of certain characteristics that make the best splitters work efficiently. We also drafted in detail the best log splitters reviews which you can use as a guide into the complicated world of wood woodworking. You should also try to learn how the machine works and how it can accurately split different wood. This device works just like a mechanical axe, splitting rapidly different logs. Usually some of the best log slitters deliver accurate cuts that leave every wood ready for use. As any wood worker will underline, cutting fast logs ensures better productivity during every project.

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Power source Price Splitting force Motor Our Rating Where to buy

Champion Power Equipment 92221

Gas $$$$$ 22 ton 5 HP A+ AMAZON

Pow’ R’ Kraft 65575

Electric $$$$ 7 ton 3 HP B+ AMAZON

Grizzly H8171

Electric $$$ 5 ton 1.75 HP B+ AMAZON

Powerhouse XM-380

Electric $$$ 7 ton 3 HP B AMAZON

Pow’ R’ Kraft 65556

Electric $$ 4 ton 1.75 HP B+ AMAZON


Understanding more about the best log splitters in 2021 ensures that you take home a professional cutting tool. In order to ensure proper cutting efficiency you have to place the log in the splitter and push the operating button. Afterwards you can watch the log being cut into timely pieces, ideal for your projects. The log is safely pressured into the wedge and due to the enhanced levels, it breaks into pieces. It is a safe way to split logs and you accomplish it without having to work hard. So, if you are tired of investing hours and hours in splitting wood, carefully weigh your options and take home a good log splitter. Furthermore if you have a fireplace in your home, having around the proper machine to obtain chopped wood comes in handy. If you are in the market of selling wood chips then log splitter can help you get the job done in half of time.

Picking one of the best log splitters in 2021 can be pretty challenging considering the impressive number of products out there. Still, you can narrow things down by setting some guidelines. Think of the type of wood you plan to buy. This particularity helps you distinguish if you want a powerful or soft touch log splitter. Furthermore you should also take into account the size of the log. Still, it is comforting to know that the market offers a wide range of log splitters, designed to cover the needs of any woodworker. With attention, you’ll most likely find the best product for your daily projects.


Champion Power Equipment No. 92221 Gas Powered Log Splitter


Are you working on a regular basis with wood and you need one of the best log splitters in 2021? Our experts recommend buying the Champion Power Equipment No. 92221 because it has received some extremely positive reviews and customer reports. While it’s a heavy duty log splitter fitted with a top notch Champion 196cc OHV engine, it’s manages to be portable as well. This gives the user much needed mobility, when working this machine wherever it is needed. The sturdy frame can support 24” long logs which can weigh as much as 100 lbs. The impressive numbers of this log splitter convinced our experts to place it at the number one spot in our list.

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Pow’ R’ Kraft 65575 Splitter


Best log splitter reviewsTopping this best log splitter reviews, the Pow’ R’ Kraft 65575 log splitter provides extreme power for your toughest logging jobs. Looking for reliability? With a solid steel frame combined with a 2-speed electric motor the Kraft 65575 is reliable as they come. Other features include an overload protection with ground fault breakers, wood splitting for up to 20-inches and a 1 foot diameter. It’s no secret that this log splitter is one of the industry leaders, making for a great addition to you inventory of power tools.



It offers amazing value for money mostly because its durable build and because of the fact that it seems to never break down.

It provides 7 tons worth of RAM splitting force which allows it to go through even the largest of tree trunks.

It has a mart design and can split logs up to 12 inches in diameter and 20 inches in length.

It comes with 2 year worth of warranty which you will probably never use considering how durable this device is.



You might experience some difficulties if you use it on larger logs than indicated by the manufacturers.


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Grizzly H8171 Hydraulic/Electric Log Splitter


The Grizzly H8171 can prove to be an excellent choice for a log splitter. The machine has an affordable price range and some impressive features too. It has a 1-3/4 HP 110V 15 amp motor which is powered by electricity. This feature makes it ideal for using it in garages or basements, unlike gas models. The durable frame is fitted with two wheels, guaranteeing much needed mobility. Also, the Grizzly H8171 can use its five tons of hydraulic pressure to split 20 inch logs with a 10 inch diameter. While not as big and powerful as other models, this log splitter is still one of the most reliable units money can buy.

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Powerhouse XM-380 Splitter


With a net weight of only 104lbs, the Powerhouse XM-380 provides a compact, mobile option. But don’t take the size for granted, this Powerhouse is one of the best log splitters on the market today. Powered by a 3HP, 7ton motor this puppy can slice 20.5 inch logs in a jiffy. Even more impressive, 100 logs can be cut per hour providing you with a time effective solution. If you’re looking for a great, cost effective solution, the Powerhouse XM may be your best bet.



This device offers the best price to pressure ratio on the market. Even though it costs under $400 it is still one of the most powerful devices of its kind, managing to deliver 7 tons of pressure.

The 3HP, 2500 watt motor is easy to figure out just in case you need to fix it. Even though you are better off with a professional mechanic, it is still simple enough to be handled by those who know a thing or two about small engines.

It is portable and has the capacity to handle wood which is 12 inches wide and 20 inches long.

It has a RAM travel distance of 15.7 inches and it weighs in 104lbs.



Unlike other similar devices, this actually has a size limit. It will not function with larger pieces of wood and it might break down in case you overwork it as far as splitting capacity goes.


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Pow’ R’ Kraft 65556 Splitter


Last but not least is the agile Pow’ R’ Kraft 65556 log splitter. Equipped with a 15-Amp electric system, this makes for one of the top products in our best log splitter reviews. No matter if you’re cutting logs at the cabin or at the work site; the 1,500 watt electric motor can operate on regular household current. Never worry about difficult log jobs as you’ll have 4 tons of splitting force at your disposal. Give this one a very close look.



When wondering how to choose a log splitter, you should find one with the same features as those of the Pow’R’Kraft which is the perfect entry level splitter.

It comes with a 1500 watt electric motor which is powered by your average outlet.

It is capable of handling large pieces of wood measuring 20 inches in length and 10 inches in diameter.

It is made entirely out of steel and provides 4 tons of RAM splitting force.



The hydraulic arm does not extend which may cause logs to not split completely.


“I bought this log splitter from Amazon on Black Friday, so I got it really cheap. Although it’s not the biggest model money can buy, for me it’s exactly what I need and has made log splitting a lot easier. I see it as one of the highest rated models in 2021.

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Swisher 12428 Splitter – Not available


Equipped with a towing hitch for easy travel, the Swisher 12428 makes onsite work a breeze. No matter what types of wood you’ve been tasked with cutting, the speed variation system provides the power you need to get work done. Also, you can take advantage of the dual-wheel system for safe storage and travel, releasing pressure on your back. Lastly, its low price point and ease of use makes it easy for anyone in the logging industry to get their hands on one.

“Christmas came early for me when I bought myself this log splitter from Swisher. This was just the thing I needed to work with wood faster. The price was affordable and after using it extensively, I’m sure I’ve invested in one of the top ten log splitters in 2021.” – Jack W. Goos

Swisher LS12534H12V Splitter – Not available


If you’re in the market for an absolute workhorse, the Swisher LS12534H12V splitter is what you need. Boasting 12.5 Hp and a cold weather clutch, you can slice even the toughest, largest pieces of timber. Secondly, you’re not going to see many log splitters with electric start; this is another added feature of the great product. Swisher also stands behind this product with a limited 2-year warranty making it an attractive option for professional use. Take a look at this log splitter today if you want a long lasting, quality product.

“I have had no major issues with this splitter from Swisher. I can easily take it from one place to another because it’s very mobile and log spitting has never been easier. I don’t care who makes the best log splitters as long this models proves to be reliable.” – Mark O’Donnell